The Unseen Shadow Of Ethical Consideration By UK Tea Companies

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The current proposed topic reveals the working condition of the Tea industry at local level.  The responsibility of management towards workers is essential in today’s dynamic business environment.  Fair wages, health and safety management, better working conditions and well being of the worker is the social responsibility of the management.  But, the condition of the workers is below standard in the Tea Industry. The employees are considered to be an important stakeholder of any industry and their satisfaction leads to the growth of the industry. Similarly, the industries’ priority should be the safety and better working condition.  The current news highlights the abusive situation of the workers at local industry which is one of the biggest suppliers to the Multinational companies in the UK.  Although, the multinational companies are not directly involved in the management of the workers but they are very much concerned with the responsible and sustainable practices of their suppliers.

Therefore, the current essay will discuss the issues in detail and their impact on the managerial decision making. Furthermore, the theories related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), stakeholder theory and the triple bottom line will be discussed in accordance with the highlighted issues to provide in-depth knowledge to the study. 





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The proposed topic is in accordance with the course content as it describes the social responsibility of the companies to provide better working conditions to their workers as well as to take care of their well being.  Child Labour and Health and safety are another issue faced by the workers when they are confronted with chemical sprays in the industry.  Therefore, the current essay highlights the role of management towards issues in detail.

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