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Association Of Capital Structure With Profitability Of Automobile Companies

The business environment is highly dynamic and today’s organisations are striving hard to fulfil their goal of profitability. The fulfilment of profitability goals of the organisation depends largely on the financial decisions that re being taken by the companies (Rasiah, Tong and Kim, 2014). It has been highlighted by the recent researchers that capital structure decision is one of the most debatable issue in the context of firm’s profitability (Mistry, 2012). The ear ...

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Title: Investigate The Relationship Between Corporate Governance And Asymmetric Information In Listed Companies In Chinese Market

Generally speaking, shareholders are well aware that managers can impose agency problems through shirking and consuming excess perquisites but unlike the managers, shareholders are uncertain as to the extent of these problems. This can lead to higher bid ask spreads, volatility and lower share trading volumes as this uncertainty can cause shareholders to be more cautious in buying shares than they would be in the absence of this information asymmetry. ...

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The Impact Of Corporate Governance On The Firm’s Financial Performance In UAE.

summary In this research proposal I will be introducing my topic that is about “ the impact of corporate governance on the firm’s financial performance in UAE. The aim of this research project is to focus on the financial performance that is in UAE, to identify the issues related to the financial implementations. The research proposal will contain several ideas on how to analyze the nature and activities carried by the corporat ...

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