The Impact Machiavellis The Prince Had On Society Politics Essay

23 Mar 2015

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A Florentine statesman and political theorist, Machiavelli remains one of the most controversial figures of political history. While addressing a wide range of political and historical topics, as well as embracing strictly literary forms, he has come to be identified almost exclusively with his highly known book of state The Prince. Even though he is best known for The Prince, he also addresses historical and political matters. The manual is known to be controversial as well as politically accurate and correct. While The Prince may seem to be outdated in today's world and government, Machiavelli provided something that made an impact society both then and now and provided historical characters and events that allow the reader to see how history has influence Machiavelli.

Despite The Prince being written several hundred years ago, it had a massive affect in the modern society is probably grander than anyone could have possibly thought. The Prince is a work of literature and history that will be forever useful and the readers are able to draw comparable amounts from our history in creating modern politics and rules as Machiavelli drew from the important events during his time in creating The Prince. There is a major connection between human progress and history that can be traced ever since the book was published in the 1500s until now, whether realized through the creations of governments, technologies, or countries. Unfortunately, our world has not evolved to a state of universal peace. What Niccolo Machiavelli discussed in the book is relevant even now, because there are wars going on now. Although our world is different from the one in the book, presidents of modern world still invade, seek power, and make alliances. Even now such notions as insurrection and revolution are relevant, and modern rulers even now have to quell rebellions. The behavior of the Prince, which is discussed in the second half of the book, is even more important today, because any modern ruler's lofty ideals may lead to insufficient government pretty much the same as they could have five hundred years ago. Niccolo Machiavelli raises such issues in the book that are relevant for any age. His most important idea that modern rulers should take into account, I suppose, is that the best way to rule a state is to please people and obtain their goodwill.But The Prince offers classic strategic guides that contemporary militants may utilize even today. He saw what happened in Pistoia, and what is happened in Italy in general and learned from other people's mistakes. One of the reasons that he wrote the book was because initially he wrote it to help Lorenzo de Medici as a ruler and hoped for something in return. While there are many reasons The Prince had a positive impact on society, it also reasons why it may have had a bad impact. The Prince was held responsible for French political corruption and for widespread contribution to any number of political and moral vices. Innocenzo Gentillet blamed France's political corruption and venality caused by The Prince.

As a scholar and professional historian, Machiavelli's attitude towards politics and values therein are molded and shaped as logic so facilitates. Machiavelli uses historical references constantly throughout his book as the basis of his argument, building his theories using references from all around Europe. In Chapter 21, Machiavelli's reference to Ferdinand of Spain's career provided a good example of how pious cruelty can lead to honor. First he had attacked Granada and pushed out the Moors. He then attacked Africa, Italy, and lastly France. This reference helped support one of the reasons what a prince should do. Using these references from either his present time or past, he is able to discuss how to establish and maintain a kingdom. Connections between history and Machiavelli's The Prince are represented in the origin of the book and various ideas that are presented including: which category of states are more easily conquered, how to go about conquering them, and, once conquered, how to maintain them. Machiavelli portrays a host of historical figures and countries throughout the Prince. Preeminent among these is one Alexander III of Macedonia. A conqueror and dictator dating back to the 3rd century B.C., Machiavelli discusses his importance in history and how his actions and the corresponding reactions during the time can elucidate matters of political strategy. In chapter four, Machiavelli discusses the possible outcomes of a newly acquired state, and how the states ideological spectrum and governmental system should play into a prince's approach. In short, without Machiavelli's personal history there would be no nexus for creating the Prince, and without Machiavelli's aforesaid familiarity with the culmination of all history there would be no source from which Machiavelli could draw his conclusions--this portraying, therefore, the interconnectedness of the two. With this, history is shown to influence Machiavelli's creation of The Prince and his ideas established within.

Machiavelli is argued to be one of the most important and influential people during his time. His writing impacted many societies from past to present and will still continue to do so. While The Prince may seem to be outdated in today's world and government, Machiavelli provided something important that made an impact on modern society and provided historical characters and events that allow the reader to see how history has influence Machiavelli.

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