Interview Selection Methods


03 Oct 2016 28 Sep 2017

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Selection is the process of discovering the prerequisite and specifications of the job candidate in additional establish likely suitably for the work position. Selection have seven process to choose best person and qualified them for the job, actually selection needs a methodical come up to the problem of finding the good matched person for the work position. First selection method is interview, In hiring process last steps and the most important process is interview. It offers an idea about the company and actually interview is way to exchange information and approach to tentative conclusions about hiring one another. In interview can describe your experience and your skills and get some information an idea about what is happening with the company. important thing is an employer get some additional information about you that is not provided in your resume or in your cover letter, they looking for what motivates you and how u communicate with others if you are a manager or follower. Interviewee start evaluate the employer after while interviewer evaluates interviewee. interviewee must preparing before interview. This is best way to combat the interview nerves. Interviewee must know who you are meeting with and which format interview will be follow . Interviewers have many choice to choose from dissimilar style and methods of interviewing and they try to find out many information about a candidate , actually they want to find out the reaction of them in to the different situation . if candidate have extra information about company that could be have an effect on the result of the interview . we have many type of interview but important type of interview is

  1. Telephone interview
  2. Personal interview
  3. Behavioral interview
  4. Group or panel interview
  5. Video conference interview

Normally company choose the telephone interview or personal interview and some time using behavioral interview. OneStop Bank Bhd use interview for select person for job position but selection method have different type of that can be useful for the onestop bank company , the important type of selection is

  1. Interview
  2. Psychometric testing
  3. Ability and aptitude tests
  4. Personality
  5. References

In this case another than interview , Psychometric testing and Personality is useful for the onestop bank . also they can use this two kind of selection to qualified them for the work position.

1. Advantages And Disadvantages Of Interviews

Interview have many different type but normally must of the company using three kind of interviewing. First one is telephone interview , employer call to eliminate applicants based on necessary criteria , they call u without an appointment . Second is behavioral interview , they will ask question , interviewee must describe how he/she has handled work related situations , this show to them your behavior , skills and personality. last one is personal interview or face to face interview , they will ask you about yourself and your experience .

1.1. Telephone Interview

Telephone interview is very popular interview in the world, most of company using this interview because of low cost and very fast , company use telephone for most screening interview , telephone interview will also used for geographic obstacles ,or some time the candidates lives in another country or city . The fact is telephone interview is the formal method of interviewing , if candidate`s ability to sense delicate non verbal cues that can be challenging telephone interview . the important thing is interviewee must focused to tones of interviewer`s voice , also they must have pen and notepad to write important things or question . the three important advantages for interview is , first usually be contacted faster over the telephone than other method actually if they use computer for net telephone interview ,they can check the result twenty minutes after completing the interview. The second one is time and cost effective ,telephone interview most last about 15 to 20 min and also the interviewer can test your communication skills and telephone technique. last one is interviewee don't need to dress up femoral or smarten up and also no need to spend time and money to go for interview.(Ben 2008)

Telephone interview also have disadvantage , the first is interviewee can't see the reaction of interviewer actually they can't see interviewer to gauge their response . second one is , telephone interview is fast and they ask question very fast and interviewee don't have time to probably think about a question , and most of people are nervure of using telephone for interview , actually they are terrified when they using telephone for interview. (Jury and Kevin 2007)

1.2 Personal interview (face to face )

the most common interview method is personal interview, when interviewer in private office ask question face to face with the interviewee this called personal interview . personal interview is your opportunity to shine and you must show to employer why they must hair you . In this interview your dress up is important and also u must show your communication skills and your appearance is very important in personal interview . personal interview have three important advantage for interviewee and also for interviewer , first advantage is they can see your ability actually interviewer can feel your ability in different situation .(Mark Atrikson 2002)

the second one is interview will be longer than phone interview because they can explain skills and ability with action and some people willing to talk longer in personal interview and last one is they can have ability to find the target population and also very expedient for the respondent. (Mark Atrikson 2002)

Personal interview also have disadvantage ,first is usually cost more than other methods for them and actually also take time more than phone interview . second one is sometime stage fright for both of them i mean interviewer and also interviewee , because of that sometime change the subject to another subject is very hard for interviewer.(Cono .v,2006 december13)

1.3 Behavioral interview

Behavioral interview focus on performance and experiences, actually a person`s specific past performances is very important in this interview. Interviewer ask for past behaviors and actins to draw conclusions about how they would perform in a similar situation in their organization, this kind of interview is very better than traditional interviewing format that just ask candidates concerning hypothetical. this type of interview stat with action or task/situation that will be useful for answering question . in this interview four point is very important they what to rate your experience so they looking for someone who`s creative , optimistic and leader and also a team player . In this interview u must remember your resume and must share your successful work experience with them .advantage of this interview is your accomplishment and past experiences is effect to the result and also in behavioral interview interviewers are trained to use what they can understand about candidates. behavioral interview the candidate will do the work with more accurate.(Adam 2010)

In behavioral interview sometime candidates lie to employer about behavioral and some past experience , they lie just because they know behavioral and past experience will effect to the result.(Adam 2010)

2. Other Selection Methods

2.1. Psychometric Testing

Tests are a standard and scientific method used to gauge individuals mental capabilities and behavioral style, psychometric tests made for gauge candidates appropriateness for a role based on the require personality characteristic and ability actually psychometric use to measure of your knowledge , abilities , attitude or personality traits and they used psychometric test in commercial , academic and educational setting for centuries and their famous has go on to increase . In a worker selection setting, psychometric tests give the eventual insight into a applicants potential, providing a significant and highly valid prediction of that applicants skills, knowledge, and also ability and other characteristics of high-quality job performance. the majority psychometric tests are conducted online and sometime tests allow you to keep your answers and come back to complete the test at later stage. psychometric tests are extremely effective analyst of work performance in all position and process and applicants come from all work levels, they are form entry level to chief executives . psychometric tests is one way to gather the information (ability , performance , skills ....) from candidates, information and article looking at result of psychometric test and also what they gauge , and how employee can help you in both recruiting staff and developing you career.

2.2 Personality Profiling

personality test is way to selection of measure the personality characteristic of candidates that are related to future work performance and an individual`s can affect their appropriateness for some position . personality tests usually measure of five dimension, first is emotional stability and also extraversion , agreeableness , openness to experience and conscientiousness. personality test don't have answer same like right or wrong and person may sifted through identifying particular behaviors that are better suited the work than other person . the important thing is the selection process clear on the characteristic requisite to do well in the work . the advantage is can reveal more information about candidate`s skills, performance and also ability , other point is they can identify interpersonal characteristic that may be needed for certain works. But applicant`s experience may have greater impact on work skills no in to the personality and also have cost for test and interpretation of results .

2.3 Ability And Aptitude Tests

Ability and aptitude test method is for testing your abilities, actually ability and aptitude test may cover a eight areas such as general intelligence , verbal ability , numerical ability , spatial ability , clerical ability , diagrammatical ability , mechanical ability , sensory and motor abilities . this test rating your ability and show your skills and performance is suitable for which position , normally this test may come with action or task . the good point of this test is u can show your specific ability and skills directly to employer . But this kind of test take cost time and money . the important thing in ability test is the applicants must mange time and also control a stress, because must of people a stress pressure them when they do the test .

3. Analysis

3.1.Analysis Of Interview

As you know we have many kind of interview but 3 popular interview is telephone interview , personal interview ( face to face), and behavioral interview . telephone interview is popular interview other than personal interview and behavioral interview , now a day's most company in USA and UK and also Canada using the telephone interview because of low cost and time other than telephone interview and behavioral interview (most of big country use telephone interview because maybe applicants stay in different state and traveling cost will be high ) telephone interview compare to personal interview just have two good point cost time and money but personal interview can show the communication skill of interviewer clear than telephone interview because is face to face and actually sometime is better for interviewee to see who ask question and he/she can check reaction of interviewer when he/she answer the question or describe his/her ability and skills . But telephone interviewing have another unique advantage compare to face to face interview as well the possibility of computer driven questionnaire presentation and also don't have obvious disadvantages but comparing to behavioral interview . Behavioral interview is very useful than telephone interview and personal interview if they need the someone have past experience and performance, because of that company use this method when they need specialist. behavioral interview comparing to personal interview , take more time and cost . In the behavioral interview ask for specific same like past behavior or action because is related to your past performance and interviewer will rating your performance . normally company using personal interview if cost and time is very important for them they will use telephone interview and also if they want applicants with experience and past performance they will use behavioral interview .

3.2. Analysis of selection method

In this case we have three selection method to analysis , for the first point ability and aptitude test focus in general intelligence and special ability but in personal profiling they force on your experience and your skills and ability test cover a ranges of area more than personality test , but in the personal test the more fuses on personal profile and your resume , your past experience . they use personal test for find special person for suitable of some post . different between personality test and ability test is they used personality test they want to find good person for right position and is related to your characteristic not in your ability , actually ability is important but they aren't focus on ability but in other hand psychometric test is mental measure test and actually psychometric test covers ability test and personal testing and psychometric test is more complete than the others , it cover ability and characteristic but some people believes psychometric test is not very good because tests are statistically examined . But psychometric test is useful in a commercial , academic and educational.

4. Recommendations

My idea as Human Resource Manager of Onestop bank Bhd is they must use personal interview (face to face ) because is more useful to find person with good skills for each job position , the reason is personal interview show us ability and commendation skills of applicants and also it will be useful for know about Appearance of them , actually we can see reaction of them when employer ask question and also responds action . this good because we can give them more time and they can explain about performance and skills of they can provide to us .

In the selection method we can use ability test or personal test but I think personal test is better for onestop bank because bank need some employee with good skills , they can chose right person for each position because personal test focusing on characteristic and the bank can hair them for exactly suitable position. the personality test is fast and not higher cost .because of this things I think personality test is very good method onestop bank.

5. Conclusions


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