A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams | Analysis


23 Mar 2015 14 Dec 2017

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A Streetcar Named Desire

From time to time in life, there are periods when one is faced with conflicts and more often, it does not matter how hard one tries, you just can't fix things and you end up feeling like a broken record. A Streetcar Named Desire focuses on an inconsolable woman called Blanche Dubois. Blanche is a victim of herself and her lifestyle as much as she is the victim of an unfair state of affairs. There are occurrences in her life that she could have handled better ad therefore avoided calamity, but there are as well instances where, there was nothing she could do but play along to the tragic up folding events in her eventful life.

First she is nurtured in Old South upper-class traditions, she lived in a classy manner in the family homestead Belle Reve, wedded a man she immensely loved, and followed a professional career as an English teacher. From the beginning of the play, it is forthcoming that she is the victim of her lifestyle, and not a conqueror. The individual Blanche is at present can be covered back to a solitary day in her epic past. Inside only some hours for the duration of this single day, her life would be altered completely. Blanche unexpectedly but walked in on her companion, Allan Grey, in bed having intimacy with another male. She afterwards went to a bar to have a drink with her cheating spouse and his homosexual partner; there she drunkenly told Allan that she was sickened by him. Allan flees the room in serious embarrassment from Blanche's utterances and turns a revolver he had on his mouth, she hears him commit suicide in the exterior of the bar they were drinking. Any person would be unbalanced after so mucch pandemonium and distress in such a short period. Argument is fronted that since Blanche had inferred to Allan as disgusting, he committed suicide and this makes Blanche the aggressor and not the victim she almost paints herself to be. Allan's deeds towards his suicide were totally his and Blanche could not manage to prevent them. It is obvious that neither of the couple could grip the confusion manifesting at the time and handled them in divergent ways. Blanche was just the fatality of the awful state of affairs that affected the love of her life.

Without her dearly loved Allan, Blanche ultimately needed love. All the men Blanche would charm in seduction were because she wanted to mend the emptiness in her heart. This was however not the truthful way to manage affairs and if she had gotten help she could properly have dealt with the pain of her husband's tragic demise.

Unfortunately Blanche never had that chance, when she loses her family's plantation, Belle Reve, she is forced to live in Laurel, where she engages in prostitution for the reason that she has no other way of making money to help fend for her personal upkeep. During this tumultuous period, she resides in hotel Flamingo and men seeking sexual pleasures in exchange for money come up to her room every nighttime. Promiscuous sexual relations with men got terribly out of control out of hand. Every time one sexual relation ended, a new one budded the next day. This made her to cement a lousy reputation in the small township of Laurel, Mississippi. Understanding that she was still smarting from the demise of her suicidal husband and acknowledging that the various men could not patch up her inconsolable heart, she turned to drinking to escape her misery. Haphazard alcohol drinking and one-night stands eventually makes Blanche to find herself lonely and with nowhere to go.

In order to improve her miserable life and acquire a new character, Blanche makes a decision to begin afresh in Elysian Fields, New Orleans with her young sister, Stella and her bad-mannered husband Stanley Kowalski. Feigning innocence and perfection, to cover up her inadequacies back home is not sufficient as Stella's husband can see right through her. Stanley exposes her precedent behavior and devastates the fresh life she has embarked on in New Orleans she again is back where she began. Blanche is victim to Stanley's insensitive mistreatment. Not oblivious to the truth that they had not once got along, had Stanley not exposed her secrets, she might just have brilliantly started a fresh, improved life. Only to worsen her life further, she becomes the victim of serious sexual assault to the churlish Stanley. If she was not mentally and emotionally unbalanced minded before, Blanche is absolutely now. Stanley was crooked and should not have handled her the way he did, while she was obviously in such an unselfconfident shape.

Due to her disturbing past and no prospects to seek healthy help, Blanche succumbs to mistreatment and becomes the victim to additional situations than she had to all through the routes of her life. In the closing stages of "A Streetcar Named Desire," Blanche is taken to mental establishment where it is only hopeful she may get the necessary assistance to her physical, emotional and mental state. She has suffered too much and respite is necessary for her soul.


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