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This report is related to Credit Bordelais. It is basically about the case study of this bank. In this report, some issues are identified regarding the HRM of Credit Bordelais. This report includes two sections. In first section, strategies for better selection and recruitment are discussed for bank. In next section, reward strategies are discussed along with conclusion and recommendations.



The business world is becoming highly competitive, especially for the companies that are operating across boundaries. There are different external and internal factors that influence the working of a business. Business concerns have to adopt highly effective strategies, approaches and techniques to stay successful in the market. Among various factors, effective human resource management is considered to be an important factor that enables companies to grow and develop. According to Hendry (2012), human resource management is considered to be a procedure through which HR needs of businesses are analysed and managed to meet the strategic goals. There are different functions of human resource management and if they are not effectively performed then can negatively influence the business. This report is based on a case study of Credit Bordelais. Credit Bordelais is one of the most famous banks that are operating at a global level. Some issues are identified in the case study regarding the HRM of Credit Bordelais. These issues will be discussed in the report along with certain recommendations to overcome them.

2.Effective recruitment at Credit Bordelais

In the case study, certain issues regarding management and employees of Credit Bordelais are identified. These issues include inappropriate skills, unfriendly attitude of managers, traditional management approach, controlled environment and lack of employee participation in decision making. These issues need to be resolved, and Credit Bordelais must make its recruitment and selection procedures effective. When the right people will be recruited by the business concerns then they can easily resolve HR issues (Berman et al., 2015). HRM of Credit Bordelais can focus on following points:

2.1.Internet recruitments

Internet is becoming an important mean for recruitment of new staff members. It was suggested by Branine (2008) that internet is the most preferred and productive way of attracting candidates. The successful companies are running their websites and communicating with the external stakeholders. It is identified in the case study that the managers at Credit Bordelais are reluctant to use computers. This is a big issue and needed to be solved because computer and internet are highly useful for recruitment and selection of new employees. For example, Microsoft focuses on online methods to effect and influence its public reputation and reach a wider audience and thus maintain a diverse workplace with varied skills and abilities. Credit Bordelais can maintain records of applicants, interviews and other data in computers, relevant with the HR and other departments. It was identified by Martins and Lime (2006) that the internet recruitments do not produce better quality applicants but these are useful in getting the right employee for the job. Credit Bordelais can combine its traditional recruitment methods with online recruitments and can focus on printed job advertisements.

2.2.Talent puddles

Credit Bordelais can resolve issues regarding human resource by focusing on talent puddles. As per Lewis and Heckman (2006), talent puddle is similar to talent pool in which talent bank is made to perform specific jobs in the company. It is identified in the case study that some employees possess wrong skills and attitude. Such employees should be replaced by Credit Bordelais. Instead of hiring and selecting entire new staff, Credit Bordelais can fill the talent gaps through talent puddles. For example, Nestle has made talent puddles to fulfill the shortage of skilled candidates. Same approach can be used by Credit Bordelais to speed up recruitment process and to reduce cost.

3.Effective Selection at Credit Bordelais

It is highly useful for Credit Bordelais to select the most appropriate personnel for solving the issues related with HR. It can focus on following approaches for appropriate selection of employees.

3.1.Focusing on competency model

In Credit Bordelais, management is focusing on traditional approaches and methods. These methods should be eliminated by Credit Bordelais. Different researchers and scholars have provided various types of methods to recruit new staff. There is a need to select new managers because the current managers are uneducated and possess wrong skills (Scullion and Linehan, 2005). As per competency model, flexible workers should be selected by the business concerns. Such workers can contribute to the company’s productivity by performing different types of roles in an effective way. This indicates that multitalented people should be selected by Credit Bordelais that can perform more than one task.  As per Johnson et al., (2014), the personal characteristics should not be focused by the selectors but professional skills and abilities of candidates should be assessed. It was stated by Spencer and Spencer (2008) that 86% companies are focusing on competency model to select the candidates and do not focus on personal characteristics of candidates, like politeness. This indicates that Credit Bordelais need to select professionally skilled employees to become highly successful in current fast-moving world of work. 

3.2.Fairness and equality

It is highly important for Credit Bordelais to select new managers and employees on fair basis. None of the candidates should be discriminated on the basis of race, color, group, caste or other personal characteristics (Barak, 2013). After selection, employees must not be discriminated and treated equally. It is stated in the case study that employees feel controlled and unimportant at Credit Bordelais. This factor should be eliminated.

4.Reward Management System at Credit Bordelais

4.1.Motivation and reward management

It is important for every business concern to motivate its employees for high productivity. In order to keep the employees motivated and devoted towards work, companies use different types of reward systems. The employees are rewarded for their work, skills, talent and extraordinary efforts. Rewards management system is a technique to reward the employees as per their value to the organisation to motivate them and to meet strategic business goals (Hendry, 2012). This indicates that like other businesses, Credit Bordelais should focus on effective reward management system to motivate the employees. It is identified in case study that employees are not appreciated, not allowed to take part in decision making and attitude of managers is also not good towards them. These issues can be solved by motivating the employees. Employees can be motivated by:

  • Extrinsic rewards: These are the monetary rewards and tangible in nature. These include pay increments, benefits like paid holidays and company’s cars.
  • Intrinsic rewards: These rewards are non-monetary and intangible in nature. These include appreciation, work life balance, developmental opportunities, fairness and equality.

4.2.Appropriate reward strategies at Credit Bordelais

Credit Bordelais need to focus on both types of rewards but intrinsic rewards will work best for the company. As identified in case study, the management at Credit Bordelais is not ready to let go decision making, employees feel controlled and no autonomy is observed by staff members. That is why; effective reward management system should be used by Credit Bordelais. It is recommended for Credit Bordelais to:

  • Relaxed environment

As identified in the case study, the employees at Credit Bordelais feel controlled and no autonomy. That is why, there is a need to provide a relax environment to them. This can be done by focusing on intrinsic reward management. The employees should be provided opportunities to have fun at the office and to work in a relaxed environment (Brief and Weiss, 2002). For example, at Stryker, employees can do fun and feel relaxed by playing Ping-Pong at workplace. This is an important part of reward management system of Stryker. Credit Bordelais can offer different competitions and gaming opportunities to the employees to make them relax.

  • Participative leadership style

It is important for the management of business concerns to appreciate the work of staff members, to hear their problems and solve them (Ogbonna and Harris., 2000). Listening to employees is a good way to motivate employees. Credit Bordelais can provide employees a right to participate in decision making by adopting participative leadership style. In this way, employees will feel themselves important for the business. They will consider that they are important for the business (Sutherland and Canwell, 2004). For example, at Google participative leadership style is used and the employees’ opinions are considered while making any decision. This can also work for Credit Bordelais.

  • Employee recognition and participation

Credit Bordelais can motivate its employees by recognising them. In this way, the employees will feel themselves important and work harder. The hard working employees should be recognised by the management of Credit Bordelais. For example, at NetApp  the employees that do the things right are called by the CEO at office to thank them. At Aflac, a 6 day appreciation week is celebrated annually. These are among the best ways to recognise employees and motivate them.


It can be concluded that the issues identified at Credit Bordelais can be solved by focusing on effective HRM policies as well as strategies. Credit Bordelais need to focus on effective selection and recruitment processes to improve its workforce. Furthermore, it is also important for Credit Bordelais to use an effective reward management system to get the best out of its employees. The management of Credit Bordelais can focus on the recommendations to improve productivity of its workforce.


It is highly recommended to at Credit Bordelais to:

  • Provide relaxed environment to employees
  • Do not discriminate employees
  • Include employees in decision making process









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