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02 Aug 2017 04 Sep 2017

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Sometimes parents think of kids school work as their jobs. But adults get paid for their work so why shouldn't students get paid? Studies show paying kids to get good grades raises their grades,attendance and the graduation rate. Students will put in more effort when they are getting rewarded for good work.This is why paying students for getting good grades is a great idea.

Cash for good grades would be a great way for students to get a head start in working for pay. Kids would be able to appreciate school more and perform good on tasks for rewards.  In an article about cash for good grades it reads,"Cash for grades can jump start students motivation by providing real world rewards for efforts and performance"Lindsay, Samantha. ("How to Start Paying Students for Good Grades Effectively"). This gives kids a real world experience of being rewarded for good performance. It gives them a jump start at the adult life by teaching them that they perform good on task that they will be rewarded. With this being said children will be more successful and have better attendance in school. If it raises grades and creates good attendance,paying children for school is a great idea.

Paying children for school will definitely encourage students to keep their grades up.

If you were getting paid to come to school and do better wouldn't you put in extra effort? With that being said This article states,"There have been studies that experimented with paying students to attend and do well in school. The rate of students missing 15 or more days dropped 10 percents"

Studies show paying kids will encourage them to stay in school and keep their grades up. The money will encourage them to keep doing good in school and succeed to graduation and possible enroll in college if they want to. the promise of money for grades increases the students' drive for success and good marks soon follow. When students get paid for their good grades they try better in school. They give it their best and try to get get good grades, because they can do whatever they want with their money. The students like it better if they are rewarded. It makes them feel better and that they are progressing.

Money also excites kid before they get to school. It excites everybody because if you don't have a job chances are you don't regularly have money and can't buy the things you want Cleveland local news interviewed a student that says, "Im excited to get the money. It makes me want to come to school on time.Some kids don't have money and this will help them" ("Cincinnati High School Paying Students To Come To School"). Kids will want to show up to school and make it appoint to make sure they make A's and B's in all of their classes. This help kids who are less fortunate and live in poverty. In some places like Memphis one in three families live in poverty and paying their students small portions for good grades will help them. It's great because it will give kids some cash and parents who live in low income housing, etc can save their money up.

Money will also motivate students to do better in school. With that being said ,a quote from news channel 10 students say, "Sometimes it's the mindset and money motivates people. We've received about 9,000 over the course of 3 years." ("Memphis Program Paid Students for Good Grades and Their Parents to Get Jobs"). This would also be grade for students planning to head off to college after high school. They could have a head start and have money saved up from high school and be able to pay for a portion of their college with the money they receive.This would also encourage students to maintain a A-B average.Salespeople often get bonuses for high sales numbers, so why not apply this same philosophy to your student in hopes that the potential for income increases effort?

Paying students for good grades can help kids save up money for college,excite students, make students actually want to come to school daily ,and give students a head start in real world getting paid for good,well done work. It incentivizes them to maintain high grades. It's a great source of motivation.This is why paying students for good grades is effective.

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