Full Time and Part Time Contracts


28 Jul 2017

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As the employer you must give employees:

  • a written statement of employment or a written contract
  • the statutory lowest level of paid holiday
  • a payslip proving all deductions, for example a National Insurance contributions (NICs)
  • the statutory lowest length of breaks needed for rest
  • Statutory Sick Pay
  • maternity, paternity and also the adoption pay and leave required
  • you have to as well:
  • ensure employees don't work longer than the lowest allowed hours
  • pay employees the minimum wage is crucial
  • make sure you own employer's liability insurance
  • give a safe and secure working place
  • register with HM Revenue and Customs to register the payroll, tax and NICs
  • Allow if necessary flexible working wants
  • stay away from discrimination in the workplace
  • Ensure needed adjustments are made to your business ground if your employee is disabled

Advantages of employing part-time workers

Employing part-time people has a variety of business benefits, such as:

  • It being a working way to keep costs down in aspects where you don't yet require full-time cover
  • Making recruitment happen more by giving family-friendly working procedures to show clients and customers that you like having a diverse work environment and ethical employment procedures
  • letting you to bring in highly skilled staff members who have good experience when you have a fixed budget
  • expanding recruits if needed - part-time work gets attention from parents with younger children and older also people, this is because they don't want to work full time but can prove a wealth of skills, experience.
  • Making the ability of your business higher to act to change and peaks of requests - for example, you can use more employees at peak times and make your operating hours longer by using part-time workers in the evening/weekends
  • Trying to make a difference to make the workloads of other workers lower, for example when you don't have as much work for a new full-time place but are usually using overtime to meet wants - this can lower your overtime costs and help stop the bad effects of stress and fatigue

Disadvantages of employing part-time workers

  • recruitment costs can be bigger if you were taking on a single full-time worker
  • there can be additional costs going by pension provision, benefits and training

Fixed-term contracts

  • they have to last for a certain length of time
  • they are set in advance so they can be planned
  • they have to end when a certain task is done
  • they have to end when a certain event takes place
  • Fixed-term employees have to get the same treatment as full-time permanent staff.

Agency staff

As an employer, you can hire staff for only a temporary amount of time through agencies.

  • So you pay the agency, this involves the employee's National Insurance contributions and also Statutory Sick Pay
  • it's the agency's job and responsibility to ensure the workers get their rights within working time regulations
  • After 12 weeks' agency workers get the same terms and conditions as permanent employees, this involves pay, working time, periods of time needed for rest, night work, breaks and also annual leave when needed.
  • You have to give the agency with information about the needed terms and conditions in your business so that they can make sure the worker gets equal treatment after 12 weeks in the same job
  • you have to let the agency workers use any facilities that can be shared for example child care and provide them the knowledge about job vacancies from the day they start working there.
  • Disadvantages for employer:
  • Agencies act with the employer, not the jobseeker. It is within their likes to fill every post with a wanting applicant, if at any time of conflict to do with the employer and the prospective recruit should happen, agencies will try and side with the employer because that's who is paying their fee.
  • Advantages for employee:
  • Specialist Recruitment Agencies in your area of like will understand and your expertise
  • They could give you objective feedback on your Application and how to promote yourself

Freelancers, consultants and contractors

If you require a freelancer, consultant or contractor it means that:

  • they are listed as self-employed or are part of other companies
  • they look after their own tax and National Insurance contributions most the time(NICs)
  • they may not be allowed to the same rights as workers, for example when it comes to minimum wage
  • although health and safety is still the employers responsibility



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