A Spiderman Movie Review


23 Mar 2015 24 Apr 2017

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This is an extravagant story of peter parker a character which displays no social skills. A Highschooler.who displayed nerd like qualities. Peter has a knack for adversity, he hasn't got much of a social life. While at a science exhibition, a accident occurs, a stray, altered Spider is unleashed into the lab unnoticed. The same Spider curiously finds its way onto him. Without the slightest clue, the venomous, malicious fangs pierced through his skin. Giving him superhuman abilities and power to any ordinary person's dreams.

It's not every day you seemed to get bitten by a genetically-altered spider, gain superhuman strengths and gain the special "5"th scent. Throughout this extraordinary experience he will find a thin line between and ordinary HighSchooler and an amazing superhero. He throughout the film has to be the one who crosses the line as he battles the likes of; green goblin. And attempts to win over his Childhood sweetheart, Mary Jane Watson.

Peter Parker ( Tobey Maguire), A geeky high school student, living with this Aunt Mary ( Rosemary Harris) and his Uncle Ben ( Cliff Robertson) after the sudden death of his parents from when he was young. His Best friend Harry Osborne (James Franco) the father of Norman Osborne (William Dafoe) a Machiavellian technology tycoon. He went through high school. And certain of a career through science he interestingly had a passion for photography. He developed his hobbies and worked at the local newspapers with J.Johan Jameson (J.K Simmons) offering him a Job within his cooperation.

From making this film into reality there comes big expectations and promising possibilities. Where they film scene was going to either make or break the film. What Sami Raimi has cleverly done it not completely remove the comic feel towards the film. They started filming on January 8, 2001, New York. The Big Apple. The wonders of New York just create an unexplainable feeling which embrace's over the film creating a humoristic view, a view of a typical comic cal-like city. Big sky scrapers, typical American buses. Fascinating attractions of which makes the viewer's prospective of the film even more convincing. They were able to film scene at the most well know areas. The New York public library, Queensboro Bridge, Rockefeller Centre. It's just that little detail's which enables the viewer to create a imagination for themselves.

The majority of the film is inspired by the special effects, visual and audio effects. To achieve such a high standard Sony hired John Dykstra, They would of found it physically impossible to create the stunt's without the expertise of His. They tried not to completely rely on computer generated ideas. Throughout the film they use different camera views, different speed's, Within many Sami Raimi film he trend's not to rely on computer animation technology so much, to keep the film as realistic as possible with also the comical view towards it they intended the keep the computer animation to a all time low.

I regard this film very highly, it's a very well written script from Sami Raimi, I rate this film at 8/10. Throughout the film there a consistently high standard of filming, it's a extremely entertaining movie with action and humour, but this doesn't compare to similar films to gladiators, It was overall a absolute joy to view.


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