Dangers of Drinking and Driving for Teens


02 Aug 2017 04 Sep 2017

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America is a wonderful place where anyone can travel to have a nice vacation, but they can not do that safely if someone is drinking and driving. Drinking and driving can prevent many accidents while causing someone their life. Driving is an everyday routine for many people in the United States but driving while being intoxicated is becoming a fatal routine.

Teenagers are typically inexperienced drivers when they get their first driver's license. Adults are more experienced drivers while being intoxicated but teenagers are more accurate of crashing while being intoxicated. The article "Crash types; Markers of Increased." identifies, "alcohol-related crash types for which teen drivers were at a greater risk compared with adults". This proves to teens that drinking and driving is a dangerous situation because it can cause serious injury or death. Decreasing the problem of drinking and driving for teenagers would decrease the death of lives.

Most car accidents happen because of drunk drivers. If teens drink any type of alcohol it extends the risk of them putting their own selves in danger. According to the article "Teens Drinking and Driving Less", "Teens were responsible for approximately two point four million episodes of drinking and driving in a month in 2011". This proves that teens take an action of being irresponsible when it comes to drinking and driving.

According to the authors (Beck, Shattuck, and Raleigh), "The need to increase parents' capacity to impose and enforce driving restrictions on provisionally licensed teen drivers is indicated". To prevent any type of car fatal crashes due with teens is that parents need to be involved and make rules when their child is driving on the road. Teenagers are not always mature enough to make their own decisions that's why parents need to be involved with their child's driving style.

Parents who look out for their child are good parents because they need to get involved with their driving skills. Parents have the right to know where their child is at all times and the teenager needs to know what their parents expects from them. According to the article ("Relation of Parent- Teen") it states, "To determine the relations among parent-teen discordance for restrictions on driving conditions, driving rules, and consequences for rule violations at licensure and subsequent risky teen driving." This is the reason why teenagers should take a big responsibility while driving especially when they have a passenger in the seat. Parents who influence their child about having a safe strategy to drive will reduce teen car crash rates.

Drinking and driving is not the right decision to make the consequences that come with it is not worth it. Killing innocent lives and injuring them as well will put others in a situation that they don't want to be in. People are allowed to drink but it's always safer to have a designated driver to drive them home. To prevent drinking and driving everyone needs to let the world know the outcome behind it and how it's a bad decisions. Teenagers can be very stubborn about this subject but it's for their own good to get educated about it. It an issue for teenagers to drinking and drive because their reaction on the road at the moment is lowered and a greater risk of them getting into an accident. Knowing on how to save people's lives and also not endangering them would bring a good awareness towards others. They don't really understand the hazards of drinking and driving as they consider themselves being untouchable to the society.

Most minors may not think they are the only ones that get affected by being intoxicated while driving but the person who gave it to them or sold it gets in trouble as well. Each single harm or death caused by drinking and driving can be completely avoidable. The possibility of a teen driver being involved in a fatal crash rises significantly with a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) of zero point five percent and even more rapidly after zero point eight percent. People need to be aware of what alcohol can cause and do to others.

It's not only teenagers who have a problem with drinking and driving but alcohol affects a person's thought of train which likely makes them to make bad decisions, such as seating behind a wheel. There are several crowds out there to prevent this problem of drinking and driving. The two crowds are called M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) and S.A.D.D.'s (Students Against Destructive Decisions). According to the authors (Loewit-Phillips, Patricia Melody) they state "So effective has this organization been, that it is estimated that 94% of all Americans recognize MADD's name and are familiar with its purpose of changing national attitudes concerning driving while impaired or intoxicated" This proves that the program influenced many people lives about drinking and driving. Most mothers care for their child's safety as the regards of driving sober or not. Taking this information from experienced drivers will impact anyone's live if they accept it?

In addition to that drinking and driving should not be allowed and everyone should be responsible and take careful actions upon themselves. Especially when you can put your own life in danger as well as others. Therefore, if someone drinks have a designated driver to prevent them to cause in accident. The main consequence that can go on someone's record can be by drinking and driving is driving under the Influence (DUI). So everyone should be well educated enough to prevent not to have any type of alcohol related charges on them. In conclusion, drinking and driving is still a problem amongst teenagers which needs to be dealt with it now and in the future.

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