Essay Company Terms & Conditions

1. Essay company is the trading title of Pakfreelance Ltd. The terms and conditions of the sale of Pakfreelance Ltd. are mandatory to be agreed after reading while ordering written materials or essays.

2. All the materials which are composed and sold to the clients through Pakfreelance Ltd. are intended uniquely for motivating the client’s work by providing a research model, idea structuring, writing and expression are to be agreed upon and comprehended by the client. All the materials which are written and bought through Pakfreelance Ltd. are strictly bound to the rule that the materials should not be submitted as the client’s work to the concerning university and other educational institutions.

3. The client should agree to examine the contents thoroughly, before receiving any orders from through The Pakfreelance Ltd. the university or other school-supplied rules and regulations regarding the composition and submission of work related to the academy and to examine whether the provided rules permits the engagement of services regarding the offers set by Pakfreelance Ltd.

4. Pakfreelance Ltd. offers the clients to supply the written materials in a printed format designed with a proper PVC cover both as front and back cover. Pakfreelance Ltd. furthermore provide the written materials in download format or email service according to the client’s request.

5. Pakfreelance Ltd. additionally provide surety on the written materials given to the clients are plagiarism-free while conducting scanning process through any plagiarism detecting software and The examination done by our recruited team on Quality control.

6. The confirmation on the subject that Pakfreelance Ltd. is not affiliated to any databank or database concerning essay subjects is provided for the client by Pakfreelance Ltd.

7. The guarantee on the aspects like re-selling and republishing of the provided written work to the client by Pakfreelance Ltd. is guaranteed moreover, the redistributing of the materials for sale and publishing the contents on the web without the knowledge of the client is additionally ensured.

8. The client should not copyright the materials provided by Pakfreelance Ltd.

9. The client should strictly follow the conditions formulated in this article of Pakfreelance Ltd., and any violation of the formulated rules will block the selling of the materials. Likewise, no responsibilities will be accepted by Pakfreelance Ltd if any issue occurs regarding the unauthorised or undetected violations stated in this article.

10. The client will not be compelled and have the right to decide about the services or products delivered by Pakfreelance Ltd. The client should acknowledge that no responsibilities will be accepted by Pakfreelance Ltd based on the services or products on any decision of the client which oppose the client’s University, School or other institution or establishments governing educational works.

11. The statements and views either published on the website or from the employees of Pakfreelance Ltd provides only the suggestions and opinions and no advice is given to the client regarding the services and products delivered.

12. The client should be aware that any statements and views conveyed by associates and other marketing agents accepted by Pakfreelance Ltd pressure no compulsion concerning the products and services offered by the organisation.

13. According to the payment done by the client, Pakfreelance Ltd. provides the equivalent written materials in different standards such as 75% - Upper 1st, first-class, 2.1 standards and 2.2 standards. The clients are provided with the freedom of checking the written materials to assure the standard of the work concerning the payment is done. If the client feels like the written materials have not reached the expected standards, the client can request to redo the materials within ten days, i.e. within 240 hours concerning the delivery time and the works altered is charge free. The client should agree to the term that the alteration could only be requested within ten days, i.e. within 240 hours after receiving the receipt of the written material, and the request for alteration after the valid ten days, i.e. within 240 hours are provided with cash charged according to the rules. The client should note the rule that refers to the point that the client’s request to the alteration which was not initially in the written material is subjected to the cash charge and Pakfreelance Ltd. refuses to accept these outright.

14.The client accords that the Upper 1st, 1st Class, 2:1 or 2:2 guarantees provided by the Essay Company is not assuring the clients to award any of the specified degree marks as submitting the same material to the University or school of the client. All written works providing the Essay Company to the client are only suggested to use as a model example of what the client’s work might be like. For a client to hand in any written material written by the Essay Company as if it were that client's own is strictly prohibited by the Essay Company and represents a violation of our copyright. Further, once any work supplied by the Essay Company to the client has been altered or used as inspiration for the client's work, then that work is no longer the same work provided by the Essay Company and the company does not guarantee its class standard.

15. The client agrees that a decision on the client's part depends upon the Essay Company’s research and model writing services. To such an extent that a delay in the service may cause a client to miss a deadline or jeopardize part or all of their degree or examination in any way is undertaken at the risk of the client, and that the Essay Company do not accept responsibility or liability whatever for any repercussions of the late delivery of its services.

16. The client agrees that as soon as an order has been paid for, either in part or whole, and begun work upon by the Essay Company that the client may not cancel that order and moreover that the client is obliged to pay in full any outstanding fees once work has begun.

17. If the client is satisfied that their school or university permit the use of our services, then that client must also investigate whether it is necessary for them to reference in their work the use of our services. The Essay Company offers the client no advice on this question and leaves the decision solely to the judgement of the client. The Essay Company accepts no responsibility or liability for any decision made by the client on this matter.

18. The client agrees to bind by the Essay Company’s strict no refund policy for products or services provided by us. The client further agrees that refunds will only be given to them in extreme circumstances - for instance, the failure to deliver an essay or dissertation and that all refunds are at the complete discretion of the terms of the Essay Company.

19. Based on the availability of facilities and writers, Pakfreelance Ltd provides all of its non-essay and research services to the clients, such as for pre-paid cover-letters and personal statements. Because of the inability to find a writer within 72 hours of the recipient of payment and incompletion of the work, Pakfreelance Ltd has the right to refund or pay compensation to the clients in full and without either being obligated.

20. The products and services of Pakfreelance Ltd are similar as academic assistance, since they are purely and solely rendered to it and do not contain any form professional specialism or constitute any form professional advice.

21. The complete accuracy of all the information contained in its essays and dissertations is guaranteed by the vigorous and strenuous efforts of Pakfreelance Ltd, and the client acknowledges it. Pakfreelance Ltd will not be liable or accountable for the inaccuracies that may vary from time to time. But they may provide alternations and discounts for such errors at its complete discretion.

22. For every 24 hours of late work, there will be a 5% discount for the clients on their written materials unless another date is provided by Pakfreelance Ltd.

23. . The use and service of Pakfreelance Ltd are strictly confidential, and the details never are revealed to any third parties.

24. The plagiarism issue is prevented by Pakfreelance Ltd and all their associates. The clients associated with such practices will be denied the services ensured by Pakfreelance Ltd.

All individuals contemplating utilisation of services provided by Essay Company must mandatorily analysis the guidelines and rules provided by their university to determine the contrivance of our work with the guidelines and rules provided. If you trust that our services are allowed by your obtained regulations of universities, then you must further examine how our company services are executed. Pakfreelance Ltd. does not take any decisions regarding any advice concerning the work, whatsoever or how our services should be used.

The details sent by the clients will be considered as confidential by the Essay Company. The company will never disclose your information to other companies or individual for any reason.

All products, services and research prepared by The Essay Company come under the copyright of The Essay Company. There shall, without the prior agreement of the copyright holder the materials provided by the Essay Company should not be displayed, reproduced or redistributed.

The products of The Essay Company will not be handed over to the client without the core understanding of the conditions and stipulations of the Terms and Conditions of the Company by the client.

The Essay Company, its employees or agents will not bear any responsibility regarding the occasional inaccuracies occur in the written materials or research. Further, the company will not incur any liability regarding the final result or grade caused by the inaccuracy.

The clients of the essay Company can enjoy ten days alteration period while the clients are recommended to check the inaccuracies occurred in the material. Any materials or research paper returned during this period will be altered with free of charge.

The essays or dissertations submitted by the clients who are done by our guidance are not guaranteed with any final grade or points by the agents and employees of Pakfreelance Ltd. Not only this, our services never ensure any qualifications or standards.

25. Furthermore, Pakfreelance Ltd recaps about using the products and services offered by the company to use regarding the guidelines circulated by their school and university.

Pakfreelance Ltd strictly rejects and discourages the plagiarism and if any client is suspected regarding the issue of using the materials and products for plagiarism, the company will deny the services to that client.


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