The World War Two


02 Nov 2017

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After the catastrophe caused by the World War Two, the world population has increased dramatically and the world economy has also been improved significantly. Due to these factors, the industrial and technology development all around the world has also been stimulated. Therefore, pollution became an unavoidable phenomenon. This generates negative impacts to the environment such as acid rain, climate change, global warming and etc. Global warming which related to the climate change is now being the hot topic among the scientists and the people around the world. Global warming is a phenomenon which would cause the melt of ice at the earth’s pole and results in the rise of sea level that can take away lives of many. One of the most important gases that contributed to this phenomenon is the excessive emission of carbon dioxide. This is a serious problem and has to be overcome as soon as possible. Therefore, scientists and different organizations around the world are trying to come out with different solution such as green home, green hotels, eco-refrigerator, eco city, eco industrial park, eco-town and etc. Among the solutions, eco-town will be further discussed here.

Basically eco-town is a newly designed town to facilitate a lifestyle that has as little impact on the environment as possible. Examples of eco-town in the world are Adamstown in Ireland, (Kawasaki, Kitakyushu, Minamata and Naoshima in Japan) and etc. The concept of eco-town is to build an environmental friendly living area and allows residents to live within ecological limits. Eco-town also aimed to reduce carbon emission and ecological footprint which are very crucial at the moment.

In an eco-town, there are several aspects which have to be taken into consideration in order to tackle global warming by reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide. One of the aspects is to come out with the innovative designs and ways for construction purpose. There are various challenges that make the aim difficult to achieve, one of it is to use construction materials that required less energy during production process and produced less carbon dioxide for both production and application. Now there is this eco-cement which is known as Novacem’s cement that released lesser carbon dioxide during its production process and absorbs more carbon dioxide as it hardens. This can be used for the construction purpose in eco-town in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission.

The following aspects will be the supply of electricity to the town. In general, the electricity in the world is mainly supported by nonrenewable energy such as burning coal. A renewable energy source such as solar energy and wind energy should be included as one of the energy sources to support the electricity of the town. Besides that, awareness of the residents about minimizing and saving electrical consumption are essential has to be raised.

Next, the layout of the town has to be designed well in a way that all different kind of infrastructure can be reached by bicycle or even walk distance. This can save the energy consumption during the transportation by taking lesser diesel operate vehicle such as car and motorcycle. Besides that, this also minimized the release of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide and sulfur dioxide to the environment. In order to achieve this, schools, offices, hospitals, police stations, restaurants, recreation parks and shopping complex have to be located around the housing area. It is better if most of the main infrastructure such as school and office are located near the housing area in walk distance. Other than that, bicycle track has to be well designed and connected so that residents can reach their destination in an easy and environmental friendly way. On the other hand, public transport services such as bus or train have to be prepared to transport people to the other cities.

Besides that, food is another aspect that has to be concerned. Production of food especially meat is proven to contribute to global warming as greenhouse gases such as methane and carbon dioxide are released in large scale. Transportation of food to the destination also released greenhouse gases to the environment. These problems can be overcome if the community can produce their own food. Agricultural land has to be provided in order to produce sustainable and local food. Sustainable and local food is offered by shops and restaurant within the town. Other than that, ecological footprint of food consumption can be reduced if an individual follows a healthy diet and eat less meat.

On the other hand, waste created by the town has to be treated wisely. The concept of 3R that is recycle, reuse and reduce should be promoted to the residents to minimize the amount of waste created every day. Waste that can be recycled such as paper and plastics should be thrown in different container so that it is easier to be collected and recycled. However, waste that cannot be recycled has to be treated wisely and trash burning should be banned. Next, rainwater collection device should be provided to support part of the water supply. Treated water also has to be used wisely and wastage of water has to be avoided.

After the above discussion, eco-town seems to bring positive effects to the environment. However, there are a lot of challenges and drawbacks on cost perspective which are still awaiting to be solved. Therefore, some comes out with other solution that is smart town which they claimed to be more effective. Nonetheless, with more further and detailed studies and development, eco-town can be one of the workable solutions to tackle global warming.


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