Astrology’s Link to the Human Behavior

29 Mar 2018

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Until the dawn of the twentieth century astrologers have believed that stars played a main role in identifying humans’ behavior. Although astrology has always been viewed as nonsense by people who have no understanding of it, there is no doubt that the moon, sun, and planets of the solar system we know today do have an effect on us physically and the Earth planet. Astrology has been one the earliest forms of psychological practices as it develops the understanding of why people think or behave the way they do, and that caused these two sciences together to be the topic of mockery throughout many years. Nevertheless, many scientists and psychiatrists came later and combined these two theories including the reason it is essential to be aware of the fact that astrology is connected to how we grow throughout our lives.

Astrology is identified as the study and its influence of planets and stars on individuals and how it shapes our personalities. Its ideas have come into existence over five thousand years ago and since then it officially became a study of its effects and approach into our lives. With different civilizations and systems astrology has emerged, the beginning of the first century witnessed a new form of horoscopic astrology. It is believed to be had its origins since the second millennium period of ancient Babylonians, and soon the method of astrology spread into different parts of the world such as Asia, India, China, Europe, Greece, and the Middle East. Sage Parashara, one of the saints of ancient times and known for his work made in the Indian culture, believed to be the founder of astrology and did a lot of detailed studies about it. The Egyptians and Greeks were the early people who started to follow the Babylonian principles of astrology and soon resulted in finding the horoscopic astrology. It was additionally involved in the revolution of science by developing different areas of astronomy, medicine, and especially psychology. Celebrities such as Galileo, Kepler, Carl Jung, Copernicus, all specialized their studies and put effort towards astronomical knowledge. As an end result of these ancient nations, astrology and astronomy have been strongly linked to astropsychology, the study of astrology focusing and connecting that specific aspect to the growth of our personalities (Williams 2014) (Davison 1963) (Steyn 2011).

People’s interest in astrology range from a quick look at the zodiac signs section in a newspaper to making important decisions in their lives. What is interesting about astrology is the fact that astrologers use it as a tool trying to understand people based on limited amount of data such as a person’s date of birth. People require guidance from astrologers related to many topics especially career, relationship, and finance wise. It is believed that their consultations are according to the positions of the moon to the sun and other stars or planets. By studying a person’s birth chart in details, they are able to predict your mentality, and so is used as a philosophy to help explain life’s aspects based upon planetary indications. There are major 12 signs defined as the zodiac signs; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Pisces. This field of study considers that there is a strong link between all living things and all matter on this planet. Astrology ties all people together and eventually we are all dealing with the same interactions and part of similar cycles. There are two major astrological practices used today; Tropical and Sidereal. Tropical astrology is assigned to the 12 zodiac signs, whereas sidereal astrology is assigned to positions based on the stars or constellations. There is a wide variety of traditions used in astrology and each of them has a different methodology. The following chart is comparing the accuracy able to be accomplished by more specific traditions of astrology based on the accuracy in Vedic astrology, which is one of the main oldest forms of astrology related to physical facts known as the ‘Vedas’, which translates to knowledge or wisdom (Spiritual Science Research Foundation 2013) (Science Mysteries n.d.).

Astrology’s another key point and advantage is its major relation to psychology. While psychology can provide limited data about people’s current state of mind, astrology can simply predict how their mentality will change over time and the consequences. Psychological astrology or astropsychology is known to be defined as a system of astrology that developed from the making of psychology; said to be like an elder sister of psychology. During the 1980s, the idea of horoscope analysis based on psychological factors has developed. Psychological astrology has been constantly criticized for confirmation bias as astrology does not adhere to a valid scientific method or simply lacks efficient evidence. Carl Jung (1985-1961), was a Swiss psychiatrist that helped link the gap between astrology and psychology more than any other psychiatrist. Jung himself has experienced paranormal experiences, vivid dreams, and visions as a child and so he started to look into astrology trying to understand one’s psyche and exploring any means necessary to heal it. He believed that we often rely on science and logic rather than spirituality of the unconscious. He would initially prepare a patient’s birth chart, he has not even gone far to get his own daughter’s chart analyzed, who was also a highly known astrologer. Jung had been interested in astropsychology for over thirty years and specifically depended on using the horoscope to help him understand a complicated psychological diagnosis. He believed astrology has lead to view things differently and cleared up much confusion. He was quoted saying “From such experiences I formed the opinion that astrology is of particular interest to the psychologist, since it contains a sort of psychological experience which we call 'projected' - this means that we find the psychological facts as it were in the constellations.” Jung was simply a visionary who considered and took psychology into enlightenment through the use of astrology and horoscopes. He gave patients new ways of analyzing themselves outside the traditional use of psychoanalysis, providing insights into many issues that may cause misery and harm (Perry n.d.) (Williams, Scientific Evidence Suggestive of Astrology 2014) (Pelham 2013) (Boyd 1998-2002).

Through researching and observing history over the years, astrologers continued to develop several techniques for expanding the art of astrology that could contribute to many services and the uses that can be offered to us. The nature of human’s behavior is strongly linked with astrology, reason why many people who share the same star or zodiac sign have similar characteristics, even their likes and dislikes. Learning more about astrology and horoscopes helps us clearly view the mentality of those who are around us and understand their actions. Even though many have argued that it is simply a coincidence, however; the odds are too high for that to occur. To sum up the main point, psychological astrology is a major diagnostic tool to a personality’s theory and behavior, including a full character analysis of a person. Moreover, it figures out the strengths and weaknesses within us, spots the challenges and opportunities far more accurately than psychology by itself. From Jung’s theories and writings the science of astropsychology was born with a deeper humanistic manner. So far, astrology has been playing a big role and slowly emerging throughout the 21st century, so hopefully by not involving science into all aspects of life, people and astrologers will continue to prove the existence and importance of astrology to humans and their mental state.

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