Principles of Health Social Care Practice


03 Oct 2016 29 Sep 2017

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Keywords: principles of support in health and social care


People who enjoy social care and service make enlarged risk of poormental health andbenefit. Around 4–500,000 social workers are regularly contacting with mentally ill people. To support and promote good mental health for the consumer of those services, all the staff of care services are working relentlessly.

The common core principles to support better mental health and prosperity in adult social care, based on work by the Mental Health foundation has been published by Skills for Care. An immense framework for the social care workforce to serve harmonious high quality social care as well as support to promote the mental health and advancement of people who are facing lack of care and support have been outlined in the common core principles and two key areas. In these range this show people to well practice based on actual life, which explain how each of the ten principle and two key areas work. Services for the users to follow the opinion of the patient to reduce the risk and danger, and many social problems. And to promote awareness of the disease and to provide care and treatment to maintain confidentiality of service users in health and social care practice.

Task 1:

1(a) Explanation of the principles of support are applied to ensure that individuals are cared for in health and social care practice

Successful health and social care system is requisite according to principle. What does a principle stand for? 'Principles' can be recapitulate as ' worthy rule - guiding manner ', 'consistent regulation of carriage according to vital law', 'to impress with a faith’, ‘afundamental part'.

For making health and social care settings auspicious support is mandatory. Good as well as perfect helping hand is the most effective matter for everyone to select the way of better health and efficient services. These are the most caring and beneficial offer for everyone. On certain it takes people for the disability of learning. Individually everyone is selecting according to their own preference. Somehow the disable people of learning are losing the opportunity and it is going away from them. To ensure the disable people to get the best possible care from supportive service is mandatory.

Few governments are restlessly working behind the fact of support for the continuous welfare for the country man and country. Today, in Wales, services and support people are entitled to include home care help things like cleaning and shopping, insufficient tools and adaptations to your house, day centre’s to give you the least care at their best, day care for your children if either you or them are not able to look after them .

Person’s health is another type of support which is related to the Social support and co-ordination. The effect of socialization works is a main and sometimes slighted cause for the success of psychotherapy and it is the most the most integral matter. On certain just having the feelings that there is someone to communicate andrelyon can help people overcomes their situation and it is more than effective than any other treatment. Having a greater social communication system, whether family, friends and neighbors make an immense of effective situation.

1(b) Outline of the procedure for protecting clients, patients, and colleagues from harm

This outline is to help you to develop, execute and inspection policies and process for decrease the riskof harm to clients, patients and colleagues.

An existing policy has been covered by the checklist of the pointed area ample.

The outline should:

  • Analyse the path we estimate, the risk of harm taking into risks from:

• Other clients, patients and colleague

• Internal problem

• Corporal surrounds

• The environment of services.

• The clients, patient and colleague themselves, to themselves and to other clients, patient and colleague, and to people beyond the system.

Here is the explanation on how clients, patient and colleague are encouraged about the nook and corner about their safety and they will be protected.

  • Having the list of emergency numbers.
  • Securing first aid kits are available.
  • Train other people about first aid kits
  • Giving the guarantee of health issues such as hygiene and infectious illness.
  • Providing sound, safe and protected environments for children.
  • Carrying clear methods and response
  • Point out the time of action.
  • Showcasing of approval time.
  • Showcasing the time of survey

1(c) Analyze of the benefit of following a person-centered approach with users of health and social care services 

This study asked what service users start from the position

Person-centered way of providing support and what is what gets.

It fully recognizes the important relationship roles and responsibilities of family

Service users and provide services to those in management.

Public services 'Personalization,' politicians, policy-makers have become fashionable for providers. This study is a timely reminder of the service users long, and the design has been discussed for a person-centered. Will change only Service to the people who rely on them are shaped like this.

1(d) Explanation of ethical dilemmas and conflict that may arise when providing care, support and protection to users of health and social care services

Sometimes encounter situations in which workers care for them very contradictory. Care workers to maintain the organizational policies and wellbeing of clients all the time, but in some situations the rules they are not able to implement it to the essential. Moral dilemmas are built these kinds of situations. Sometimes conflicts between care workers and service user’s views, beliefs and cultures may arise. Health and social care services could be hampered by the conflict and may be affected by the quality of health and social care.

A human adult, you have the right to take the law in his own decisions. Sometimes the service users are worthless as they sometimes decide to take shelter medicine. Him to take medication regularly in order to gain or return back to his normal life, his health is very important for gaining. On the other hand, care workers obey and respect the decision of the client is forced to. As a consequence, care workers face a moral dilemma. It refuses to accept the service user to the service to take care of his responsibilities as a service to users, although a care worker can’t help the service user. If some client care staff will be responsible. A client does not want to take medication; a care worker can’t force him to take medication, and are not always able to motivate his clients. Health and social care centers are very common in this kind of scenario. They do nothing and make it impossible for a client in front of them to die. Handling such kind of situation is very difficult. Health and social care workers to do nothing for them to just stand and are strongly against the moral values. Here is another proof of the moral problem. According to some people and not inhumane insulation is done. Others apply it to the patient suffering from emotional and psychological damage when.

Task 2:

2(a) Implementation of policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to own work in health and social care

Care to ensure the best qualities of physicalstateand social care practice, the accomplishment of the policies, laws, regulations and codes of practice in parallelism with national and local policies and laws to consumer of the service is very weighty and cardinal. Rules and regulations must be followed at all times by the care laborers, so this job is very sensitive. It is the practice in accordance with the laws and codes, attributes are properly maintained to ensure that the management duties. Data Protection Act must be checked by the employees and the client does not have any right to reveal any important information, only the right person can ingress to the data under the Data Protection Act. Health Regulations (COSSH) Control of hazardous material regulations. It is only then that the use of chemicals and materials, this is guaranteed by law. Only the right person has access in Agents, detergents, and other chemical elements in the shelf, washed containers are locked at all times. Unharmed place to storefulmination and other equipment, and has access to it is the only duty. Safety precautions are implemented or not must be verified properly by the employers properly. Imagination, Health and Social Care Board is the center of the warning signs to stick properly. Fire the way, always clean and mess free, it needs to be done by the present staff and workers.Different laws and regulations, policies, and will provide training and lectures are employers in their work, which is easy and risk-free enough staff on the law and policies.

2(b) Local policies and procedures can be developed in accordance with national and policy Requirements

The policy must be clear and simple. Must be easy to clean and improve the effectiveness of the policy will be out of the confusion. The policy should have less delusion. National and local policies are reflected in the cultural sector which can be done by following the principals. There is variety of different organizations, so the policy is not suitable for every organization. Improvement of the quality of care and service need to be change in upcoming future policies, so they need to be flexible. Policies reflect the culture and work easy and comfortable, but in the opposite case the employee does not want to follow the rules and regulations of the employees are very interested in the rules and regulations to follow. Accurately and regularly need to supervise the policies and laws. Employers and law-makers to review the laws and procedures, and if it is necessary, they can upgrade those.

2 (C) The impacts of policy, legislation, regulation, and codes of practice on organizational policy and practice

Organization policy - law, practice policies, rules, regulations, and codes are important present. Providing guidelines it says that Policy and law, institutions will have to practice. Without reference to the law and the law of the organization, legal, health and social care center for which it is really difficult to formulate policy. Any violation of the rights of the individual, organizational policy, Law and practice in an organized, competent and ethical work environment, service users and staff will be made. The organizing principle of the organization without any serious conflict, it is very easy to use. It is the employee to work in accordance with the law to respect the law and acclimate employee’s helps. An employee fines or even anyone who breaks the law and regulations, will not leave him in his work. An employee is an employee of any laws and regulations to be confused about, then you can ask his superiors, and they will help him to get out of the dilemma. Both employers and employees and the respective authority is obliged to obey and follow the rules and regulation and correct them or even anyone to take immediate steps to punish those who break the law.

Task 3:

3(a) Theories that underpin health and social care Practice

The theories are about health and social care practice. With attention to the individual needs of those theories, and various events and processes get priority. Service users, physical, spiritual, social, emotional, and mental fitness to promote healthy lifestyles and to achieve a high level, the theory helps to develop a plan. Maslow hierarchy of needs state that theory of health and social care. his theory, human needs are classified into different levels, and basic needs are put first. According to his theory, the bottom level is not met, a man to go to the next level. Physiological or physical demands of this theory are considered to be the most basic needs. Safety and security, love and belonging, self-esteem and self actualization is the next level. While planning for the care and services to a service user of this theory is applied. Other well-known theory of human growth and development, Help and Care is needed in a variety of different levels. Age, growth and development, the care and services is changing.

3(b) Social processes impact on users of health and social care services

To ensure the operatives of the resistance, cast and evolution of health and social care strategy considers the social processes. Having the same nature different cultures, different people react differently, to be effective, because it can be applied contrary in health and social.

Perceiving the way people behave in a certain social processes are affected. , Drinking and smoking, unhealthy practices like the ones brought about by a group of peer pressure, people belong to and identify with. Tattooing and piercing, which involved the culture, and the needle of blood-borne infections in general. These risky practices are very much difficult to change in sudden notice as because their culture forces them to do so. The higher figure than the culture of others, may be the key to a specific workplace discrimination. Due to the cultural attributes, other than one service user may favor some of the care staff. All service users are treated equally and fairly, so the treatment should be illegal to create bias.

3(c) Effectiveness of inter-professional working

Where is the link between health and social care practice and continuous basis, in collaboration with health care providers from other fields of work, inter-professional health care providers are called to work. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, respiratory therapists, health care assistants, nurse or health team should be involved in any of the efficiency of the plan of care, it can be included.

On behalf of health and social care services across all guises of the user's needs, and to work as a team of health workers in the facility, A person's lack of it, which makes the other person will be satisfied by the same field. It continued to plan for the care and services that help to reduce delays.

Task 4:

4(a) Explanations of own role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in the context of working with those within and outside the health and social care workplace

Services for the user to provide a supportive rehabilitative environment for a career’s role in health and social care setting, If a trust relationship with the career service users because most of the time is an important part of the process. For assistance, service users, careers responsibility to ensure it is as much as possible, because it is used to the career and the normal function and, depending on the client's autonomy.

Career such as - service user needs to make sure to monitor all the services supplied to clients, and the right is reserved and applied, is sure to be met. Performing our role, we are feeding, health and physical activities can meet the physical demands of the clients. Service users in health and social care facilities are filling our duty is to promote health and to ensure their health and safety. They believe that, they will be protected, if the client's physical, mental and financial interests remain same.

4(b) Contribution to the development and implementation of health and social care organizational policy

Employees need to follow to ensure the smooth running of the system, the organizing principle of the organization is important. To reduce misunderstanding and misinterpretation, it is necessary to organizational policies are clear and blunt.

They are primarily affected by it because of its contribution to the development and implementation of policies with the careers, will contribute a lot. Staff loyalty and adhere to the organization's policy, a good workforce, will be developed. It is a consequence of organizational policies and to change the policy of non- adaptation may or frequently, then it's the principle of the non- adaptation is the main cause of the workers, it can help determine if the policy is reviewed and developed.

4(c) Recommendations to develop own contributions to meet good practice requirements

We were the first to meet the requirements of best practice. General health council will learn enough knowledge about the code of practice. By learning the knowledge that we are adhering to the principles and values, or does not, then we can determine and evaluate ourselves and our performance. Dad's concerns should be taken in the national and local policy. Organization set up by the health and social care practice and the general rules and regulations, as well as to maintain the law, it is mandatory for us.

Next, we are involved in research. Training and fortify can improve ourselves in our practice. To the best of our fast-paced and dynamic to keep up with the changes, we have our own health and social care needs to be updated with current information, pertaining to the practice.


No one is out of the risk of illness and the treatment and medications surrounding us and everyone have to visit the health and social care settings. Care workers are playing an important role for patients to overcome illness providing services to users of the service. Care staff must follow the guidelines and regulations of the organization, and to be aware of their responsibilities. Inter-relationships between the service providers remain all the time as long as they provide service. This care service providers and government organizations with the government and other health and social care settings work together, both will work together in a variety of diseases and hazards can be reduced to the society.


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