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: Architecture Of General Purpose Computer & Cisco 2600 IOS Memory Organsiation And CPU Organisation In Cisco 2600 And General Purpose Authors Name/s Per 1st Affiliation (Author) Line 1 (of Affiliation): Dept. Name Of Organisation Line 2-name Of Org

Abstract- In this paper, the architecture of general purpose computers and Cisco 2600 series has been analysed. This research paper involves the memory organisation and CPU architecture of general purpose computer and Cisco 2600 series. It has also covered the comparison in between the hardware structure and operating system.   Keywords- Memory organisation, architecture, operating system, hardware structure  ...

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General Purpose Computers

A general-purpose computer is termed as the one which is enough able to perform all of computing tasks in some given time period and with the help of most appropriate application. Some of the common examples of general-purpose computers are tablets, notebooks, and desktops etc (Hennessy and Patterson, 2011) 1.1. Architecture A general-purpose computer system is made up of both of the software and har ...

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Robot Revolution

The main objective of current essay is to shed light on the likely effects of robots revolution on the job market at global level. The study is also expected to achieve the objective of guiding the graduate career by highlighting the job areas which have limited chances of risk regarding the replacement of manual jobs with robotics and artificial intelligence. In order to achieve the aim of present study, the focus has been maintained on the report of Bank of America Merrill Lynch ...

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