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Executive Summary

is a research study, which analysed the effect of strategic management strategies on the temporary and permanent employees of construction industry. For this study a particular company has been selected as a case known as China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. This is a quantitative analysis, which is carried out using a survey strategy, in which employees of China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation are given a questionnai ...

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A Comparison Of Replacement Rate Between Different Age, Gender, Region, Household Composition And Level Of Education.

This paper analyses financial incentive across different age, gender, region, household composition and level of education. The most important contribution is to provide an empirical test of whether replacement rates vary across different age, gender, region, household composition and level of education. This paper using correlation supported the strong positive relationship between replacement rates and unemployment rates, indicates higher replacement rates of one group of indivi ...

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Implications Of Pay For Performance And Reward System For Motivation Of Employees -Evidence From Project Management Environment

The Abstract This research is about the implications of pay for performance and reward system for organisations. This research has reviewed the motivation theories in context o pay based performance system. It also provides a detailed review of incentives and bonuses which could be used by the project based organisations. This research also reviews the performance management and analyses the pay for performance system along with its implic ...

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To Investigate The Role Of Leadership In Economic Crisis For Manufacturing Firm

Abstract   The aim of this dissertation is the study of leadership during economic crisis for a manufacturing unit. The dissertation focuses on two main areas: 1) to examine the role of leadership in economic crisis; and 2) to find out the personal and professional skills required by leaders to handle such an economic crisis. In order to investigate these two areas, the selected organization for ...

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Research On The Effect Of Perceived Organisational Culture On Managers’ Job

Abstract Today, firms are questioning if organisational culture has any influence on job satisfaction and if it instrumental in fulfilling employees needs such as enhancing interpersonal relationships, employee engagement and involvement and trust and collaboration. Organisational culture faces challenges because of technological changes, changing consumer needs, globalisation, they need to adopt change. Despite t ...

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Human Resource Management And Firm Performance – A Case Study Of Small And Medium Enterprises Of Pakistan

Small and medium enterprises are considered as a great source of economic growth and development of the country. However, in Pakistan the development of these SMEs is very slow because they lack indelivering good performance. Therefore, the present study aims at identifying components that help to increase the SMEs performance in the country. Managing the human resource of any organization is one of the most difficult tasks. However, if they were managed in a better way t ...

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Determinants Of Mergers And Acquisitions In Multinational Companies Of UK

Introduction   1.1.Background of study:   Mergers and acquisitions are two aspects of corporate sector and management. It involves selling, buying, dividing and mixing of different companies so that they can spread at a wide range of the arena and grow rapidly. The history shows that mergers arose in 1708. It ...

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The Impact Of High Performance Work Practices On Job Performance Related Outcomes: An Empirical Analysis

ABSTRACT This study is related with the role performed by human resource practicesin making organizational performance better. In this study, it will be researched that how high performance work practices can increase the job performance. There were certain objectives of this research. Firstly, researcher attempts to understand the phenomenon of high performance work practices and its impact on employee work outco ...

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HRM Practices That Lead To Organization Commitment And Employees Engagement In Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.

The research is about analysing the extent of HR function being strategic at Huawei. This research aims to analyse how HRM practices results in commitment and engagement of employees in a Chinese MNC. Firstly, it is investigated how HR strategy in Huawei is contributing in the success of the company. Secondly, it is analysed how role of strategic alignment of HR strategy with corporate strategy and success of the company. Thirdly, it recommends how strategic HRM should be practice ...

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