Leadership Of President Bush And President Obama Politics Essay

23 Mar 2015

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The race for the president of the United States has for a long time remained a pitched race for the democrats and the republicans who have continued to wrestle the office amongst them. With both camps fighting for the big seat, the promise of a better America has been at the kernel of the race for the votes. After every race for the presidency, the oval office has had new occupant who has adopted specific style of presidency. Their visions, ambitions and performances have differed while others have remained the same. Taking a comparison of President Bush and president Obama, there are strong indication that their presidency differs with Obama exhibiting a paradigm shift in handling of issues which has continued to bolster his unique presidential style thus making a big contrast from his predecessor; president Bush.

Leadership style

The ascent of President Bush into power as the president of the United States made it clear that an autocratic leader had taken over the highest administrative office in America. Right from his acceptance speech, President Bush affirmed the fact that he had been where the "buck stops", both while in business and government (Denton, 109). In his tenure as a president, President Bush exemplified his presidential style as an imperialist who believed in taking charge. Bush believed that he alone was fit to set "the agenda, the tone and the framework" (Burke, 108). By this token, president bush made little involvement of the American citizenry but instead trusted on his instincts and made decisions based on what he believed was right concerning any issue that he was faced with as a president. This type of leadership is a complete contrast to president Obama's way of taking charge of the federal government.

Looking at president Obama way of taking charge as a president, it will be easily noted that President Obama is more of an organizer who advocates for democracy rather than imperialism. Obama's work at the office of the president has made it clear that he is a better organizer who understands the community having an immense sense of "social solidarity" (Nielsen, 253). Unlike his predecessor, Obama has come out as a president who has increased the people's involvement and input in the governance process. Obama has even made it possible for the growth of responsibility and activism that has generated positive feedback from the electorate who now feel that they are part of the government. This style of leading the government departs from what Bush believed in. For president Obama, an executive leadership was not a choice let alone an option as America required someone to hold both the democrats and republican towards a collective dream of change.

Deceit and sincerity

President Bush tenure was allegedly fashioned in deceit and sincerity with his involvement in a number of issues in ways that were deemed as cunning and full of deceit. It is much believed that President Bush continued to weave the deceit into the American Fabric much like his predecessor like President Churchill (Lando 45). With claims that Iraq had in possession weapons of mass destruction (WMD), President Bush marshaled the congress to support the war against Iraq as well as garner support from its allies in Europe. Late on, it did emerge that Iraq had no possession of such weapons. Instead, the war was for unknown motives sponsored by the President as the UN inspectors found no such weapons in Iraq (Rosecrance and Stein, 186).

On the contrast, President Obamas stay in the office as a president as so far demonstrated that he is indeed mindful of maintaining integrity rather than employing cunningness to wield the support of the American Congress. To some, the America problem is both substantial and real (Genda, IX). To tackle such problems president Obama has employed a different approach where the Americans are sensitized on the nature of problems facing them but at the same time equipping them with audacity of hope to wear down the challenges and make America be what the people want it to be. With his skills to articulate himself with a purpose and vision, Obama has managed earn the trust of the Americans (Leanne 21). Through the openness that President Obama has so far embraced since his ascend to power; it is more likely that he shall be able to create a unified America where the citizenry are bound together with purpose against a common challenge. This will surely be a significant contrast to President Bush art of keeping the electorate in the dark while making decisions which had national impact to the Americans.

The fight against terror

Terrorism has been one of the threats that have continued to face the Americans both in the diaspora and at home. History proves that the American has suffered in the hand terrorists. As a result, the presidents of the united have done all under their power to ensure the safety of the American. However, president Obamas approach has been different from that of president Obama in regard as to how the issue of terror is handled.

President Bush is well known for his stand against terror where he seems to be in agreement with the notation that "the enemy was deemed as deserving the ill and harsh treatment" (Grosscup, 12). President Bush stand on the fight against terrorism made him mobilize the American war machinery to combat terrorism both at home and abroad. Bush made sure that policies were enacted which beefed up measures against the terrorists who were regarded as homicidal and cruel. President Bush went further to allow for the development and use of tools in the arrest and interrogation of terror suspects in areas such as Guantanamo bay. In this facility, President Bush advocated the use of interrogation techniques such as waterboarding where suspects are placed in simulation that they are drowning (Welch et al. 440). This detention camp was heavily criticized for human rights violations and thus when Obama came into power; he has endeavored to ease the use of such techniques in interrogation suspects. Additionally, president Obama has announced intention to close the detention camp and use other effective approaches to fight terror.


Comparing or contrasting President Bush and President Obama is one of the most critical tasks that seem to preoccupy the Americas given that the present Obama's administration came into power through its promise of change for the good of the American people. While it may be unknown to many, President Obama's mantel was based on change; change that could liberate the American from the mistakes of the past while address the challenges at the present. Obama's decisions to organize rather that lead alone and open up rather than close himself in made has made him emerge as a leader who stands for sincerity and human rights unlike President Bush.

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