The Future Of Farming Is Dependent


02 Nov 2017

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Pollution in the ocean can be very harmful to marine life and also our lives. The main source of pollution is from oil ships, every year 3 million tonnes of crude oil end up in the sea. This can effect the marine environment, including the coating of birds and mammals and also the metal poisoning of fish which if eaten can cause heavy levels of lead in our system. When a marine bird gets covered with oil, it destroys the water repellent properties of its feathers and the bird either sinks or dies of hypothermia. This oil also ends up on our beaches and can damage our tourist industries.

Risk assessment tests have been conducted throughout the world in response to the increase of shipping activity. The most recent test was in PNG, this test is looking to assess the potential spills of oil and other pollutants in PNG waters from ships and other sources, which include offshore platforms and oil storage facilities. This will help counter any future spills from happening and decrease the amount of ocean pollution.

There have been many studies on how to protect the marine environment with certain technology and the imposing of new laws. A few years ago china rewrote a water pollution law that will toughen the punishment of company officials through large fines. This had a decrease of ships sourced pollution and is still very effective in improving how we treat the ocean. MARPOL 73 – helped decrease the amount of oil pollution by imposing construction, tank size and stability standards on all oil boats. This made them less likely to leak oil whilst driving and if they crashed it would result in easier fixes and less oil spills.

Humans depend on the marine environment for many different things, and we have a very significant impact on it. If we plan to keep using the marine environment to our advantage we have to do a better job at protecting it with new laws and new technology and controlling our use of it as it is home to millions of sea animals and plays a big role in all our lives.


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Farming and agriculture play a very important role in Australia, they provide food for all our families and contribute to our social, economic and environmental sustainability. Australian farmers produce and source nearly 93 percent of Australia’s daily local food. Farmers are at the front of delivering environmental outcomes on behalf of the Australian community, many farmers are undertaking natural resource management to improve quality and efficiency of their products.

Sustainable farming is vital for farmers to lower production cost and lower pollution. Sustainable agriculture also addresses many important environmental and social concerns. Many farmers use solar and wind generated power, new technology has helped produce, ‘poo power’ this produces power by trapping large amounts of manure and compressing the methane gas. This not only generates power but also significantly reduces the greenhouse gases generated, methane is 20 times more harmful to the atmosphere then carbon dioxide.

Research to make technological advances in sustainability and production does come at a cost. It can cost thousands and even millions of dollars in research to come up with this new technology and can cost even more to put it into practice. It took 2 years and nearly 1 million dollars to put ‘poo power’ into practice. This may seem like a minimal cost but for a family owned farm this can be very hard to do. These costs have very positive outcomes and can help improve the environment and their farming efficiency and effectiveness.

The future of farming is dependent on technological advances. New technology can help farmers produce more crops for minimal costs and less pollution. John Deere is one of the leading companies that sell cutting edge products and provide solutions that lead and address profitable and efficient solutions for all farmers. The new machines they make can be controlled remotely and can send a notification on the computer or via text to the farmer and producer if anything goes wrong. This new technology means John Deere and the farmers can determine the performance of the machine and advise ways to increase yields. Other advances in technology to help farmers include, the use of satellite positioning that will help to assist managing the land to minimize soil compaction and the introduction of the ‘Cactoblastis moth’, which helps control the spread of weeds.

With the worlds increasing population it is very important that we keep making technological advances in every aspect including farming to help with every day needs. New technology will help farmers produce more food and new sustainable farming methods will help reduces greenhouse gases and the effect on the environment. Farming and agriculture is key in keeping the Australian economy where it is at. The government needs to put more resources into helping farmers improve the way they grow and control their farms.


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