Campus Security Management


23 Mar 2015 17 May 2017

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Campus Security is traditionally defined as one of the most pervasive problems that a campus or university must address. There is rarely has a campus issue, problem, or challenge that requires the recruitment of everyone in the university to solve.

Security Management is about protection of a building and other assets of the building. Security management is encompasses a field of management related to asset management, physical security and human resource safety functions. It entails the identification of an organization's information assets and the development, documentation and implementation of policies, standards, procedures and guidelines.

Security is an essential issue for every organisation i.e. government, private, commercial or educational institution. Thus, university security personnel such as campus security officers and campus security guard need to have a strong understanding of campus security.

There are many important responsibilities are being brought out in running a university. One of the most important is proper security management. Campus security is necessary in order to keep employees and their belongings safe.

All students and university community members are encouraged to be fully aware of the safety issues on campus and to take action to prevent and to report illegal and inappropriate activities. Personal awareness and applying personal safety practices are the foundation of a safe community.

Pursuant to the Student Right to Know and Campus Security Act, university monitors criminal activity and publishes the security report, maintaining a three-year statistical history on the campus, on the adjunct campus, and at off-campus facilities used. University also distributes information about the report to students and employees. A copy of this report is also available to prospective students and employees upon request.

Various policies and procedures relating to campus security are needed and it expressly reserves the right to modify or adopt additional policies or procedures at any time without notice. Such changes may appear in successive issues of the security report. (Saint Paul College, 2009).

  1. Statement of Research Problems:
  2. For universities, it is always a challenge in balancing the desire to welcome the public to campus events with the need to protect the safety of the university community. It is exposed to physical risks and vulnerabilities as well as the vandalism because there are many people pass in and out to the campus include the students who stay off-campus.

    University community such as students and staff as well as workers who work in the campus area always feel unsecure or unsafe when the security system cannot reach to the extent of protection. Unsecure environment will affect the students' academics. However, according to the statistics, the people attitude always makes sense that "it will never happen here."

    Thus, due to the lack of awareness on the security among the students, staffs and visitors of the university, this research study is to get a better understanding on the security management and to know how important are the security management.

    Besides that, this research will identify the students' satisfaction toward security management of University of Malaya.

  3. Objectives of the Study:
    1. To determine the current security system in University of Malaya (UM).
    2. To identify the level of satisfaction among students towards current security system in UM.
    3. To conclude and make appropriate recommendations to improve on the current security system.

  4. Background of the Study:
  5. The security is always an issues concerned by community. In the campus, even there is a security system, many students may still not satisfy with the current security system in the universities because many theft cases still happen, make loss on the students and staffs.

    Thus, a good and efficient security management of a university is important so that to ensure all aspects and assets of the building are kept safe and defended from danger or injury or loss. Security covers all the devices, technologies and specialist materials for perimeter, external and internal protection. This covers everything from sensors and closed-circuit television to barriers, lighting and access controls.

  6. Significance of the Study:
  7. This study will show an overview of Security Management system to those security administrators and other security personnel as well as the staff and students about protecting campus assets.

    Through this research, people will more understand the current security system in University of Malaya and thus the administrators and security personnel could more concern on the current security system problem so that will gives awareness to them so that safety of students and the campus more secure. By managing well in campus security, not only the university community will feel more secure, the visitors will also enjoy the benefits because the probability to face problems will be lower. The students also can enjoy the safe and secure academic environment.

  8. Scope of Study:
  9. This study will look on the security management in University of Malaya. The area of study will concentrate on whole University of Malaya and also Security Office of University of Malaya. The target segment of this research will mainly focus on the students of University of Malaya so that to achieve the objective of the study.

  10. Research Methodology:
  11. In carrying out this study, understanding of the definition of security and Security Management of campuses and universities will be carried out from secondary data such as magazines, newspapers, encyclopedia, journal articles and abstracts as well as the data mainly collected from internet. Besides that, the current security system of University of Malaya can also be studied.

    In addition, questionnaire surveys data will be collected from students so that can know the satisfaction level on security in University of Malaya among them.

    The data collection and information gathered will be put into chart in the most proper way. Thus, every data and information gathered will be analyzed before the study can reach the conclusion.

  12. Structure of the Study:

This chapter provides a concise introduction to the topic of this study. It includes statement of research problems, objectives of the study, background, significance of the study, scope of study, research methodology and the structure of the study.

In the Chapter 2, the Literature Review, provide information to better understanding on the security management of university including the role of security and types of security. Besides that, this chapter will also study the importance of the security policy and the devices used in implementation of campus security.

Chapter 3 is the Case Study which will study on the current security system and management in University of Malaya. All information and documentations that related to the Security Office and the security of University of Malaya will be studied. This chapter will also examine the case study which looks on types of security system such as the traffic control, CCTV, access control, issuing of vehicle sticker and special team as well as role of security guards.

Chapter 4 is the Findings and Analysis of the research methodology. Before proceed with analysis, research methodology will be briefly explained. The quantitative research will provides the tabulation of the quantity survey through questionnaire survey. The result will base on the analysis of the data collected as well as observation.

Lastly, Chapter 5 is the Conclusion and Recommendation. The conclusion of the study will be derived from the findings and analysis done in previous chapter. After of all, the suggestion and recommendation regarding improvement of security system will be made.


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