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'Investigation Of Impacts Of Environmental Management Practices On Performance Of Plastic Industry Firms In The UK

The aim of current study was to investigate the association of environmental management practices with the performance of plastic firms in UK. In order to fulfil this aim, the mixed method study has been conducted, which relied on both quantitative and qualitative approach. The questionnaire was used as a source of quantitative data collection, whereas, the qualitative data was obtained through interviews. The data was obtained from employees and managerial staff members of Amtek ...

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Title: Association Of Enterprise Resource Planning With Performance And Capabilities Of Organisation: Case Study Of Walmart

The aim of current study was to investigate the implementation of enterprise resource planning and its effect on performance and capabilities of organisation. In order to fulfil this aim, the current study has been carried out on Walmart and data from managerial level employees of Walmart was obtained. In order to collect data, the qualitative methodology was used and data was collected through structured interviews. The data was collected from 5 respondents and it was analysed by ...

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The Impact Of The Islamic Work Ethics On The Work Outcomes – A Case Study Of Kazakhstan Innovational Commercial Bank JSC

Summary This research is about the Islamic work ethics and it aims to investigate how these Islamic work ethics has impact on two work related outcomes which are named as organisational commitment and job performance. By focusing on the significance of work ethics, this research intent to examine the effect of Islamic work ethics on work connected results that contain job performance as well as organisational commitment. This research is s ...

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Issues Of Change In Huawei Technology Co. Ltd

Abstract The current has been conducted for analysing change issues faced by management of Huawei. The study is conducted using quantitative research technique in which questionnaires are used for the collection of primary data. The data has been collected from 95 employees of Huawei to know their view points about change management practices of Huawei Company. The study has revealed that management of Huawei has to face various issues whi ...

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Impact Of China’s Powdered Milk Food Industry With Respect To Health And Safety Issue: A Case Study Of SanLu Company

Abstract Melamine incident in 2008 can be termed as Chinese milk industry’s tragedy that was resulted in causalities of a number of children and health issues of many others. This had bring a bad name to the country and the industry both that has resulted in slow down of economic process in food industry, including cancellation of international contract and attraction of bans on Chinese products. Internally, there was medical emergen ...

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