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Title: Association Of Abusive Supervision With Contextual Performance Of Employees: Mediation Of LMX

Summary The aim of current research is to investigate the association of abusive supervision with contextual performance in presence of LMX. In order to accomplish this aim, the quantitative study will be carried out and primary data will be obtained through survey. The data will be obtained from employees of manufacturing companies in London UK. The data will be analyzed using hierarchical regression and mediation process o ...

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Training And Development In Hospitality Industry

Abstract The present research will be about the training and development in hospitality industry. Though, few empirical studies has been conducted, it is not explored yet how training and development influences the employees performance in the hospitality industry. This research will examine this that to what extent training and development could influence the employees’ performance in hospitality industry. It will be based on a case ...

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Measuring And Evaluating The Impact Of High Involvement Work Practices (HIWP) On Employee Engagement: A Comparison Of Service Sector Of China And U.K.

Chapter One: Introduction 1.1.Background Within dynamic business environment and the ways in which jobs are being done, organizations are now giving more importance to their human capital in order to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. This increased focus on human capital has led the researchers to continuously explore ways in which it can best be managed through certain set of HR practices (A ...

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Dissertation Title: Measuring And Evaluating The Impact Of High Involvement Work Practices (HIWP) On Employee Engagement.

Background to the choice of subject (Reasons) Employee engagement is a valuable concept academically and professionally that has gained importance in recent years. It has got significance in different disciplines including management sciences, psychology, HRM and behavioural stu ...

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“Impact Of Organisation Citizenship Behaviour On Performance Of Organisation: A Case Of Royal Mail”

1.Introductory Part Organisational Citizenship behaviour is a concept which is becoming popular and it is related to the field of organizational behaviour (OB). This concept was developed by Organ (1988) about three decades ago, and since then there are many researches which have been conducted to identify and develop the conceptualization of this concept. There ...

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