11 Jul 2018


Academic writing has been a part of academics since the beginning of time. However, in older times it was not as complex as it is now. In today’s education system, no matter which subject area we talk about, academic writing is important in every field. Whether it is literature, business, arts or science; students from every discipline are required to know academic writing to some extent.

The main reason, according to most students, is to assign students writing tasks to make them learn about a particular topic. And at some point it is true. But as the level of education gets higher, the purpose of academic writing gets changed with each academic level. When you are in high school, you are asked to write about an assigned topic. This way, the teachers assess your writing skills, your knowledge about that particular topic, your grammar and anything that matters. While in college life, you are often required to choose topics on your own about a given area. This way, the teacher assesses how much you are exposed to the respective area, what your personal thoughts are about the topic and how your writing style is developing with such tasks. This is when most students require assignment help as they get confused with the advancement in writing techniques and are unsure about the topic. But believe or not, it is clearly not possible for college studies to completely transform a student into a good assignment writer, since this is not the only thing students have to do.

When you get to even higher education level, writing tasks get even more difficult. This is when students are needed to write dissertations; the toughest of them all! The main purpose of dissertation writing is to determine a student’s research skill, research method execution skills, analytical skills and exposure in the respective area which is the center of the study. Well, if academic writing was only limited to this, we could say that it is not at all an important part of our lives. But interestingly, there’s much more to it than just determining students’ skills and assessing their knowledge.

Academic writing is needed to be taught to students from an early stage to make them used to it. This is mainly to develop their general writing skills and by the time they can grasp additional instructions and furnish their writing. This way, later in their lives, they do not have to hire an assignment writer for their academic tasks.  The main reason academic writing is given such significance is that it is the most important thing to get you in your professional life.

Academic writing doesn’t just mean to make you an academic essay writer or a dissertation writer. It also assists in your future with professional writings. It helps you understand what it takes to compose an excellent resume for a job. Resume plays a huge role in one’s professional life. It is the first impression that you cast on your employer. This doesn’t end here, though. There are times when you have to compose professional e-mails, like accepting a job over e-mail or replying to an interview letter. And if you are into HR management, you may be required to compose job offer letters, monthly reports on employees etc. Academic writing also helps in report writing, and a lot of fields professionally require you to be able to write reports. Finance report, research report, research papers and everything in between!

In short, in every step of life, you are required to know academic writing to some extent. Therefore, it is recommended to develop writing skills since a young age to be able to cope with such tasks.


11 Jul 2018


Essay writing, being an important part of academics, holds more importance than just being a source of getting good grades. And consequently, it takes more than just being able to write an essay. Because anybody can write an essay, while composing a good essay is what actual skill is. Many essay writers complain that no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, their essays don’t sound as good as they want them to be. Because of such writing disasters, many people look for online essays which results in plagiarism. Many look for a freelance essay writer to get their essays done for a price. But mostly, these prices are not everyone’s cup of tea.

To avoid essay writing troubles, it is important to know what it takes to write a good essay.
Following are some quick tips that are crucial to be concerned when it comes to write an essay.

Captivating introduction:

Every well-composed essay has an introduction that is able to grasp attention of the reader. It is never recommended to give a long base to the topic as it makes the essay boring from the beginning. Instead, it is useful to clear the topic of the essay in the introduction because it gives the reader an incentive to keep reading. Remember, if the introduction is not good, there’s a high chance that the reader will abort reading from the first paragraph. This is why, it is essential to write an interesting introduction to keep the reader reading your essay.


This is something that many essay writers cease to keep in mind. It is the relevance of each paragraph with the topic. What most readers hate is to read irrelevant content in a piece of writing. This is why it is always important to keep revolving around the topic to make sure you don’t lose the track. Before writing an essay, look for top rated essays online and observe the way they are written. Once you do so, you will come to know how the writer sticks to the topic while writing each paragraph and each part of the essay.

Error-free content:

Any reader would never tolerate mistakes in a piece of writing. While writing an essay, it is very important to keep it in mind that no grammatical mistakes are left unchecked. Bad punctuation, poor grammar, misspellings and weak sentence structure take away the essence of reading. Such mistakes in an essay compel the reader to stop reading as it breaks the flow of reading.

Logical, authentic and researched content:

An essay should be concrete and should contain valid information. A reader wants to read the content that makes sense; therefore, an essay writer is required to write logically. The topic needs to be researched well and authentic resources are recommended to be used to study the topic. The use of compelling examples makes the essay more interesting. This way, the final product is very persuasive and the reader enjoys reading it.

Shorter sentences:

The longer the sentence, the harder it is for the reader to be focused while reading. Especially in essays, longer sentences seem to lose the track. Therefore, it is recommended to use shorter sentences as they keep the reader focused and make the essay more interesting.


11 Jul 2018


Academic writing becomes a part of our lives from a very young age, and from that young age we are told to use referencing as an essential tool in our manuscripts as an assignment writer. It is not practical in school life to do so, but it is just to develop your habit of referencing so you keep on doing it later in your academic life.

As we grow up, we learn different ways we can use referencing as a tool in our writing. We learn different modes and types of citation and ways to use it, and we get to know that this way the referenced author gets exposure to more people. But, is it all? Is it the only reason why we are required to use referencing? Is it done just to give the referenced author more audience? Simple answer is no. Now let’s get into details.

What kind of information should be cited?

Books, research articles and journals are not the only sources that need acknowledgement. Any source of ideas or information requires to be referenced. Following are the sources that should be referenced.

  • Journal articles
  • Books
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Online discussion forums
  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Reference any reprinted picture or diagram from any of the source above

Why is citation given so much importance?

Research paper writers or a dissertation writer are not the only ones supposed to use references. It implies on all essay writers, assignment writers, book report writers and in fact all sort of academic writers. Academic writing refers to the presentation of information and ideas, building different arguments and supporting the arguments with your own ideas and with the help of the voice of the others. And this requires referencing. Referencing help the author in many ways, but it equally helps the reader, as well. Here is why.

New window of knowledge

When writers compose a manuscript, they tend to search for relevant information from different sources. And when each source contains the references, it open for writers a new window of knowledge where they get to know about more and more relevant sources and authors.


Credit to the referenced author

Crediting the author of the source of information is very important. It not only helps them to be exposed to larger audience but it is also very respectful of the writer to do so by academic means. Referencing indicates that the words or the ideas that you have borrowed are the intellectual property of the author that you are referencing with the source.

Improves authenticity of the work

When you reference researches, findings and ideas from publishes articles, books or papers, it makes your study authentic. Readers get more interested when they see something referenced from a person who is very much renowned in the relevant field.

Evidence to support the ideas

Referencing helps you to support the ideas of your work with evidence. If you reference the experts from the field, it ultimately casts an impact on the reader that you are very well aware of the study, the field and the ideas you are working on. It also shows that your work is very well defended by the references you use.

Persuasive content

By using references from publishes sources, you can easily build persuasive argument and defend it strongly by using the proved points and findings from the prior studies.

Elimination of plagiarism

Plagiarism is a theft. By referencing others in your manuscript, you eliminate the probabilities of plagiarism and the originality of your work ultimately improves.


11 Jul 2018


Essay writing is an essential part of academics. Whether you are a school student or living your college life, essay writing is something that you often come across. The reason why essay writing is considered important in these years of academics is because it develops a student’s thinking powder. It also helps students to be familiar with different writing styles and implementation of each writing style. While writing essays, students learn proper way of using sentence structures, improve their grammar, spellings and punctuation. These things are not only important in learning linguistics because essay writing is a part of almost all academic subject areas.

Since the students are in lower education level, it is not much bothersome to write essays, after all, what else do they have to do than study and play? But as students grow up, get into college or university, their education level raises and so do the academics and other responsibilities. Students of college and university have so many things to get done with. Classes at the campus, attending lectures, doing their daily chores, part time job; managing this all at once gets very difficult for students. These are the times when students get tired of all the mess they go through every day and all they need is some relief and a good night’s sleep. All of it leads them to look for online essays, but there rarely is any good online essay writer available for affordable prices.

For such students, there’s good news.
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