Does Religion Mean Happiness For People Religion Essay

23 Mar 2015

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People like to pursue what they feel is good, and many would love to devote their energy and time to practice their faith. I believe that having religion can help many individuals spiritually, and vice versa they happily devote to what they want to achieve in their lives. "[T]he pursuit of happiness has long been at the centre of theories about human behavior, but in today's time-poor, cash-rich society, it's almost become an obsession" (Fenton). Within the history we have seen a sense of worship to gods or deities and in times it's considered an obsession. Individuals can identify their own religious beliefs with bondages. Whether we can distinguish between spirituality and religion can help find the answers to those questions, and reasons behind many people's thought and their behavior. I do not believe that having religion is bad. Religion helps many individuals spiritually, be involved with social activities, enhance the workplace performance and engage many with volunteer activities (in a positive point-of-view), even if some people have done so much wrong, they pick up religion as a point of redemption. Happiness is found in many places like religion, the most common area, some see it as a happy venture to seek oneself with God while others may use it as exploitation to seek salvation.

Spiritual communications and rules can be perceived as being associated to social acceptance rather than revealing them as guidance. Religion becomes selective by taking a side, which might embrace either a positive or negative aspects of feelings. "Religion and spirituality are not identical. Religion is institutionalized spirituality established by man to exert control, instill morality, stroke egos, etc . . . But spirituality is born and developed in us and is extended to all faces of our lives" (Nanda). Religion is not just a face that we put up with; you cannot compare religion to a rock-and-roll face. We are attached to religion like if it's part of our existence. Many people like teenagers consider religion as a fad. They will attend to the masses, but they will not bother to listen to the messages.

Can belief help our mentality to see the positive and happiness that we are destine to see or can we just be blind to our own reality? "The spiritual or mental healing a person receives and experiences the mighty blessings of the Holy Spirit are incomprehensible, unless you refuse to accept it. If you chose to accept this, it can happen in any prayer service before God who is miraculously present among the faithful. It is faith that cures them and nothing else" (Daily News). People tend to be egoistic and go to God's house at a time of redemption in their life because they tend to feel guilty of what they have done, even if God is very forgiving. Going to church or temple, praying for the better and asking for forgiveness can help many individuals feel relieved for a special moment with God. Some people (ex-gang member) go to just seek a ticket, so to say, to enter eternal peace. For example, William Ortega, an ex-gang member, a member of The Star of Nazareth Christian Church, has been a member since 2004. He started going to church and began practicing after he had an epiphany during a party in Los Angeles. He says he also became a member to help ease his regret to all the wrong he committed when he was younger and foolish. Many people can say his decision was based on a selfish desire to not be dammed in Hell. In an opposite point-of-view Maria Valencia a member of Holy Rosary Catholic Church has been a member since 1989, she has gone her entire childhood and she is devoted to her spirituality in ways that inspire others to join. She rejoices her beliefs and receives a warm happy feeling from her practices. "In these and other accounts, the good feelings that comes from their relationships with God affect their behavior, prompting them to make the 'right' choices" (Wilkins). Staying devoted with God is a decision well put in mind. In God's good grace in heaven helps remain our understanding of happiness and religion related to our beliefs.

Faith and believing in religion helps explain how living conditions and experiences of oneself has a set direction. "I'm inspired by everything, the living and the immortal. Spirituality is something that one can attain only after realizing that materialistic satisfaction is temporary" (Bhattacharya). The belief might grow out of personal experience in an organization and not from any adoption of a prior point-of-view. In the realm of religion, increased movements to more control and partly spurred by decreasing in spiritual communication might lead to distrust and dissatisfaction with bureaucracies, societies, and communities. Our faith keeps humanity in touch with ourselves and God, even if the choices are wrong it will shed light of goodness.

We write, read, sing, entertain, study, work and receive advice from gurus; nevertheless, our happiness stays as we achieve a subtle goal. Feeling happy is something described as the consequence of having a large and caring family, supportive community, or something that we all want? "Good choices about behavior also lead to good feelings" (Wilkins). For example, if I would ask the Dalai Lama to explain happiness as compassion and the ability to make others feeling happy, the message of religion is evolved there.

"No religion basically believes that material progress alone is sufficient for humankind.  All religions believe in forces beyond material progress.  All agree that it is very important and worthwhile to make a strong effort to serve human society. To do this, it is important that we understand each other.  In the past, due to narrow-mindedness and other factors, there has sometimes been discord between religious groups.  This should not happen again.  If we look deeply into the value of a religion in the context of the worldwide situation, we can easily transcend these unfortunate happenings.  For, there are many areas of common ground on which we can have harmony.  Let us just be side by side- helping, respecting, and understanding each other - in common effort to serve humankind.  The aim of human society must be the compassionate betterment of human beings" (Lama).

The Dalai Lama is the core teacher of happiness, he states that we ourselves are the ones that are making harmony break; religion is a link that can help solve the value, that it is the common bond between us and happiness.

Communications should be changed to adapt to the environment. The religious boundary is coupled with the ideas of individual identity. In fact, at any given time, the boundary can impact the usage of intellectual capital and capability by the compassion and vice versa. Leveraging intellectual capital by individuals might result to more dynamic in open environment. How each individual can connect his, or her, spiritual belief in life and at workplace is still questionable. However, spirituality encourages positive feelings and focuses better for his, or her, value. The core spiritual belief is one essential to determine happiness, the people who chose religion for salvation may feel the feeling as well if they put their heart and soul to their spirituality.

In the religious environment, no single theory can help explain individuals' motivations and how many individuals can be filled with joy. This motivation can forge, dissolve, or sustain knowledge.

The spiritual paradigm has gradually become from an apparent fad management to a respectful theme given that it is attracting increasingly intellectual curiosity and personal search for understanding this phenomenon. In this regard, researchers from different religious and non-religious streams have currently identified and explored a myriad of constructs and dimensions related to spirituality and their supposed manifestations and implications on corporate life (Vasconcelos).

Many modern churches have managed to add a theme within themselves, but ideally what is it trying to incorporate helping lost souls or another opening to a new club. Never have the churches try gimmicks to attract people. Many churches include dancing to Rock-and-Roll, Spanish Rock, Hip-Hop, Rap, Regeton, Punk Rock, Country, etc. in-between church ceremonies. Even if people experiment using themes that everyone can associate with may lend a hand to reach out God.

The experiential base for interpreting the metaphor might arise solely from referent reality with rigid organizational rules. As a result, the feeling might help interpret general reluctance of individuals to affirm the positive aspects of bureaucracy. "Yes, there is one major difference. Religion is the path paved by man to find God. Spirituality is your feeling of closeness to this higher power" (Bhattacharya). The positive aspects of bureaucracy can be seen from outside of the corporate structure, since the outsiders (customers, government or share-holders) can be benefited from the organizational outputs. Positive outcomes will come, if human actions are ethical, creative, courtesy, and energetic. Such activity will result to productive, enjoyable, more creative games than laborious tasks. In short, the cold, rigid, and brutal of the communication in a company can hinder the abilities of creativity, spirituality, and imagination, and even destroy productivity. By nature, human beings are endeavored in many ways to accomplish all sort of goals, and tried to search in many directions. Nevertheless, God is still a mystery, to be prayed, and our spirits will be benefited from faiths.

Any religious beliefs are connected to communal values, functional unity and increased communication. Focused on evolving from many different perspectives, spiritual beliefs and bounded rationality, externalities are to apply for better communication and implement in business framework. Keeping a broader view, constructing experience and maintaining on top of management could help keep the best staff and create wonderful corporate culture. We must be open to other religion and that their connection to their deities because once we have acceptance in the joyful feeling of happiness the activity levels in a corporation or business will increase.

Besides our own pleasures of pursuing happiness it must come from others who encourage us to feel happy. "Greater happiness is in giving happiness, rather than in receiving." In fact, it is vital to understand the nature of religious beliefs and communication. It presents individual spirituality, which reflects the primary attributes of iron fists to perceptions and even highlights important aspects of the nature of feelings. If one owns motivation comes from a mother, a priest, a friend, a relative, etc. that will keep motivation to pursue our goals.

Many people feel that religion, prayer, and beliefs id a connection to God, maybe God sent us a powerful gift that connects us to both worlds. "Religion is God's best gift to mankind. Reliance on religion gives us strength to face the trials and tribulations of our lives." Individuals can make a spiritual link to their volunteer work and help visualize their goals from a broader perspective, and share more empathy with others. For example, the momentous caring response to the Haitian crisis helps prove the existence of caring, of a goodness instinct and of insight joy in individuals. How wonderful that religion is not disabused in any way when many individuals need helps in Haitian catastrophe and what can be revealed about our motivation of doctors and volunteers in Haiti to help the injured and the needed. We intuitively do unto others, since we would like to have them to undo to us.

There are many people that volunteer when disasters hit, but we don't acknowledge them until something goes wrong. A volunteer, Lynette Gomez, has volunteered in The Palmdale Sherriff's Department and The Antelope Valley Hospital. The discussion was a brief encounter, we sat down and started chatting about her volunteer work, I asked her questions and she answered them with such a spirit that makes volunteering fun. When I saw her she looked very intellectual and not the type of girl that would devote her time to volunteering and her church. She does many different sorts of jobs. From nursing infants, under the supervision of nurses, to filing Criminal records. Small jobs that she does help her get involved. I asked her "Why do you volunteer?" she gracefully answered "I volunteer because it is what I believe is right and I am always in a good mood when I am helping. Basically the root to all of this is my involvement to my church. Our motto is God in good grace made us, why not help each other." This volunteer has a heart of gold helping other out of good grace and with an up lifting attitude. She unlike many has the time and effort to help out people. She is a motivator that helps other people feel happy. Everywhere around the world there are acts of kindness that people do for the benefits of others, but not everyone gets involved. The difficult wire for goodness and for giving is universal. It may be no more than a confirmation of what by intuition we realize about altruism in recent days. Religion lingers in dark recesses of people's minds as we observe more places like Cambodia, Rwanda… I wonder where else in people's minds, things have been lighting up. Joy and religion can motivate many professionals overcome difficulties that lead to the next stages. Many people that get involved in religion begin to give up the negative and go to salvation. Not saying that seeking salvation is wrong because it is never too late to embrace God. If you are truly committed to open your heart and soul to God forgiveness will come your way and happiness will be the reward to the love.

The feeling is so satisfying, fulfilling, pleasing and apt. "Even when we seek the most elevated virtues, we do not seek to attain them only for their own sake but also because we believe that they will make us happy. In seeking happiness, on the other hand, we do not seek any state of being beyond happiness itself. Happiness is thus the highest good because we desire it as an end in itself." Happiness is when many people are in the right frame of their minds and only when they feel happy, stay focus and try to reach their goals. Communal harmony helps many individuals to be aware of religion when they arrive at a rational solution. Religion is associated with the fact that virtue is its own reward. Meritorious actions make doers happy. Thus, religion encourages the best nature, which could lead us to act happily, willingly and voluntarily. Even if we seek religion to enter a state of eternal bliss and if we seek God for forgiveness, we should always encourage a positive view even if intentually the act was selfish and along the way God showed us love and faith.

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