Organizational Learning And Performance – A Case Study Of Unilever

With time the importance of organizational learning is increasing. More and more organizations are inclining towards becoming learning organizations. Considering this importance, the study is conducted to find out impact of organizational learning on performance of organizations. This study is conducted to explore the available literature on organizational learning and minimize the ambiguity in concepts and understanding of organizational learning. To study impact of organizationa ...

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ABSTRACT   The research is conducted to examine the impact of Mergers and Acquisitions on organizational performance considering Virgin Money and Northern Rock Plc as a case. The data and information is assembled from the five managers of Virgin Money UK. The collected data are analysed with the help of a qualitative analysis technique so that the data can be thor ...

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A Critical Investigation Into The Factors That Influence Consumers Purchasing Decision In The UK Retail Industry: A Case Study Of Sainsbury’s

Abstract This research has conducted the critical investigation on those factors that influence the consumer purchasing decision in the UK retail industry. From the retail industry of UK, case study of Sainsbury is selected. The aim is to investigate the factors that influence the purchase decision of consumers of retail sector. This aim was based on three objectives which has helped to accomplish it. Firstly, the objective is t ...

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The Key Elements Influence The Successful Completion Of Cross-border Mergers And Acquisitions Deal -----Case Study

The present study is about the critical success factors of cross border M&As. The present study is aimed at investigating the key elements behind merger and acquisition in FedEx, Vodafone and CNOOC. The study analyses both the pre and post-acquisition stages by carrying out multiple case studies and will highlight differences in performance of three M&As. This research was based on the case studies of three important cross border M&As of the history.  This researc ...

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