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03 Oct 2016 27 Sep 2017

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Online Fashion Business –

A new trend of teenagers being interested and broad participation.

Just type in the phrase "online fashion business" into the search box on the network, you can get over 10 million results from google, with the names of several fashion brands, big and small. This shows a little nimble, daring the small amount of investment, many people have become young boss without much capital, but the revenue appears in front. Just one click, even though you are at home, at your office or wherever you are, you can also freely select and purchase the products that you like on the internet. It's the new trend of young people being interested and broad participation.

"Online Sales" phrase is not too strange to people. It is a form of offering, introducing the product on the internet and consumers also deals to buy products online. English entrepreneur Michael Aldrich invented online shopping in 1979. Although it appeared for a long time in the big city, this movement received the lively participation of young teenage about 1-2 years. In 2013, we have witnessed a real boom in this business field. In addition, the needs of modern life, consumers have become more intelligent as more and more people decide to shop online.


In the survey, 24-hour shopping, Avoiding crowds and convenience topped the list of Reasons Consumers plan to spend more online this year. Grasping the growing demand, the youth have created a business start-up by the internet.

Think of the fashion business to open shop simply because they are aesthetic or good computational ability that will make teenagers more easily get a strong attachment to the development of his favorite became a real career. Agree with this point of view, "If you have a passion for fashion and love clothes, starting an online clothing boutique apparel friend the perfect business for you." These are the basic elements but decisive, and if teenager understand and apply, they are almost 80% successful, 20% remaining is the creativity, the flexibility and your recklessness when deciding to participate in the online business world.

It is necessary to identify the benefits you easily achieve when starting online business. The primary benefit of the online shop is not spending too much initial investment cost for renting store, cabinets, products display racks, store decoration, ... Therefore, the cost of starting a business is very simple, just a laptop, a camera, online time, and a source of stable products. You do not have to be a headache to calculate, organize expenses to fit with your little startup capital. The second benefit is the advantage and the power of online marketing to advertise widely for your shop. The social networking site is an extremely lively world and possesses a large number of potential customers. At first, customers are often colleagues, friends, and spread to the other provinces. While young entrepreneurs often worry about the lack of customers, but the business through the internet attracted a large customer. The numbers of people visiting the site from commercial communities are often 100-1000 / people / minute. Through that shop owners can more accessible to customers, not limited by geographical distance. This is a characteristic of this type of business. Another benefit of small-scale business is that you will not take a lot of capital, when the risks appear. Because your investment is small, your mistakes do not pay too much financially. Therefore, with the little capital, lack of experience, the online businessis the first direction you should think about if you want to try business.

Round of young people success in this field, they were really excited and share practical point of their current job. Thuy Linh, 21, owner of online shop specializing in fashionable South Korea, said: "I often learn dressing style of Korean youth and realize that this is one fashion trend is very popular in Vietnam. I have set up a facebook account, add friends to advertise products and tag people in photos. In just one week, I've sold almost all the goods which I have because the price is too low, an average of 90-180 thousand dollars / item ". In addition, the Vietnamese hotgirls are not also missing the opportunity to get rich with sales trends on this network. "Secret" Lyly's success - a famous Vietnamese hotgirl - is smart, agile and beautiful, so instead of paying rent model, Lyly took photos of herself to introduce shop new products. "Business is the most difficult stage first. Early days, the market competition with the branded shop, Lyly feels anxiety and great pressure. Fortunately because customers who have purchased products have continued to come back and invite their friends, it is now a bustling business. "Share with their career, online businessis more and more develope by 8X, 9X generations, who are trying to be experienced and successful as those people.

Without any success is easy, so it also has many challenges and especially you must take courage and confidence to have a good start. "I'm a big fan of Small Business Ownership. I think it's the backbone of innovation. But to be successful, you first have to have the courage to go for it. "Therefore, to business efficiency and long-term development, there are very few who can do that. Moreover increasingly competitive market requires the online business to get a clear development strategy and more important to understand the "rules of business" on the Internet can be successful. "In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later. "In fact, while many people have invested a lot of money to open a business establishment then quickly closed, it has many businesses are started with a few hundred dollars and development long-term growth. In short, you must have the courage to face to face with any challenge with confidence and assertiveness when building your own business.   

Besides the great benefits of online shopping, actually, it has defective when you use it. There are plenty of people taking advantage of online business to scam consumers that make people panic and lose faith in online sales. Because, if you are not careful, you will buy products unlike with images, poor quality or loss of the deposit. As a result, they fooled once then make sure they will not look to shop it again. Therefore, even if you do any business or profession, do not look at the immediate interests and forget the long term benefits.

The strong growth of the internet has created numerous ways and opportunities to make money especially attractive, in that, there are ways that you ever previously considered "impossible". Young people also fast catching up the trend of business and engaged with a large force. The dynamism and creativity of the youth has made many online products very unique. By the way, benefits that this form of trading bringing is not small. However, the trend of "hundreds of sellers, buyers thousands", the online store owners need to ensure credibility, quality products, honest pricing. Especially, just a computer network, you can sell to anyone, anywhere, without having to work hard search for a place to open a store, nor headache decorated with or recruiting staff. Starting with little capital, online business is one of the wise choice and quite safe for people who want to try in the field of business.


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