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An Examination Of Marketing Strategy Of Luxury Hotels Of U.K. – A Case Study Of Double Tree By Hilton Hotel

  Submitted to: Submitted by:     Abstract In the present era, the hospitality industry has emerged as one of the most recognised industries of the  globalised world. T ...

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Title: Destination Branding Executive Summary

This study revolves around the destination branding of a particular area, from the anthropological view. To carry out this research, a blend of qualitative and quantitative strategies are used to collect data using the questionnaire from 100 tourists and interviews from 10 property owners, travel guides and governmental officials of those areas. For this study London, Scotland and Whales have been chosen. This study has analyzed that does th ...

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Title: An Empirical Study On The Factors Influencing Customers' Satisfaction And Experience In Budget Hotel

  This research has been conducted for analysing the impact of 4Ps of marketing on satisfaction and experience of customers in budget hotels. In order to conduct the research, quantitative research method has been used. In case of quantitative research method, questionnaires were used to collect data from respondents. The respondents in current study are 100 customers of 10 budget hotels in China. The study has found that there is a sig ...

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To Explore The Key Determinants Of Consumer Satisfaction For Chinese Customers In Hotel Services

Abstract It is important to have those customers which are satisfied from the offered services. The customer satisfaction in hospitality industry is quite crucial. This research is about exploring the determinants of satisfaction of Chinese travellers who visit the U.K. hotels. Basically, the main aim of the research is to explore the key determinants of consumer satisfaction for Chinese customers in hotel services. Firstly, this research ...

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Title: Analysis Of Current Situation Of Innovation In Hospitality Industry Of China

Abstract With increased globalisation and technological advancement, the need of hotels for bringing innovation and using innovation management practices has become highly important. This research is conducted for analysing innovation management practices used by hotel industry of China. In order to conduct the research, Hotel Hilton China is used as case study and employees of hotel are used to collect primary da ...

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Title: Impact Of Customer Complaint Management Of Reputation Of Hotels

In today’s competitive business world, it has become highly important for a hotels’ management to ensure appropriate customer service through effective complaint handling. This research has been conducted with the intention of analysing the impact of customer complaint management on the reputation of hotels operating in UK. The study is conducted usinga quantitative research approach in which questionnaires were used for the purpose of data collection. The ana ...

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An Examination Of Role Of Customer Relationship Management And Strategic Brand Management In Performance Of Luxury Hotels – A Case Study Of Westin Hotels

In the last few decades, the luxury hotels have become significantly dominant in China. There are many luxury five star hotels which are currently operating in China. Though, initially there were making the significant profits, but recently, a new trend is observed where it is found that their performance is declining. Considering the recent dilemma regarding the performance of luxury hotels, this research is conducted about the factors which are important for improving the perfor ...

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An Examination Of Role Of Service Quality Of Budget Hotels In Customer Satisfaction– A Comparison Between UK And China

In recent years, with the fast developing of social economy, and due to the comfort of the facilities, the standardization of services, a boom in the development of Budget Hotels has been observed. This research is about the role of service quality in customer satisfaction of the budget hotels. This research considers the budget hotels of two countries i.e. U.K. and China. There are five objectives of this research. It conducts the literature review on theories of customer satis ...

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ABSTRACT This dissertation is about travel motivational factors of mainland Chinese to visit Hong Kong. The aim of the study is to investigate the factors that motivate mainland Chinese travellers to travel Hong Kong. There are two types of motivations i.e. pull and push. This dissertation considers one pull factor i.e. tourists satisfaction and three push factors i.e. destination attraction, tourism products and government ...

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An Examination Of Role Of Medical Tourism As An Attraction For Tourists In South Korea – A Comparison Of Gen X And Gen Y

In this globalised world, the tourism and travel industry is flourishing with a rapid speed. It has become an important part for economies of all countries. There are various sub-types of this tourism industry and few of them are about health, beauty, fitness and wellness tourism. As time is passing, more and more customers are becoming more conscious about their fitness, beauty and health. For this, they even prefer to visit to other countries. The concept of plastic sur ...

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Chinese theme hotels are less vibrant and attractive than European and American theme hotels. Chinese hotel industry is established and flourished in traditional hoteling but for last three decades a little effort is evident to capitalise the potential of theme hotels. In this research, issues in Chinese theme hotel industry has been tried to figure out and to evaluate the utilisation of success factors from best practices in these theme hotels. It is found that on the one hand, i ...

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