The History Of Mirrors


02 Nov 2017

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Home furnishing fashions come and go. But one classic piece that has remained popular for decades is the mirror. This simple yet versatile furniture accessory can make a dark room bright, give the illusion of space, or be a showpiece in your home.

The trick to making the best use of a mirror is to understand just how much the placement of this small but important furniture accessory can transform a room. In this article, I am going to explain the different ways you can transform a room with a mirror, and what kinds of mirrors work best in different settings.

At a basic level all mirrors do one thing – they reflect light. Even cheap mirrors do this. But if you put your mirror in the wrong place in your room it won’t work as well as a mirror in the right location.

How do you know the difference between the right place to hang a mirror and the wrong place to hang a mirror? It’s not difficult. Think about the size of the room and the overall colour scheme of the room. For example, is it dark, light, or somewhere in between? What kind of light source does the room have? Is the light natural or all artificial? Will the mirror be decorative, used to add space, or to brighten a room? Finally, think about what you really like and your personal taste. If you don’t like a mirror in a certain space, then you should move it.

(subhead – use H2 heading code) Use a mirror to make a room look bigger

Mirrors trick us into believing that a room is larger than it really is. This is because mirrors reflect space and light. They can really make even a small room look much larger. Putting a wall mirror across from the entrance to a smaller room will give a sense of spaciousness. A mirror directly across from the main source of light will also make a room seem bigger. Examples of mirrors that work really well in this kind of location are the Andrea Modern Art Deco Wall mirror and the Isabel Art Deco mirror, a stunning piece that three-sectioned bronze border with a tile-effect in each corner. It also comes in red and clear glass.

In a living room, a wall mirror above a mantel piece is a great choice. The fire place is already a focal point for a room, and with a mirror above it you are using the focal point to reflect light. A wall mirror in this location will reflect the lighting around the room and at the other end of the room.

Take a look at the Gina Modern Art Deco mirror, available in three finishes, or the Eileen Modern Art Deco mirror for these locations. There are lots more choices of course and the mirrors can be hung horizontally or vertically.

(subhead – use H2 heading code) How to make a dark room brighter with a mirror

With the exception of some landings and bathrooms, it is unusual to have a room without any natural light at all. Dark rooms, and in particular small dark rooms, are one of the biggest decorating challenges you will face in your home. If you do have a darkish room or a room with no natural light, a mirror can work miracles and make your room brighter and more spacious. In this setting consider large wall mirrors to reflect the maximum amount of light and space. Suggestions are the Tory Modern Art Deco white wall mirror, or the Eclipse large modern round glass mirror. This is a glamorous and striking mirror with outer spokes that create a light sparkling effect.

In a dark room place a mirror across from the light source. If there is no natural light at all, put a bright lamp in front of a mirror to help spread the light throughout the room. This trick has been used by designers for years and creates an illusion of light coming into the room from a window. Another option is to use sunburst mirrors or multi-facet mirrors where the light is reflected at different angles for maximum impact. Light coloured frames or frameless mirrors work best in this kind of setting. In this location consider using the New Shatters Art Deco large decorative glass wall mirror. It looks like a broken mirror but is made from finely cut glass and is a real talking point

(subhead – use H2 heading code) Use a mirror to add interest to a room

Some rooms in our house are mostly functional and we don’t pay as much attention to the home furnishings in these rooms as we do in others. Examples include the hall way, landing, and even utility room. If your home has a long and narrow hallway you can increase the appeal of this space by adding a mirror at one end. A hallway mirror will also add light and space.

Many landings don’t have a lot of wall space. But even a small sunburst mirror, a round mirror or a cheap mirror can change the look and feel of this space. It will become brighter and more inviting. If possible, position the mirror across from the main light source. Some of our round mirrors are great in this location. For a larger landing consider the New Ava Purple Art Deco mirror. Its border has a zig zag look and includes classy pieces of purple glass.

(subhead – use H2 heading code) Different kinds of mirrors for different settings

There are as many kinds of mirrors as there are rooms in your home. In fact, it is probably true to say that you could have a different style of mirror in every room. Let’s take a look at mirror choices and how they might work in a room.

(subhead – use H2 heading code) Cheval mirrors

Cheval mirrors are a refined and stunning addition to any bedroom or bathroom, and can be used in other rooms too. The great thing about the Cheval mirror is that it can swivel on its stand and so it is portable and can be positioned at the perfect angle. These mirrors come in modern and classic European styles. You will be sure to find one to suit your tastes. The Vanessa Wooden French Style Pine Floor Standing Full Length Cheval mirror is a timeless classic capturing European chic and elegance. It is also available in mahogany and white. A modern take on the Cheval mirror is the Valery contemporary brown floor standing Cheval mirror. This frame is made of luxurious chocolate brown faux leather and gives a warm and contemporary feel to any room. We have more than 15 Cheval mirror styles and designs so you can choose one that’s right for you and your home.

(subhead – use H2 heading code) Art Deco mirrors

Art Deco mirrors work well in many settings and can meet many of your needs – adding light, space, or pure art to a home. Art deco mirrors say it all because your choice will truly reflect your taste and style. For something bold, striking but simple take a look at the Bronte Modern wall mirror that features a border of alternating clear and purple bevelled glass. The Lydia Art Deco mirror is on the same theme as the Bronte, but takes the alternating border effect one step further and has a black and clear glass border of intricate glass.

Want to make a really bold statement? Check out the Layla Decorative mirror, which is made of stunning pieces of glass arranged randomly to capture the light and make an dazzling impact. Equally powerful is the Summer wall mirror, which has a border of smaller mirrors to create a glittering diamond effect. Many Art Deco mirrors work well as contemporary mirrors too, giving wider choice and selection.

(subhead – use H2 heading code) Multi Facet mirrors

Multi Facet mirrors are so called because they have different pieces of mirrored glass that reflect at different angles. These mirrors are truly pieces of art and are chosen more for the statement they make rather than as a functional mirror. Multi facet mirrors also are great at brightening darker spaces because they reflect light so widely. Grand furniture Birmingham has a lot of multi facet mirrors. Take a look at the Morgan multi facet wall mirror that’s made up of nine sections of glass in a concave design. Another superb example of a multi facet mirror is the Violet multi facet mirror – which has a functional mirror in the centre and a border of blocks of bevelled silvered squares that perfectly disperse light.

How to choose a mirror for your home:

Think about where you want to place your mirrors before you buy.

Mirrors are a very personal choice and make a personal statement. Take your time and chose mirrors you really like. If you buy something you love then you will be happy with your purchase now and in the long term future.

Mirrors can work wonders in different settings! Do you have a dark room? A room with no natural light? Buy a mirror to create an illusion of light and more space.

Looking for art? Consider a mirror instead. Some mirrors, such as multi facet mirrors or Art Deco mirrors are truly works of art and make a strong creative statement in your home.

Clean and polish your mirrors regularly to keep them at there best.


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