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Executive Summary The Aim Of Current Study Has Focused On Exploring The Online Sales Promotion That Might Influence Consumers’ Online Decision Making In China Combine With The Case Study Of Taobao. The Research Has Focused On Fulfilment Of Three Key

The following study gives an insight in to the sports industry of china and their health and safety issues. China is a booming economy where many companies are shifting their operation because of larger and cheaper workforce. However, with this increase in businesses certain associated problems related to the health and safety concerns of employees have also been observed. In this study Yue Yuen Company has been taken for analysis which is considered as one of the largest manufact ...

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The Impact Of Health And Safety Management On Employee Welfare And Well-being In Hotel Industry: A Case Study Of Millennium Hotel Shanghai

This research has been conducted to find the effect of health and safety management practices on employees’ welfare and wellbeing in hotel industry of China. For conducting the research, Millennium Hotel Shanghai has been chosen. The research has been conducted through quantitative research method in which questionnaires are used to collected data from 100 employees of Millennium Hotel Shanghai. The study has revealed that there is a significant positive impact of health and ...

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Association Of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Of Green Buildings With Occupants’ Health And Wellbeing

  The aim of current research study was to investigate the association of indoor air quality with the occupants’ health and wellbeing. It has also compared BREEAM and LEED in terms of inclusion of indoor air quality in green buildings. The literature has mentioned that LEED is more inclusive for quality of indoor air in comparison to BREEAM.  In order to fulfil the research aim, the current study has relied don mix ...

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The Differences Of Human Resource Management Between China And UK

Introduction   Human resource management is offered as a major sequence in the Bachelor of Commerce. HR management covers recruitment, selection, training and development, workplace diversity, employee relations, performance and change management, and remuneration. In this report, I have chosen two famous companies from China and UK to find the differences of Human Resource between these two count ...

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