The Influence Of Interest Groups In America Politics Essay

23 Mar 2015

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As we look the history of America we all can see big influence of the interest groups, the interest groups has effected in policy making design in almost every law changing process. The interest group has highly effect of our lives by affecting their views on American government. The interest groups have been complexes dependent upon interaction among individual persons common interest in policy making. The interest group creates formalized only to look after their interest, other word they only function because they to influence policy making movement. The interest group cans lobbying for any cause or reason in any form of law or any regulation. Interest group has access to many types of extra push to make sure they can influence law making process. I think interest groups are one type of the chain which makes influence in policy making .Today, I am going to form interest group and lobbying ageist the local state of Georgia calls the 'blue law', which is prohibiting any sell of the alcohol on Sunday and also supporting new policy that state government of Georgia should allow to sell alcohol in gas stations and liquor stores.

I have lived in Georgia for the last twenty years and I have got several businesses which does sell alcohol. I have work in convince store more than eleven years and almost every Sunday I have to say to my costumers 'No, sorry I cannot sell beer.' As business owner I hate to say that I cannot sell you but I am losing my alcohol sell on every Sunday. People in Georgia have been suffering for really long time that they could not buy beer on Sunday because the governor of Georgia does not sign the bill that was approved by state legislator. The bill went on his desk for two times but he never sine for it just keep saying that he totally believes that Sunday is religious day and people should not buy alcohol. The question of the whether state of the Georgia should allow to sell alcohol on Sunday is very importation issue, allowing alcohol sell on Sunday will bring many positive effects in state of the Georgia.

All over in America each state has their own different method of local laws that allow controlling the government. In State of the Georgia we have law of that prohibits sell of any kind of alcohol and beer on Sunday since it is religious day. In this day and time we should not put religious views on our business. The government should not interfere to any types of regulation in business. As I am current owner of the several businesses in Georgia, I have from interest groups which will lobbying ageist the law that prohibits the sell of alcohol and beer on Sunday. The interest group will called Georgia Alcohol Dealers Association and I am going to be president of this group. In short form we can say that GADA which is short name of Georgia Alcohol Dealers Association. As president I will bring all the wholesalers, retailers and people who make the beer and alcohol on one group and we will to fight against this ridicules law that prohibits sell of alcohol in Georgia. Moreover that I will bring all the people who will support this group and try to gain local support in state of Georgia. The issue of the not selling alcohol on Sunday is related to public so I will make sure I will try to join everyone who is willing to support my interest group. If I can make it public issue by saying it is totally wrong to people who want to have alcohol drinks. This is going to very strong word because when people here, that this law effects on personal freedom of people' they will surely join my group. I will get more people on my side because I will them it is for the 'public interest', I am sure by doing this I will make my interest group more organized and more stronger. I will also appoint different people different positions like secretary, chief members and board of directors, which will handle different types of task.

Talking about how to make interest group I will never forget the words that I read in the book written by Bentley it is called The Process of Government, 'It is first, last and always activity, action, something doing the shunting by some men of other men's conduct along changed lines, the gathering of forces to overcome resistance to such alterations, or the dispersal of one grouping of forces by another grouping.'(Bentley, 176). In this quote he is trying to show the value of the interest groups. Bentley is trying to say that when you form a group it will make much bigger impact than individual. He is believe in power of the interest group got in system, this is the best example for me and now I will flow his theory and make sure that I will have very strong interest group so I will success in lobbying against the law in Georgia that prohibit the sale of alcohol. In my interest group I will make sure that every individual who is part of the group will band with each other really good and they will help each other out and find the solution of how to change the blue laws in Georgia, by doing this I am sure we will have one effective interest group. Which will make impact on Georgia's Governor Sonny Perdue and I will make sure we will reach our goal. I am very confident that my interest group will find large amount of member with same the same cause that I believe in.

My main goal is to target the Georgia's governor because he is the one who did not sign the bill which he gets on his desk couple times in last three years to allowing sale of alcohol in Georgia. My interest group will prove that a democracy is a system which is rule by the people because the most people in Georgia are against this blue law of state. Sonny Prude will sign this law which will allow selling alcohol in Georgia on Sunday when he see majority of Georgian wants to able to buy alcohol in Georgia. He is public official elected by public and he must acts as name of public on other words he should consider public opinion.

Since my interest group is pro business I will get money from all retail business owners who join my interest group. When people or any corporation will contribute any money I will make sure that I will establish a personal relationship and make sure what they want out my interest group. Most likely first I will go to Budweiser and Miller group who got most sell of alcohol in Georgia after that I will get more support of local distributers who will provide alcohol to retailers and last not the least I will go retailers for money to operate and bring all of them together so we will get more outcome of my interest group. If still I need more money I will have couple events where we will try to fundraiser to support all our expenses. I believe that money does not buy power so we have to make ourselves herd we need to get signed by people who support us. I am very sure that more people will support this pro- business policy.

Once I make the group I will make them aware of what is wrong with current law and how we need to change it. First, I would let my group know that the current law is effecting on peoples personal freedom who like to buy and drink alcohol on Sunday. This law is because it harms our personal freedom and that why it is un-causational. In America we cannot put church's law on everyone who lives in state of the Georgia.

Moreover that we need to separate the government and church by passing new bill that will allow selling alcohol in Georgia. There is no way this law is making any sense it is just hurting local business. There are also many restaurant owners get in my interest group, they have to pay every year more money just because they have to pay more money to state since they are the only ones who serves alcohol on Sundays. I have talk to many restaurant owners they strongly believe that it is just extra burden on them since they have to pay extra money just to support their sells on alcohol.

It is also good when you know what kind of people will argue against your interest group here is one example of one of my customer who strongly believes we should not sell alcohol on Sundays he said that, 'Many people believe that alcohol consumption is a destabilizing influence in the society - harming families and children. Certainly millions of children around the world are negatively impacted by their parents' alcoholism. Thousands in the USA are killed every year by drunk drivers. Alcohol sales are not " the tax base that funds the city/county infrastructure and community improvements" as another poster implied. Rather, they are the beginning point of many burdens on our society. I seriously doubt that the taxes collected on alcohol sales come anywhere near to paying for the negative impacts on our society.' This is very true argument but you cannot just stop selling alcohol all over the America or you can not just ban it. I am sure state government is collecting large amount of taxes out of alcohol sell. We should not forget that for those who oppose alcohol sales on Sunday, they too are have a choice just don't buy it.

Government of Georgia is dependent on their different tax items to support their state budget. The tax on alcohol is also called sin tax. According to investigation done by MSN money market Georgia is paying highest amount of alcohol tax after Alaska in nation. Normal tax average is around .15 cent on every $ 1 but in Georgia we pay 1.15 cents on every $1 that is more than 100% tax on alcohol. I think it is just not fair who lives in Georgia because they have to pay higher tax on beer and they cannot buy alcohol on Sunday. This law is hurting one of the very key business in Georgia, the club business. One of the biggest clubs of south east is run by my cousin and he said that they could not stay open on Sundays just because they could not serve alcohol.

There are more people in Georgia drink in restaurant and drive back home on Sunday just because they do not allow buying alcohol and drinking at their home. These will create unsafe endearment for everyone who is on road on Sunday. There are just more people driving drunk on Sunday than another days of week. If we allow alcohol sale on Sunday most people will drink in their home not in bar and then drive back to home. It will create safe environment for everyone who is on the road. In Georgia we will have less DUI and fewer accidents related to alcohol. It is always win -win situation for the consumers who want to drink on Sunday and local police departments who gets fewer accidents related to alcohol.

We live in totally democratic county and we shall not favor any religion over others. The 'blue law' is place based on Christian beliefs. It will show that state of Georgia is supporting Christian religion. I know our country is found on Christian beliefs but our county makes different then rest of others country is that we have allow to follow any religion that we like. Laws like this will create unfairness over other religion. People of the other religion will think that why their belief is not accepted as state law. That's how our country find'' it was liberty to all. Just like in Christianity, Hinduism is also prohibit to drink and sell alcohol at all, so people who follow Hinduism will going to ask for the laws that will prohibit and sell on alcohol at all in state of Georgia. I have always wondered why people who have a certain belief feel it necessary to impose their belief on others. As American I always know that we should always look everyone equally and laws like this makes totally wrong, and if you Christian and if you do not want to sell or buy alcohol you can do that too. There is no way we can punish entire people of Georgia by not allowing the alcohol sale. I also read in books that people who go in church drinks wine anyways so there is no way they mind over selling or buying alcohol.

If state of Georgia allows selling alcohol on Sunday, they get more money as sales tax and it help to cover the Georgia's deficit which is around 2 billion dollars according to AJC. Mayor of Atlanta Deke Copenhagen said on one of his interview that if we allow to sell alcohol in Georgia we will have overcome the deficit in budget, which is great thing for state Georgia if we overcome the deficit .We could also boost our tourism because it will be convince for the people who is coming from outside of Georgia who really wants to have fun by drinking beer and wine on Sunday. I know there are people who always go outside of Georgia's state borderline like in Alabama, Florida and Tennessee to buy alcohol. This way we are hurting our own business in Georgia because people do go outside of state to get beer and alcohol. It is one of the big drawbacks that businesses are taking in Georgia State.

en the state and church. This law effects on people's personal freedom who like to buy and drink alcohol on Sunday.

To push my policy on step further I will make one opinion poll and mail it to everyone in state of Georgia who is related with alcohol business. This way I will also publish my policy to gain more areas that I will not cover and I will get people's opinion and there is another poll that had been take place before. This is very important key to my interest group because if I get positive poll saying that majority of Georgian people wants to buy alcohol on Sunday. This poll is very important, it will show the strong evidence to prove that people of Georgia is really supporting this policy. In that mailing I will include different question among them I make sure that I will include that if you ever try to buy alcohol on Sunday? And I will also ask that if you go church on every Sunday? Asking question like this makes people think that we do not need to law because it does not have any logic.

In this technology era, I will also use computers to also push my policy. I did make a web page where my interest group member can log in and also can blog our achievements. On the web page I will also add petition where you can sign it and it will directly e mail to me and also to governor of the Georgia. I will also make Google group and facebook group to get more support from students from all over the Georgia's colleges. This way I can introduce my policy to young people who use computers regularly. Creating groups online will bring more attestations and we get more longtime support, doing this I share my thoughts and other people's views. I might get some important contacts or important information out of my web page which will help to get succeed in lobbying.

I will also have this link that I find where you can go and sine the petition called 'Sunday Alcohol Sale in Georgia' doing this people can put their information on petition and sine it witches will go directly state representative. It will be really effective because when I will have more and more people sine for it so we will have our interest group stronger.

Work cited

Arthur Bentley, The Process of Government, Page. 176.



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