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Research Title: Effect Of Mental Toughness And Social Support On The Relationship Between Life Stressors And Injury: A Case Study

Athletic injury has been prevalent in sports for decades, among both recreational and competitive athletes. For instance, in college athletes, there was an injury rate of 14 and 4 respectively for the male and female athletes out of every 1000 in competitions and practices (Hootman, Dick and Agel, 2007). Injury rates tend to be especially high in contact sports like football, as well as in non-contact sports like volleyball and soccer. Injuries however do not tend to be too chroni ...

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Association Of Safety Signs And Symbol Recognition With Accident Prevention In Construction Industry Of Australia

1.Introduction 1.1 Background Safety signs and symbols are widely used for ensuring safety of employees in construction and other industries that involve risk of accident that can be damaging for health and safety of employees. The diverse safety signs are being used which convey different messages to personnel working with equipment (Zhou, Goh and ...

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Association Of In-door Environment Of Green Buildings With Occupants’ Health And Wellbeing

of the Research The issue of occupants’ health and safety is equally important for residential as well as commercial buildings. It is of no doubt that major portion of human lives is being spent in the buildings, which  has reinforced by the study of Gambatese, Rajendran and Behm (2007) stating that on average modern people spend 80 to 90 percent of their whole day (24 hours) in buildings (in-door). Based on thi ...

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Topic: The Impact Of Health And Safety Management On Employee Welfare And Well-being In The Hotel Industry. A Case Study Of Millennium Hotel Shanghai.

Background   In today’s development industry of hotel it has become very important for management of Chinese hotels to focus on formulating strategies in order to gain competitive advantage. There is a famous saying in China ‘huazhong you hua’ which states that ‘there is more than what is said’. The difficulties and nuances of hospitality industry are applicable to ...

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The Safety Storage Of Chemical Product: A Case Study Of Private Chemical Companies Of China

With the advent of industrialization, countries faced appealing consequences regarding the safety of labour and later the environment (Need, 2006). Therefore many studies were conducted and strenuous efforts were taken in order to safe guard the issues generated from industrial processes. As Kytle and Ruggie (2005) argues that the safety management is an important aspect of scientific management. In this regard government of each country has fully prescribed the laws of safety; si ...

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