Are Vitamin Supplements Effective?

14 Aug 2017 12 Sep 2017

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Vitamins are organic compounds that are required in very little amounts for us to grow and live in and maintain good health, although they are a critical requirement for our body in order to survive; they are not compulsory but vitally important, According to Stanton, [1]" implied[s] 'amine' meaning 'life'." But an inadequate amount of vitamin may cause disease and in some cases are highly detrimental. Vitamins help to protect against many diseases, it is estimated that there's 13 essentials vitamins which 4 is classified as fat-soluble (A, D, E and K) and 9 as water-soluble (8 Vitamin B and Vitamin C). The vitamins that are fat soluble are hydrophobic which ultimately to be soluble in fats; the fat globules (referred as chylomicrons) which are consistently absorbing this vitamins, that travels the lymphatic system of the small intestines and into the general blood circulation within the body. These vitamins are proclaimed as Vitamin E and A which then is stored in the tissue. Where in stark contrast the water-soluble are required as 'enzymes cofactors' in a much wider variety of metabolic reactions, each of this water soluble vitamin are often seen to have its own membrane transport to help it process for absorption across enterocyte. [4] Vitamins are found in its natural forms are meat, fruit, dairy, vegetables and many other substances, but an advancement of science, scientist has revealed an alternative pathway for those who can take their vitamins in a form of tablets, gums, drops and capsules. This has been mixed with many other forms of compounds which include trace elements, electrolytes, spinach and/or broccoli extract.

Not being able to undertake the recommended dosage of vitamins can lead to serious disease. There is a strong correlation between the rates of chronic disease and the increase level of vitamin D. The most common disease which has a strong positive relationship is rickets; which often can be reduced or cured by undertaking liver oil during the 20th century. Rickets cause weakens and soften the bones in children which could impact in skeletal abnormalities, defective growth, delicate bones and dental problems. While in adults, the deficiency of vitamin D can lead to osteomalacia and osteoporosis which weaken the bones. [4]. the insufficiency of any form of vitamins can have led to a serious health issue from CVD (cardiovascular disease),[3] Alzheimer's [4] fat malabsorption, immunity, stomach and many more. [3]. by undertaking vitamins in its natural form (food; vegetables, fruits, dairy, meat etc.) it can help to limit the possibility of overdosing. Although there's a series of experiments that has been conducted there's no ultimate answer that antioxidants helps to decrease or remove the risk of diseases such as CVD. [4] Both increase and decrease of vitamins can lead to health problems; possibly overdosing in vitamin supplement such as B3 may potentially lead to nausea, liver/nerve toxicity and jaundice. Dr. Weil [5] specifically states that most customers or patients often take supplements as they have just heard it advertised. An excessive amount of iron supplements can lead to risk of cancer and heart disease, as 'iron is an oxidizing agent [5]

Although vitamins have contributed as an alternative for those who can't consume it natural forms, the epidemiological studies has concluded that those whose diet are high in vegetable consumption may lower the incidence of cancer and other vitamin deficiency, this helps to decrease the expenditure of meat and feat while increasing the dosage of fiber content. [2]. However some research has proven that Vitamin E supplementation helps to lower the CVD; but generally this is often reflected in an individuals' lifestyle. [6][4]. There is several of data that demonstrate that vitamin supplementation on regular basis did not justify the routine of antioxidant supplements for the preventive and treatment of CVD or lowering it. [8]

Supplementation carries out several of chemicals that may trigger the mind and the body of an individual which can have a detrimental effect on them. Based on several experiments it is evaluated that vitamins contain a vegetable extract and other compounds such as having an 'adverse effect and may interact with warfarin and aluminum'. [9].

There is significant amount of data, experiment that analysis that justifies that using antioxidant vitamin supplements for CVD, and other disease does not necessarily reduces the risk of reduction. A great healthy lifestyle by consuming the right amount of vegetable and fruits will help decrease the risk of immune deficiency etc. Multi-vitamins can be used as an alternative pathway for those who are not able to consume them, but should not be used on regular basis which is a dangerous practice.

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