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Impact Of Exchange Rate Fluctuations On The Financial Performance Of The Company: A Case Study Of McDonalds UK

A multinational company becomes unprotected to potential benefits and losses in their daily conducts because of changes in values of assets and liabilities that have dominance in foreign markets. Due to increased imports, exports and foreign investments, firms have to face various foreign exchange risks (McGovern, 2016). In multinational companies, managers used to ignore exposure to foreign exchange. However, due to the end of 1973 Agreement, a major fluctuation was seen in excha ...

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Abstract Investor sentiments play an important role in investors’ decisions about the investment activities in the stock market. Sometimes, investors ignore the market analysis and base their decisions on their sentiments only. Therefore, these sentiments may affect the returns of the investors. The present study evaluated the impact on these investors’ sentiments on investment decision. The researchers targeted four ...

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BitCoin: "A Bubble Waiting To Burst Or The Way Forward?

Abstract: This dissertation is based on the decentralized digital payment system called bitcoin. The dissertation investigates the processes through which the bitcoin currency transaction passes through and the past downfalls that impact the currency market. Several areas of continuous influence are identified, including representative of bitcoin, transaction volume and price. It also discusses the usage of bitcoin and regulation ba ...

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Issues In Growth By Merger - A Case Study Of GlaxoSmithKline

Abstract In previous few decades, mergers and acquisitions have become common. There are many advantages of mergers and acquisitions. These benefits motivate organizations to merge with other organizations. But there is still confusion that whether mergers become successful or not in terms of organizational growth objectives. To clear this confusion, this research is conducted.  The aim of the study is to understand and analyze the gr ...

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