Effects Of Globalisation And Terrorism On Human Rights Politics Essay

23 Mar 2015

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Looking at the above topic one will say it is a straightforward question, but there is more to it than one may think. In this easy we will start by finding out what the two main key words are: Which are globalization and terrorism? Also, try to find out what each means.

Globalization is the process in which government of different nations interact and integrate with each other, on the other we can say globalization is internationalization, liberalization, universalization and the westernization since it has been of far and has spreads so far and attracted so much attention. It is also classify as the growth of relations between people, from financial and investment market, which operate internationally, and within one network.

However, globalization is usually recognized as being driven by a combination of economic, technological, sociocultural, political, and biological factors. The term can also refer to the transnational circulation of ideas, languages, or popular culture through acculturation (Nicholson 2nd Edition 2002).

However the word 'terrorism' is politically and emotionally charged and of difficulty of providing a precise definition, studies have found 1000 of definitions for terrorism and yet the concept cannot be agree on the right term with how terrorism can be define, since terrorism itself is very controversial and it is very important because, terrorism is an incredibly complex phenomenon due to the act of violence. Which when confronts government and international community with extremely painful dilemmas and notoriously difficult policy decisions have to be made (Wilkinson 2006).

Terrorism can be briefly defined as a systematic use of murder, injury, and destruction or threat, to create a climate of terror. They often sought to avoid the indiscriminate terror against innocent civilian either on moral grounds or because they feared losing public support for their cause (Wilkinson 1993).

In view of which is biggest threat to human right we cannot just conclude that terrorism or globalization is within trying to find out the impact of both. We shall consider the effect of globalization and it implication and the spread of it causes, as we stated that globalization is the internationalization, liberalization, universalization and the westernization as well as the growth of relation between people (Kofman and Youngs 2008).

The spread of technological advances and dynamic entrepreneurship are the driving forces behind globalization, which has brought in it threat to human right. For their part, according to Marxist who regards capitalism as the engine of globalization and while other clam it have the primary cause in the knowledge structures and cultural politics (Scholte 2000).

A further account of globalization as a threat to human right would combine elements from different approaches, resulting in multifaceted explanation which may prefer a more concise formula where the dynamic force of globalization are reduce to a single driving force. In other cases of globalization where other historical trend has be a major player; social relations involve complex interconnections that cannot be reduce since this has given terrorist the freedom to information and technology to help improve their network.

The argument about the threat of globalization to human right can be elaborated as,

"The spread of rationalism as a dominant knowledge framework, certain turns in capitalist development, technological innovations in communications and data processing; and the construction of enabling regulatory framework" which has contributed in differently in 40,30,20,and 7 percentages respectively and other factors take 3 per cent are the cause of globalization (Scholte 2000 pp 90). Globalization has occurred in part because of certain powerful patterns of social consciousness which has affected the human right race; nevertheless, globalization could not have occurred in the absence of the extensive innovations development in respect of transport, communications and data processing.

However we cannot leave out industrialization which in general has figured more centrally in the transformation in the environmental problems, as other suggested the technological change has been the most prominent courses of globalization. To start with the normative of globalization that affect human right and in what ways and to what extent has contemporary globalization increased or decreased in relations to human safety and confidence. Absolute security is of course no longer available due to the inflation of technological advancement created by globalization no social order can remove all the uncertainty, destruction and death.

In contrast, of contemporary globalization, which has been associated with the inflow of information, communication and data connectivity has made globalization being threat to human right and lack of freedom of moving without any fear (Scholte 2000).

We will now look at another key word in the topic being discuss "Terrorism" in relations of being threat of human right, as defined earlier, the word Terrorism and Globalization share at least one thing in common which is the complexity of their definitions. However, terrorism can be characterized, first, by the use of violence. That violence's are in many forms and more often and indiscriminately targets non-combatants, who are civilians with right to life.

Reaching a consensus on what constitute the act of terrorism is very difficult; the legitimacy of terrorist means and methods is foremost reason for disagreement, some are of the view that terrorist acts are legitimate only if they in accordance of the 'just war' tradition.

Terrorism, however is one of the biggest threat to human right since it action are more often not supported and luck of objectives because their goals for change are based on radical ideas that do not have any widespread appeal. In order for terrorist group to influence change, terrorist must provoke drastic responses that acts of violence which will intend act as a catalyst for change and weaken their opponent's, one example of these is the bombing in Madrid, Spain 2004, its influence on the outcome of the elections (Baylis , Smith , Owens 2008). The extent of social, culture, and political change brought about by globalization including the increasing interconnectedness and homogeneity in the international system, remain a subject of much disagreement and debate such that the disagreement, in true has influence the discussion of the extent to which level globalization has contributed to the rise of modern terrorism. However, there is little doubt that the technology growth has been associated with globalization and to this extent has improved the effectiveness of terrorist groups. The impact of terrorism on globalization and on human right has been very high and the AI Qaeda or 'The Base,' received global recognition as a result of the attacks in New York and Washington on September 11, 2001.

In closer look at the effect of the terrorist action of September 11, 2001 was brought about by the spread of globalization and it association with society becoming increasingly interconnected and terrorist have find it as a mains. We cannot say terrorism is a threat to human right without talking about the major areas where terrorist have operated more often, back to the example of 9/11 the main attack was from the Aviation industries and the reason why we should look at aviation security as an increased factor of globalization which is opening grounds for terrorist to operate from. On the other hand, one will say it is needed for development and growth of nations. There are lessons to be learnt from any form of airline hijacker (terrorist) since it is one of the biggest threats to lives and human right in general (Wilkinson 1993).

The technological advances associated with globalization have improved the capabilities of terrorist group to plan and coordinate their operations before any information is link out. In particular technology have improved to the extent that terrorist now have the internet to use as a main to empower individual and cell with the ability to post tracts on the world wide web. Another form of empowerment for terrorist group brought about by globalization is the volume, range and sophistication of propaganda materials. Nowadays terrorist have the ability to build it own website like "Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement". Once again technology associated with globalization can now enabled terrorist group to coordinate their attack in different part of the world at the same time, the attack on US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

Globalization and its technological advancement has also seen the commercially availability of radios and handheld phones, which allowed terrorist cell to operate independently at a substantial distance. Terrorist groups have able to leverage technological development designed to shield identity from unauthorized commercial or private exploitation (Baylis, Smith, Owens 2008).

Globalization has undoubtedly pose threat to human right but the threat of terrorism on human right can be counted as more, one can also argued that globalization has come with a lot of technological changes but as to if these changes were of any threat to human right is to be a question of the day, however terrorism could be classify as the biggest threat to human right. In the sense that whenever there is an act of terrorism or when terrorist attack it replication are massive and outrageous living the affected family with so much worries, so is the displacement of people and the fear and panic among other who were not directly affected. These are just the few ways terrorism poses a threat on human right.



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