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23 Mar 2015 28 Apr 2017

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I wish to present complaints that your business has presented to Yoga Center which have continually worked to strain our relationship as business neighbors. Your employees have always been leaving the garbage carts outside our Day-care premises making it a huge distraction to our clients as well. This is against the accepted code of behavior since the carts should be kept at the appropriate storage areas at all times. We have also noted with concern that your businesses have been dumping wastes and other inappropriate items close to our premises. This is an eyesore to our business and has adversely affected the business. This illegal dumping has made us land into problems with the local authorities as dumping is against the local regulations (Joshi, 2006). Recently Yoga Center was even required to pay a hefty fine.

Another complaint which we wish to raise is the noted unfair competition which you have subjected to our business. The billboards which have been erected around our business have largely confused our clients and made the business to not pick-up fast as anticipated. The storage and parking of vehicles has also been a case of distress.

Noise has been on increase in the recent past. This being a yoga centre we require total silence in order for the people to effectively reflect and offer adequate care to babies. The increased noise levels work as a distraction and the clients do not achieve the necessary results. This has made our clients not to be satisfied with the results and they have left the yoga classes thus making us to lose profits. Kindly consider these complaints for mutual relations between us, thanks.


  • Joshi, G. (2006). Writing Skills for Technical Purposes. New York, U.S.A: Gyan Publishing House

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