Date: 11 Jul 2021


Academic writing has been a part of academics since the beginning of time. However, in older times it was not as complex as it is now. In today’s education system, no matter which subject area we talk about, academic writing is important in every field. Whether it is literature, business, arts or science; students from every discipline are required to know academic writing to some extent.

The main reason, according to most students, is to assign students writing tasks to make them learn about a particular topic. And at some point it is true. But as the level of education gets higher, the purpose of academic writing gets changed with each academic level. When you are in high school, you are asked to write about an assigned topic. This way, the teachers assess your writing skills, your knowledge about that particular topic, your grammar and anything that matters. While in college life, you are often required to choose topics on your own about a given area. This way, the teacher assesses how much you are exposed to the respective area, what your personal thoughts are about the topic and how your writing style is developing with such tasks. This is when most students require assignment help as they get confused with the advancement in writing techniques and are unsure about the topic. But believe or not, it is clearly not possible for college studies to completely transform a student into a good assignment writer, since this is not the only thing students have to do.

When you get to even higher education level, writing tasks get even more difficult. This is when students are needed to write dissertations; the toughest of them all! The main purpose of dissertation writing is to determine a student’s research skill, research method execution skills, analytical skills and exposure in the respective area which is the center of the study. Well, if academic writing was only limited to this, we could say that it is not at all an important part of our lives. But interestingly, there’s much more to it than just determining students’ skills and assessing their knowledge.

Academic writing is needed to be taught to students from an early stage to make them used to it. This is mainly to develop their general writing skills and by the time they can grasp additional instructions and furnish their writing. This way, later in their lives, they do not have to hire an assignment writer for their academic tasks.  The main reason academic writing is given such significance is that it is the most important thing to get you in your professional life.

Academic writing doesn’t just mean to make you an academic essay writer or a dissertation writer. It also assists in your future with professional writings. It helps you understand what it takes to compose an excellent resume for a job. Resume plays a huge role in one’s professional life. It is the first impression that you cast on your employer. This doesn’t end here, though. There are times when you have to compose professional e-mails, like accepting a job over e-mail or replying to an interview letter. And if you are into HR management, you may be required to compose job offer letters, monthly reports on employees etc. Academic writing also helps in report writing, and a lot of fields professionally require you to be able to write reports. Finance report, research report, research papers and everything in between!

In short, in every step of life, you are required to know academic writing to some extent. Therefore, it is recommended to develop writing skills since a young age to be able to cope with such tasks.


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