Psychological Effects of Single Parent Family

04 Apr 2018

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The purpose of this project proposal is closely observer the psychosocial problems faced by adolescents from single mother families in the state of Selangor which has higher level of divorce and separation cases. Thus, the intent of this proposed study firstly is to identify, the influences of the family, social system and socioeconomic issues which cause the rise of psychosocial problems of the adolescents from single female parent families, such as anti-social behaviour.

In that regard, there are three chapters in this project proposal. Chapter 1: Introduction, provide a discussion around the basic theme and problem statements which contribute to psychosocial problems of the adolescents. The purpose of qualitative research of face to face interview is to wear down the objectives acting upon the adolescents from single mother’s family. Chapter 2: Through the literature review extends the analysis and provokes an idea from the theories. Chapter 3: Qualitative research method of facial expression to face interviews were utilized to identify (N=5) adolescents from the age of fifteen to eighteen from single mother families, (N=5) of their mothers and (N=1) from the NGO, in order to interpret and explain the societal phenomenon of adolescent from single mother families.

The determination is to address why anti-social behaviour occurs among adolescents from single mother families and also how to and implement methods to prevent and overcome anti-social behaviour among these adolescents, with the help and associate with the aid of others, such as, government, NGOs, relatives and friends.

1.1 Background of study

The focus of the background study reveals increase as in separation and divorce levels due to several factors and influences. From previous studies, single parent family in Malaysia is growing faster than other family relationships. The arrangement of two parents in the family is broadly conceived as an accepted family, and the single parent family is known as a sort of non-accepted family. (Baharudin, R., Et al. Journal of comparative Family Studies, 2011). Established on the article from (Overturf, J. V., Downs, B., 2003) it states; parental monitoring is an important connection of adolescence risk behaviour.

The full point of adolescence is really essential to the maturation of any person. The identifying features of this period make it unique from other aspects of development. It is a transitional period from childhood to maturity; it requires an atmosphere full of passion and understanding to do well. (Ajidahun, B. O., 2011). Therefore, adolescents from single mother families may experience peculiar psychological and emotional problems of separation anxiety, sorrow, anger, depression, aloneness, and poor sexual self-identity. (Meier, P.D. & Minirth, F. B. & el ta, 1991). Hence, the significance is likely employed in several risk behaviours, such as antisocial behaviour is high.

Anti-social behaviour is considered a personality disorder and brings up to behaviour that lacks affection for others with a high chance of harming others without feeling guilty and an evident failing of most emotions. (Kalat, J.W., 2008). The development of antisocial behaviour among teens could be drug abuse, vandalism, bullying, and gangsterism. Nevertheless, based on studies (Lee et al., 2007; Chiah, 2009), it has been discovered that adolescent from single mother families were more frequently taken in social problem behaviours than their twins in two-parent households.

Hence, the context of this background work is founded on face to face questionnaire, interviews in order to gather information that comprises samples of (N=5) adolescents from NGO residential home for the teenagers which residing in the City of Petaling Jaya, Selangor and (N=5) of their mothers and (N=1) from the residential dwelling. The interviews questionnaire is used to pack out the collection primary data in this field to assess the findings of the research. In addition, based on the qualitative analysis from the work of other researches on anti-social behaviour among these adolescents from single mother families, the factors highlight the realization of several reasons in this area.

The important results of the conditional relation of this background study for the adolescents from single mother families seriously need more attention and counselling in the field that becomes problems for them. Parents' attention is recommended as revealed in this study, the adolescents need a conducive environment where they can look for help and affirm to resolve their problems inside their families. Therefore, through the interview samples as well as the interpretation of literature and journals, and research has facilitated to improve and determine the levels of the different social classes’ problems. Aside from the discussion of background study, the following section in particular addresses the problem statements.

1.3 Problem Statements

This research aims to identify the psychosocial problems of adolescents from single mother families. The issue of divorce and living in fatherless families, infidelity of husband and wife, financial issues, emotional and psychological problems and social stigma are some of the major ones. (Faizah bte Abd Ghani & Azian Abd Aziz, 2013). Their troubles are often pushed under the carpet, but manifest in anti-social behaviour which includes poor academic performance, relationship with teachers, school mates, mother or father, siblings, relatives and the public at large. They also resort to anti-social activities including drinking, which frequently result in adolescent pregnancies. My study samples are (N=5) adolescents between the ages of fifteen to nineteen, (N=5) single mother and (N=1) from the residential homes for the teenage boys in the state of Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

1.5 Research Questions

In this research, these are the questions which my research will be addressed:

  1. What are the psychosocial problems of the adolescents from single mother families?
  2. What are the factors that influence the development of adolescents from single mother families?
  3. What is the mother involvement in psychosocial problems of their adolescent’s development?
  4. To what extent the changes come about when the adolescents stay in the NGO residential homes for the teenagers?

These research questions are directed at seeing the chief objectives of this study, which look at the factor causing psychosocial problems, such as, anti-social behaviour in the adolescents from single mother families.

1.4 Research Objectives

The intent of this proposed research objective is to limit the possible factors that carry the potential to delay the effective operation of the psychosocial problem of the adolescents from single mother families. It is also aimed at the objective as stated below:

  1. To find out the psychosocial problems among the adolescent.
  2. To identify the factors that influencing the development of adolescents from single mother families.
  3. To find out what is the mother involvement in their adolescent’s development.
  4. To determine what is the mother involvement in psychosocial problem of their adolescent’s development.
  5. To find out what extent the changes come about when the adolescents stay in the NGO residential homes for the teenagers.

1.6 Study Contribution

This research covers (a) The definition of a psychosocial problem among the adolescent from single mother families. (b) The factors of psychosocial problems. (c) The mother involvement in psychosocial problems of their adolescent’s development. (d) The changes occur when the adolescents stay at the NGO homes. The responses to the interview questions and samples will be held through from a residential home for the teenage boys which residing in the City of Petaling Jaya.

This chapter closes the call for the proposed research in psychosocial problem among adolescents from single mother families. The financing will be gained from the scope, significance of the problems and aims. The next chapter of this research covers the pertinent literature, letting in the factors, causes and solutions. Additionally, the recommendations proposed will also be discussed, such as, with the psychosocial, socioeconomic and the ecological problems and also how the adolescents from single mother families can seriously consider living a better lifestyle?

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