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The Relationship Between Domestic Financial Development And Government Bond Returns: Cross-Country Evidence

This report is focused on the relationship which exists among domestic financial development and government bonds. For this study, cross country evidence has been used for analysing the proposed relationship. The first research question which is developed for this study is what is the relationship between domestic financial development and the return in sovereign bonds across various economies and the second research question is how does the relationship between financial developm ...

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The Impact Of The Development Of The Defence Industry On Turkish Economy

In every economy, defence industry is the most important one and a lot of budget is always being spent on this industry. There exists significant empirical research studies which has investigated the role of defence industry in the economic growth of the countries. The analysis of such research studies tell that such studies are being organised in the developed countries and developing countries have received less attention. Dunne and Tian, (2013) has also asser ...

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Title: The Impact Of Terrorism On Turkish Stock Exchange Market

Introduction There are different environmental factors that have impact on the operations of business concerns as well as financial markets. Terrorism is considered to be an external risk which is difficult to define. As per Chulia et al., (2009) terrorism is considered to be a phenomenon in which use of violence and threat is done to attain specific targets, and its objective is to spread fear among people, ...

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The Impact Of Capital Structure On Profitability Of Textile Sector

1.Introduction Finance is one of the most useful elements for every business concern and companies cannot run without financial resources. Companies require different types of financial assets and resources to carry out business operations. This research is related with financial aspects of business concerns. In this research, the impact of capital structure on the profitability of textile sector of UK will be analyzed. According to Abor (2005) capital structure is actually the combination of equ ...

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