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The Impact Of Innovation In Product Development On Organisational Performance: A Case Of Samsung Galaxy”.

The impact of innovation in product development on organisational performance: a case of Samsung Galaxy”. 1.Introduction 1.1.Introduction and Significance Innovation is a topic which needs to be researched out in detail. The companies who have understood the importance of inno ...

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Impact Of E-marketing Strategies On Sales Volume Of Retailers: A Case Of River Island UK

Background: E-marketing is a modern method to market products and services. It involves the use of the internet to reach customers. It is a quite vast field of marketing. From e-mail marketing to wireless media marketing, all is part of this marketing. Allen and Fjermestad (2001) stated that concept like data of customers and customer relationship management are also its part. According to Jobber (1997), it is an important component of e-c ...

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Title: Impact Of Visual Merchandising On Impulse Buying Behaviour Of Tesco Customers

Impact of Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying Behaviour of Tesco Customers 1.Introduction This proposal explains the methodology and brief literature review that would be addressed to fulfil research aim. This study will aim to investigate the impact of visual merchandising on impulse buying behaviour of customers. This study will explore how the effect of product shelf position, store ...

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The Impact Of Online Search On High Street Shopping

Abstract This research is about the influence of online information search on high street stores. It is observed that with the introduction of internet, the traditional way of doing shopping is changed now. The propensity to shop online has increased and high street shops are in danger of abolishing. This research aims to examine the impact of online shopping especially the information search on the offline high street stores. This researc ...

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Comparative Analysis Of Price And Quality Of Two Major Retail Supermarkets

How the prices, quality of products and services helps to achieve competitive advantage? Overview /Summary This proposal carries out the comparative analyses in the use of price and quality strategy to control competition in the supermarket industry, this study will be conducted using two major supermarket retailers. The primary purpose of this study is to understand the importance of pricing and quality strategy in the retail industry, and how organisation’s use t ...

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An Investigation Into The Consumer Buyer Behaviour Of Private Label Products Within The UK Supermarket Industry.

gathered to research topic: The UK supermarket Industry Supermarket retailing is dominated by 4 main retailers, ASDA, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Morrisons that take a combined share of ...

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An Investigation Of Factors Influencing Customer Loyalty Among International Retailers: An Empirical Study Of Tesco And Wal-Mart In The UK.

Background In the increasingly competitive global market, loyal customers are an important asset in the success of a global firm. Customers, drawn from diverse markets, are a reliable source of revenue based on their purchasing habits (Li & Green, 2010). According to Reichheld and Sasser (1990), loyal customers are a consistent source of a firm’s revenue that stems from increased as well as repeat purchases. They add t ...

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