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The Role Of Communication In Commitment Towards Change – A Case Study Of BT Group

1.Introduction In today’s competitive business world, the organizations have to face the issue of change management due to increased globalization, advancement in technology, changed rules and regulations and enhanced competition in market (Cheney et al, 2004). The organizations are in need of planned change that is a kind of change that is implemented through meaningful efforts (Cornelissen, 2014). The dynamic environment needs effe ...

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“Impact Of Visual Merchandising On Impulse Buying Behavior Of Tesco Customers”

1.of research The title of the research for which this preliminary research report has been designed is “Impact of Visual Merchandising on Impulse Buying Behavior of Tesco Customers” 2.Introduction The stiff competition and similarity of merchandize in today’s retail environment force retailers to use visual merchandizing to differentiate th ...

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An Exploratory Analysis Of Social Media Marketing On Brand Loyalty - A Case Of Luxury Fashion Brands

1.Introduction 1.1.Background   With the evolution of the World Wide Web, new opportunities are created for social relationships and business practices. With the Web 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0, companies has become able to share data, reuse it across applications, enterprises and community boundaries with the help of cloud environment through out the firms (Kim and Chen, 2015). With the Web ...

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The Role Of Technological Innovation In Sustainability – A Case Study Of Formula One Car

1.context In the last decade, the number of research studies and discussions on environmental changes and problems has increased due to the enhanced level of technological advancements.  It is important to understand the dynamics of technological change due to two reasons. Firstly, the social and economic activities can have a negative impact on environment with the increasing rate of technological change. when new technologies are be ...

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The Role Of Marketing Strategies In The Sales Growth Of The Business - A Case Study Of John Lewis

1.1.Background In the current globalised world, the importance of selling the products is of utmost importance. There exists cut through competition in the retail industry and there are are supplying the products to the customers need a detailed analysis of customer expectations and environmental factors. This is only through the effective marketing that the decision to supply the products to the customers is supported (Ziliani and Bellini ...

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Impact Of Organisation Citizenship Behaviour On Performance Of Organisation: A Case Of Royal Mail”

1.      Introduction In this chapter of the proposal, the introduction about the title of research will be presented in which the significance, aim, objectives and research questions for the forthcoming research will be identified and developed. 1.1.        ...

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Title: The Influence Of Customer Trust In Purchasing Online: Why Is Successful In The Chinese Market And Is Not?

The background of research problem In the past, online shopping in China was not prevalent and they prefer offline shopping. According to CNN IC, the volume of cyber citizens reached 110 million in the year 2005, but only one fifth of them have shopped online, these were 22 million people (Wang, 2007). By the end of 2007, the Internet users increased to 210 million, but just 22.1% of them had bought somethin ...

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Intercultural Engagement and Communication education system to improve the learning of international students

  Introduction and Aim The social, cultural and linguistic diversity in our globalised society leads to the increasing heterogeneity of life plans and family realities. This is also reflected in classrooms. Intercultural education enables both teachers and learners to deal respectfully with diversity in a multicultural society. Intercultural education directs the attention of teachers and learner ...

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