Privacy Policy

The priority of the Essay Company is to protect the customer privacy. We are strictly following the rules and regulations imposed by the UK government for protecting the data. Our business activities are crystal clear, and the customers can see through this whenever needed. Hence our clients are much aware of the services that they are provided.

The data that we gathers

Our daily business practice includes the collection of certain information such as details regarding credit cards, and which are some personal details(e.g. name, gender, contact address, phone, email etc.) and we never share these details with a third party. Once after receiving the payment the above details are erased.

The following section will help to know more about third parties.

The utilisation of client information

The customer information is wholly used for completing the internal activities. The Essay Company uses the details verification and for providing with confirmation of orders. The financial data are used for the verification of personal details, and it is also utilised to perform payment activities.

The details obtained from the letters and emails that you send are collected and are stored in your specific file. While accessing the specific website and orders are placed, you agree for the gathering of your personal information and its utilisation. You must be aware of the fact that the personal information that we collected would be used for contacting you and also for informing you the general information regarding our services. An ‘unsubscribe’ option is there so that you can choose it if you are not willing to be contacted by us. Also, see the following details.

Cookies are those text files which help in identifying the user and customise the webpage according to the information in the file. Few of our website pages are utilising these cookies in it. These help us to provide customised services to our clients. It is also noted that some of the features that the website offers are active if the presence of cookies.

The majority of the cookies include the ‘session cookies’ that once the page is left, they will be removed from the list. It is also possible to disable the cookie option in your browser, but this will lead you to denial of certain site features.

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Get in touch with our dedicated team to discuss about your requirements in detail. We are here to help you our best in any way. If you are unsure about what you exactly need, please complete the short enquiry form below and we will get back to you with quote as soon as possible.