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23 Mar 2015 25 Apr 2017

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1. Introduction

1.1 Background

The reason leads Marc Jacobs be successful is his passion of fashion. In his early life, he not only worked in the field of fashion, but also spent his time on attending a school of art and design. He is a leading designer for Marc Jacobs's products, who was born in 1963 in New York City. In addition, by the end of 1997, he was the Creative Director for French house Louis Vuitton (Emily R , 2009). By this major achievement, he decided to launch his first brand - Marc Jacobs in 1986. After that, there are other two lines of the brand, which are Marc Jacobs Menswear in 1996 and Little Marc Jacobs in 2005 (New York Media, 2009).

Marc Jacobs Daisy is the new feminine fragrance designed by Marc Jacobs which was launched in October, 2007 around the world. Moreover, the scent is presented as free and pure when it is said to be “the essence of a youthful spirit: sunny, happy, positively fresh and free”. (Moodie, 2002)

1.2 Theory

Market segmentation and marketing mix are significant factors for analyzing. The market segmentation is the identification which distributes the market into different groups with similar characteristics, which allows the firm to better satisfy the needs of its potential consumers (James E, 2007). In addtion, according to Hall et al (2008), there are four main ways to segment the market; they are geography, demography, psychography and behavior. The marketing mix is a combination of marketing elements which is known as the 4Ps: product, price, place and promotion. It is considered in planning a marketing strategy which is necessary to sell a product effectively(Answers Corporation, 1999).

The Marketing Mix includes product, price, place and promotion. Product is a good or service that meets consumers' needs and makes profit to justify its continued existence (WebFinance Inc. 2009).According to Hall et al (2008: p.91), “Price needs to fit in with the nature of the product itself and the way in which it is being promoted and distributed to consumers.” In addition, products need to be available to customers in the place where they want to buy (Hall et al, 2008) and according to Hall et al (2008: p.106), “promotion is the attempt to draw attention to a product or business in order to gain new customers or to retain existing ones”.

1.3 Aim

The purpose of this market research is to analyze an advertising of Marc Jacobs Daisy. The first aim is to indicate the segmentation of the advertising. Secondly, analyzing the theme and name of the advertising and what medium is used to promote it. The third aim is to evaluate how the price and the place be considered. Finally, recommendations and conclusion will be given.

2. Findings

The advertisement was taken from photographer Juergen Teller; the view of it is reflected in the elegant of a new fragrance ‘Daisy'. The idea of this is to launch the perfume in a field filled with daisies (FashionUnited, 2009).It shows a youthful girl is wearing underwear and lying on an untouched surrounding with daisies, holding the Daisy in her hands. Her eyes are closed and the poster looks as though there is a wonderful dreaming. Hence, the advertising is full of purity. In addition, the main tone is light colors, white and aqua.

3. Discussion

3.1 Marketing segmentation

Marc Jacobs by segmenting geographically with sells Daisy in all of their own stores of different countries. For example, they are Europe, America and Africa. The stores are located in the main cities of a country, for example, London, New York and Shanghai. It means the consumer has ability to buy the product with fairly high income.

In addition, it is divided into age and gender in demographic segmentation. The advertising of Marc Jacobs Daisy is represented as youth and elegance. According toSlapiton(2009), “Marc Jacobs Daisy is fresh, airy and feminine without being too sexy.” Therefore, Daisy is targeted to female, age from 18 to 25 or a small group of older of age above 35, who want to become younger. In short, Marc Jacobs segments the market into flourishing cities of different regions and sells to young female who interests in perfume.

3.2 Marketing Mix

n 1.Promotion

-Theme and color

The emotion of the theme in perfume advertisements is essential because a well visual advertising is able to persuade consumers to purchase. In reality, companies always choose an attractive theme to advertise their product by using color emotion. From the view of advertisement, the main color green. Green means spring, new birth and environment awareness(Emily Gems. 2006). Therefore, this advertising is appropriate for the product and the theme of new birth and spring.

-Product name

Product name allows consumers to identify the goods and services of a company(Hall et al, 2008). From this perfume, Marc Jacobs used “Daisy” to promote it as daisy is one kind of flower and it represents as purity and innocence (Dgreetings,2009).Therefore, it could relate to the theme and the product perfectly.


Marc Jacobs has promoted their printed advertisement of Daisy by several above-the-line mediums. Magazine is useful for targeting a particular audience or market segmentation. For example, the printed advertising of Daisy has published on Vogue which is a famous fashion magazine in the world. In addition, there is the development of electronic screen. Therefore, Marc Jacobs has used these mediums to promote their printed-advertising in their own store or some retailers' shop and the Internet is one major advantage as it can be accessed by consumers all over the world. In conclusion, Marc Jacobs has provided some useful promotion to publish their printed advertisement of Daisy.

n 2. Product


Consumers all prefer to buy the products which are functional and good-looking. At the centre of Daisy perfume is a floral note with a vintage edge, violet. Women all like flower, especially for this huge flower's decoration in the bottle, it looks very remarkable, although Daisy is not very functional.


White is the main color from the figure of advertising. According to Sibagraphics(2009), white in Europe means marriage, angels and peace. In addition, “White is a color of purity; brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin.” (Emily Gems. 2006). addtion,the main color, he main color, there is no any f a company. a It is said that white daisies are the emblem of loyal love (Emily Gems. 2006).


Daisy is “a deliciously feminine blend of wild strawberry, red grapefruit, violet leaves, gardenia, jasmine, musk, vanilla and white wood” (Sephora. 2008). As a result, it is suitable to young female's taste.

n 3. Price

The price of Marc Jacobs is very acceptable. If compare to other perfumes, the price of Daisy is higher than other comment brand's perfume, for example, the CK which is approximately £30 (Women Perfume,2009). However, it is cheaper than some high-class brand's perfume, Christian Dior is approximately £50 (NexTag, 2009). Therefore, Daisy is an acceptable good which have a middle price. According to Women Perfume (2009), Marc Jacobs daisy 50ml is £39, and the 100ml ones is £49. It shows the pricing strategy chosen by the business because it has maximize profits by setting price as £39 and £49, but it can attract and misdirect the consumers.


Marc Jacobs Daisy has allocated their products to several mediums. Firstly, Daisy uses direct marketing which is selling from manufacturers directly to consumers by offering online ordering through a website on the Internet (Daisy, 2009). Secondly, from manufacturers to consumers via retailers, Daisy provided the product to the retailers, such as Boots and Superdrug and John Lewis ( Women Perfume, 2009).

To sum up, Marc Jacobs has promoted the advertisement through the entire place; include the website, the retailer, magazine and Television. Therefore, if a good product will not sell at the right place and at the right time, it will not be successful (Hall et al, 2008).

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, Marc Jacobs does very well on advertising of its new perfume product after doing a wide research from books and websites. The theme of the advertising is purity, and sells young woman of middle class income. In addition, the printed advertising has promoted in right place at a right time with a strategy price, and the price is acceptable. Therefore, all of them can bring up this well-known perfume in the world.

5. Recommendation

For my recommendation, Marc Jacobs should develop some new methods for promoting and packaging. Marc Jacobs can have more below-the-line promotions, for example, free samples or free gives to the consumers who interests in the product. In addition, Marc Jacobs can have some small bottle packages which are better for taking or putting in a bag.


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