Date: 11 Jul 2021


Essay writing, being an important part of academics, holds more importance than just being a source of getting good grades. And consequently, it takes more than just being able to write an essay. Because anybody can write an essay, while composing a good essay is what actual skill is. Many essay writers complain that no matter what they do, no matter how hard they try, their essays don’t sound as good as they want them to be. Because of such writing disasters, many people look for online essays which results in plagiarism. Many look for a freelance essay writer to get their essays done for a price. But mostly, these prices are not everyone’s cup of tea.

To avoid essay writing troubles, it is important to know what it takes to write a good essay.
Following are some quick tips that are crucial to be concerned when it comes to write an essay.

Captivating introduction:

Every well-composed essay has an introduction that is able to grasp attention of the reader. It is never recommended to give a long base to the topic as it makes the essay boring from the beginning. Instead, it is useful to clear the topic of the essay in the introduction because it gives the reader an incentive to keep reading. Remember, if the introduction is not good, there’s a high chance that the reader will abort reading from the first paragraph. This is why, it is essential to write an interesting introduction to keep the reader reading your essay.


This is something that many essay writers cease to keep in mind. It is the relevance of each paragraph with the topic. What most readers hate is to read irrelevant content in a piece of writing. This is why it is always important to keep revolving around the topic to make sure you don’t lose the track. Before writing an essay, look for top rated essays online and observe the way they are written. Once you do so, you will come to know how the writer sticks to the topic while writing each paragraph and each part of the essay.

Error-free content:

Any reader would never tolerate mistakes in a piece of writing. While writing an essay, it is very important to keep it in mind that no grammatical mistakes are left unchecked. Bad punctuation, poor grammar, misspellings and weak sentence structure take away the essence of reading. Such mistakes in an essay compel the reader to stop reading as it breaks the flow of reading.

Logical, authentic and researched content:

An essay should be concrete and should contain valid information. A reader wants to read the content that makes sense; therefore, an essay writer is required to write logically. The topic needs to be researched well and authentic resources are recommended to be used to study the topic. The use of compelling examples makes the essay more interesting. This way, the final product is very persuasive and the reader enjoys reading it.

Shorter sentences:

The longer the sentence, the harder it is for the reader to be focused while reading. Especially in essays, longer sentences seem to lose the track. Therefore, it is recommended to use shorter sentences as they keep the reader focused and make the essay more interesting.


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