Global Warming Cause and Effect Essay


23 Mar 2015

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Global Warming Cause and Effect Essay

It is believed people's careless use of fossil fuels are responsible for causing Global warming. Environmentalists say people do not realize the serious effects of their own actions. They continue to waste resources and pollute the air despite all the evidence pointing to the effects of such behavior.

There are numerous, well known things we do that perpetuate Global Warming. Who would have known that the invention of the car/automobile would eventually contribute to the leading cause of global warming? For years society have been driving cars emitting fossil fuels, using coal powered electricity or heating homes with natural gas and oil. This has caused carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses to be released into Earth's atmosphere and environment. Our tree population, for example, has decreased tremendously throughout the years because of increased tree cutting. Has also contributed to more polluted air due to lack of oxygen convertors. (

People's lack of concern for conserving its resources will only make Global warming worse. In 2007, scientists met and determined that society has “very likely” been the main cause of global warming since the 1950's.

( According to

in 2007 it was determined that the spread of diseases, warming waters resulting in more hurricanes, the probability of increase heat waves,drought, economic consequences, and polar ice caps melting are the top “5 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming”. (

Rising sea levels will cause millions who live in coastal regions to lose their homes. Insects are migrating to more warming climates and carrying diseases. It is believed that Malaria still exists in some countries as a direct cause of global warming. In addition, with the continually rising temperature of the ocean there is a threat of an increased chance of more powerful and frequent hurricanes. We all remember hurricane Katrina and the devastation it brought to New Orleans as well as to several other towns and cities throughout the Southeast. With Katrina's aftermath came many economical struggles. People were trying to rebuild their homes, relocate and even find work as many businesses were destroyed. Unfortunately, people are still struggling to rebuild their lives today.Why not try to make changes in our daily lives to prevent devastation such as Katrina?

Just as important, the droughts and heat waves that are occurring as a result of global warming are phenomenal. Even here in Arizona, during the monsoon season, we have experienced drought. Though I do not think our drought is as severe as places such as Africa, where they already are experiencing dangerously low water supplies and extreme heat waves. As a result, some speculate that this could cause people to start fighting for water- a necessary resource many take advantage of and assume will be available forever. Half way around the world, however, Sea levels are rising with the increased melting of polar ice caps. When fresh water ice caps melt into the ocean these changes dillute the salty waters. Of course this then affects the ocean and acquatic life which cannot survive without a homeostatic balance of salt content of the ocean. You are probably thinking that losing a little ocean life is no big deal, right? Did you know that the increased global temperature is because the sun can no longer reflect off the tops of the ice caps? When the sun reflects off the ice caps it projects into space. And why is that important? It helps to decrease the temperature in the earth's atmosphere which in turn keeps us cooler.

So what can we do to help slow down the process of losing our planet? First we need to start by caring. I see people everyday that could walk the 4 blocks to school or work. They choose not to, however. Imagine how much vehicle pollution we could eliminate if everyone were to ask 20 people they know if they could walk instead of driving. If they can't walk them maybe we can use technology wisely and find ways to create vehicles that are environmentally friendly. Another step is to increase recycling. Next time you go to throw that soda can or paper away, remember it is recyclable (and make money from recycling cans). What about disposable diapers? I know they are convenient, but why not give cloths a try? It may take a little extra work and many places around the country have "diaper laundry services"(but would also provides work and business for others.) Finally, when your kids ask to watch television or play a video game why not limit the amount of time of their use? This will cut back on electricity use and they'll benefit doing other, healthier activities. Encourage them to read a book or play outside like we or our parents did.

In conclusion, evidence shows that people's choices in everyday life and their use of technology and resources has undoubtedly increased global warming. We can slow down the negative effects of such choices if everyone does their part. It does not matter how small or big the effort every little bit helps in helping reverse the potential, devastating effects of global warming. Think of the earth as a team and our team wants to win. Help to slow Global warming! Go Green!

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