1. Introduction Athletic Injury Has Been Prevalent In Sports For Decades, Among Both Recreational And Competitive Athletes. For Instance, In College Athletes, There Was An Injury Rate Of 14 And 4 Respectively For The Male And Female Athletes Out Of E

    This research project topic title is talking about the benefits of traveling consideration of everyone has what kind of attitude on travel.And which way is the best for people.For example self-guided tour or guided or which are the best way to suitable for what kind of human being.That is to say. It is not only to talk about the benefits of traveling but also to research about tourism and existent problems in the travel.    On the one hand,in ...

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Research Title: An Exploratory Analysis Of Socio Political, Natural And Cultural Factors On International Tourism Growth

1.Background In this globalised world, tourism industry is an integral part of every economy, including both developing and developed countries. This industry becomes a source of nine percent contribution in global GDP (WTTC, 2016). As per the recent statistics about the tourism and travel sector, it is found by the World Travel and Tourism Council that growth of this sector is much higher than the growth of global GDP. Despite the long te ...

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