Quality Assurance Procedures

We understand the importance of perfection whenever a customised order is placed. We have observed that many times companies are unable to deliver what is promised and clients encounter quality problems at later stages. To avoid this hassle, we focus on delivering the best quality order at the first time. We do not boost on enticing guarantees, but we focus on ensuring the quality in a way that perfect order is delivered at the first time. This is where our quality assurance team helps us to prove how we are different from other companies in the market. The goal of our quality assurance team is to ‘get things rights first time’.

We are highly committed to deliver the best work at the right time. Our success has foundation on the quality of work which we are providing to our clients. With our experience in the industry, we have learned that what you really want is to get quality work right on the time. We will like to highlight that this quality assurance is not easy and it takes a lot of effort, hard work, time and dedication and this is what our quality assurance team do all the time. Below points will help you to have an idea that how your customised work is checked for quality. Every order must have to pass rigorous quality control process before it is delivered to you. When we receive the order from professional writers, it is matched rigorously against the instructions and academic standards. Our proof-readers check every order for grammar, sentence structure and vocabulary. Moreover, we have developed internal academic standards for ensuring the high quality of every customised order. Every order must have to comply with these academic standards.

Following are details of internal academic standards which are followed by our company.


The overall structure of academic writing order must be logical and formal. There must be a cohesion and every idea should be organised in a logical manner. The whole piece of work must be connected to form a cohesive and unified paper. The sentences and paragraphs must have narrative linkage in a way that reader should be able to follow the argument presented in paper. The introduction of paper must describe how the rest of paper will be organized. Every argument must be properly cited

Tone of writing

The tone and attitude must be appropriate and fair. If there is any disagreement with the argument, it must be presented with accurate logic without using any biased language. Whatever argument and position is presented, neutral tone, attitude and language should be used and research problem must be investigated using an authoritative point of view where arguments’ strengths should be presented in a confident manner.

The diction

The choice of words must be wise. The use of concrete instead of general words should be ensured. The reader must not be confused with the use of such words which have different implied meanings.


For every academic piece of work, language must be unambiguous. There must be structured paragraphs having topic sentences in a clear manner to enable reader to follow the line of argument. The language must be formal and concise and it should not create any confusion in the mind of readers. The vague expressions and informal words and phrases must be avoided. First person should not be used in any order, unless stated otherwise.


Every paper must have precise and appropriate use of punctuation. Every punctuation mark indicates a specific meaning hence no punctuation should be used without understanding its purpose and need. If there is any confusion regarding punctuation, shorter sentences should be used where there is less need of punctuation.

Academic conventions:

In academic work, it is most important thing to cite sources in main body and provide reference list at the end or in footnotes or endnotes. For academic work, every idea, data, research finding or argument must be acknowledged. This citation and references help the reader to be certain that which sources are used in reaching the conclusions. Therefore, every work must be properly cited and referenced. The format and standard of academic referencing differs, so all rules must be followed for referencing and citation.

Evidence based arguments

Many of the assignments ask to present your own opinion about the identified problem or issue. however, this should not be overlooked that academic writing values to have foundation of your own opinion on pertinent body of knowledge and theories of the discipline. Therefore, it is mandatory to support personal view and opinion with evidence from theories and scholarly material. The stance must be objective and logical as it is the evidence which determines the strength of argument. Therefore, the stance must be presented in a way that a reader is convinced for coherence, logical structure and well documentation of the argument.

Higher order thinking

Academic writing is based on higher order thinking skills so every order must present the complex ideas in an understandable and relatable manner so that research problem becomes clearer to the reader. Using cognitive processes, abstract ideas should be presented and analysed in a critical manner. The complex topic must be summarised, organised and synthesised in a way that better understanding is developed for the research problem.

These are academic standards which have been developed by experts and all of our professionals are trained in complying with these standards. They do follow these academic standards to ensure that best quality work is provided to you.

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