Skills Required for Counselling

29 Mar 2018

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Counselling offers a chance for a client to talk privately to a councilor about unknown emotions, issues with relationship, individual problems, and a councilor will be allowed to investigate your actual sentiments and be underpinned without judgment. Since everybody is diverse, a counsellor does not just relegate counsel (BACP, 2013). The exchanges in guiding are gone for helping you comprehend what is continuing for you and what would help you best. Suppressed sentiments, for example, outrage, uneasiness, melancholy and humiliation can get to be exceptionally extreme and directing offers a chance to investigate them, with the likelihood of making them simpler to understand oneself. A successful councilor has to attain certain skills to have a good counseling session (BAPC, 2013).

The fundamental skill in a one to one counseling session, a counselor should genuinely and actively listen to client’s problem. Actively listening contributes to the counselling session in various ways. Listening makes a client feel safe, trusted, and a sense of acceptance. Expressing their inner world and fears will be easier to be verbalized. When a councilor actively listens the client’s defensiveness may reduce, it provides a foundation for contributing well timed challenges that encourage clients to bear responsibility then to keep away from the responsibilities. According to Jones the aptitudes of listening to and understanding clients is focused around deciding to recognize the separateness between “me" and "you" by getting inside customer's inner edge of reference rather than staying in your outside casing of reference. Great motions, for example, little nods to show proceeded with consideration and bigger nods ones to demonstrate assertions (Jones, 2013).

In a counselling relationship, attending skills in which the client who is looking for help ought to be the center of consideration. It can be occupying for the client on the off chance that they are attempting to discuss an issue and they begin to think their councilor is not by any stretch of the imagination giving careful consideration. There are along these lines two sides to the skill attending to, internal and external. At an internal level, the councilor needs to be truthfully focused to the client, instead of engrossed with some other matters. At an external level, the nature of the counsellor's consideration needs to be passed on to the client. A portion of the routes in which going to can be passed on are through a slight forward lean, facial expression and motions that are receptive to the client, fitting eye contact. According Allen Ivey has depicted as 'minimal encouragers'-sounds or one word statement such as 'mmm' or 'yes’ (Mc.Leod, 2011)

Questioning skills, reasonable addressing can help clients better evaluate, clarify and comprehend their interior casings of reference (Jones, 2008).Councilor has to be considerate in asking questions, it is best to ask clients as if its analyzing their problems. Actual questions could be to expand a counselor and client’s understanding of problems and problematic skills pattern. Councilor should be more focused on client’s present situation then past, however the past could give a clue of the present so it is not to be totally excluded. Questioning can also identify the root cause of the problem is which client is not aware of, tactical ways of questioning can tap the underlying roots problems which the client’s try to avoid. There are challengers to ongoing flow of the client’s story. The client might have lost their concentration and try to answer the councilor’s question. In this there is a possibility that question can be altering client’s process in an unhelpful manner (Mc Leod, 2011).

Paraphrasing skills during counseling, the counselor rephrases the content of the client’s message in a simpler term. This is a way of expressing to client that the councilor had understood the client. It will also guide client to have the simplest understanding, concentration and also give her an opportunity to run through every details to focus. This may encourage the client to verbalize more on the situation or crisis. To the councilor it gives a scout the exactness of observations. The advantage of paraphrasing is to compile together numerous components of client’s messages, to distinguish a typical subject or example interferes with extreme confusions. This skill could be used to begin a session, end a session, pace a session, to audit advance and serve as an issue when changing points (Theoretical Approaches).

Limitations, the standards for successful counselling ought to dependably be maintained. Be that as it may, we ought not to deny the councilors regularly confront limits that hinder their adequacy in their preparation and practice. The accompanying have been seen to present troubles for councilors.

Knowledge those enter the trait of counselling regularly encounter the debilitation of not being satisfactorily outfitted with sufficient information in directing .There are the individuals who have experienced a degree program in social work or psychology who still express a requirement for further preparing in advising as their educational module. Universities should have more practice sessions for councilors to have a broader view of the subject but no skills to practice completely. Younger councilors may be constrained by the draught absence of mix of hypothesis to practice circumstances.

Skills this could be effortlessly managed in the event that they secure more involvement with supervision from senior workers. Absence of introduction to a wide mixture of customer issues may be an alternate components restricting the councilor in his insight into issues and the essential aptitudes to work with them. Counsellors can take up social and family services to get more exposure to various type of counselling. This can help to build up the skills under proper supervision. Universities should have more practice and trial sessions for students to be opened to different scenarios of counselling.

Rigid view of helping. There are the individuals who experience preparing in one modality or theoretical framework in counseling. As an issue, they get to be obstinate and run about their work with evangelistic seal, demanding that there is one and only viable method for helping people. A brisk review of the guiding order and many-sided quality of accommodating conduct ought to easily dispersed such a thought and help the guide embrace a more adaptable and open methodology. In the event that one is effortlessly inspired by research information to backing any specific school of thought or system, it serves to realize that essentially every supporter of a specific methodology guarantees his to be the best. What's more there are no less than one hundred and fifty separate methodologies I guiding. Nobody methodology gives the response to the scope of human issues experience by directing.

Experience, some clients would want a councilor to be experience in the area of counselling where the councilor has been exposed to many situations. Many years experienced councilor should be versatile in new trends and know the culture of the younger generation this is one limitation that the older experienced councilor can overcome. Matured councilor should not be over confident in his expertize. They should always respect their clients and not to overpower their client. In Asian standard clients prefers matured experience councilors.

Age is another factor, nevertheless some clients may want to be counselled by similar age to feel comfortable. Experience could be for those who have gone through certain life cycles such as marriage, children and various challenges. This limits the councilor for who have not gone through this life cycle challenges. Individuals have their own challengers to face in the terms of life cycle changes. A councilor can overcome this by adapting an openness to life, to be able to learn experiences from seniors and with those with experience in different stages of life.

Broken boundaries is a challenge that counselors face nowadays, diverse individuals come to process bunches with distinctive encounters and demeanor towards trust and classifiedness. Not everybody is, or could potentially be relied upon to be, in agreement with respect to these issues. Moreover, despite the fact that councilor have a tendency to verbally resolve to admiration the private nature of the methodology, numerous dangerous elements that develop later in the gathering point to ruptures of trust and classifiedness.

Fears and Vulnerabilities not everybody is open to uncovering viewpoints that create fear and uneasiness most people abstain from recognizing, without taking into consideration discussing their own particular shadow selves. One upshot of this mental without a doubt at first, clients have a tendency to abstain from discussing issues that are truly disturbing them. Normally, customers will discuss the burdens of traversing the circumstances, regularly utilizing these themes as hidden references to see the issue. At the point when this example continues for a really long time the councilor will probably perceive and remark on it.

Unexpressed Feeling It generally takes a while for some individuals to communicate with genuineness in a gathering setting where openness and input from others is supported. Uncovering upbeat feelings of individual triumphs can be simple, however this is frequently not the situation where negative or uncomfortable feelings are the primary centering. Despite the fact that issues of trust, classifiedness, and the benefit of offering considerations and feelings are empowered and discussed, it doesn't mean counselor will have a simple time communicating.

Some individuals will discover the fearlessness to open up after various sessions, and this may disappoint other people who try in discussing their apprehensions and weaknesses. In fruitful procedure assembles, the activities of gathering parts have a tendency to have a thump on impact; when hesitant parts watch that others are reliably taking the plunge to uncover themselves in the midst of emotions of powerlessness, they feel swayed to do likewise. Nonetheless, it takes a while for everybody to make a move, which can hamper the viability of the gathering.

Emotional and behavioural issue get to be obvious when the understudy shows a redundant effect. Tireless example of conduct that brings about the huge interruption in different understudies. Such aggravations may cause critical impedances in scholastic, social, as well as word related working. Such a conduct example is predictable all through the singular's life. There can be much trouble with these kids. These kids can now and again require more help than a standard classroom can give. Frequently more backing is required, however it can be troublesome discovering a harmony between getting the kid help and not restricting the kid's right to gain entrance to the standard environment.

In conclusion the aim of counselling is to help clients perceive chances to help them live in additionally fulfilling and remunerating routes as individuals and as parts of society. The Counsellor can be included in determining particular issues which could include settling on choices and helping a client adapt when in an emergency circumstance. The Counsellor can help a client resolve relationship issues, through helping them raise their mindfulness. To do this they will likewise need to work with the client emotions, considerations and observations and be mindful of both internal and external conflicts.


Interviewed on 22nd November 2014 at 12.15pm.

My client David who is 37years old. Married with two children girls aged 2 and 4. Client has lost lots of money because of addiction to soccer betting. Wife wants to end the marriage. David needed counselling as he was distress with the current situation. Work is also affected by the addiction.

Councillor: Lavannya Client: David


Councillor Lavannya

Client David

Skills administered



Hello David


Attending Skills


Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable

Yes thank you

Attending Skills



How was your day today?

Not good.(no eye contact just looking down)

Questioning Skills



I am sure you are aware of with your visit here with me today?

Yes I am. (looked up gave me a quick eye contact)

Questioning Skills



Could you be comfortable to share more about yourself?

I am 37yrs this year, working as a Navy regular with the SAF for the past 18yrs. No promotion for the past 7yrs.(paused for a while)

Questioning Skills



Well how about your private family life?

(Tighten lips, a small smile emerged).I am married for the past 5years wonderful wife and two children age 2 and 4. My family is my world. (speech began to stumble)

Questioning Skills



It looks like you have a well settled family.

Yes and I have ruined that happiness totally.(covered his face with his palms cracking voice)I have ruined it totally.

Responding Skills



It seems like you are very much devastated. Please take your time. Go on when you are ready.

(Silence for 5 min).took a sip of water. Gave me an eye contact took a deep breathe in. I have been in this online gambling for past 10 years. Started with $20 to $50 a day. Eventually it rise to $500 to $1000. The much I won double was the amount I lost. I used up all my savings. There was one time that I had lost so much money that I had to pawn my wife’s jewellery to pay to the bookie. I tried to stop. It’s online gambling soccer betting. Now I am still working in SAF but all the guys are also in this habit even if I want to kick out this habit it never happens. Now my children and wife have left the house and gone to her mother’s home. She wants to divorce me.

Responding Skills



I can sense that you are going through a difficult situation at the moment. I also can understand that your wife has been very supportive to go through this with you.

Nods silently. Yes she gave me lots of chances but I was really helpless .I got too influenced by it . Now it has gone too far that I am losing my family who are the world to me. I feel lost.

Responding Skills



Let me recap gambling issue for 10years, tried to come out of it but influenced by camp friends. The hardest impact on you is that your wife is asking for a divorce.

(Nods with saddened eyes).Could you please help me in a soft voice. I have not spoken to anyone about this not even to my wife on how I feel so frustrated.

Paraphrasing skills



Well I would very much want to help you. I would suggest for you to meet your wife privately and speak to her about how you feel about all this. If you don’t mind I would like to call upon a rehabilitation councillor who is an expert in this gambling in your next session.

Yes I would try to talk to her yes please thank you I would very much like to see an expert who can guide me into quitting. I feel hopeful now.

Limitations and challenges



Good that you are feeling that way. I will get you a referral and also source out for other ways of quitting the habit. As for your wife the way you expressed she really cares for you .Probably you should open up your feeling to her.

Yes thank you I will take try to speak to her.(smiles)

Limitations and challenges



Good to hear that .I wish you could open up to your wife and let her understand the obstacle you are facing

Yes I will do that as soon as I end the session. Thank you so much for taking your time. I sense some relieve.

Attending skills



Its my pleasure I will do the necessary arrangement for you.I will call you tomorrow for the next session. Please feedback to me on your meeting with your wife.

Yes thank you so much.(hand shake and left the room)


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