How Space Management Related To Fm


02 Nov 2017

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The purpose of this assignment is focusing on the significance of space management in the understanding of facilities management, that undervalued by most people and talk about how is a relation between them. Facilities management as a profession has an ability to integrate of activities from multiple task to ensure functionality of the environment by integrating people, place, process and technology. Therefore Relation between facilities management and space planning is really important, because facility managers and space planners have to work together to make a good decisions about future of any organizations.

How space management related to FM,

As we know space wasting is still very usual in any organization especially in higher education institutions. The Wasted space comes from Absence of management performance .the weak execution of management can increase the cost of maintenance and operations. To solve this problem, the Space Charging Model should be considered as a one of space management tools. "Space Charging Model is a method in which the costs will be imposed on the space in a building that is not fully utilized". Some institutions believe that effective methods of space charging can minimize the demand for the use of space and can be used in the best way without a valid waste. Griffith(1999)

As I mentioned Facilities management is a multi-task activity in developing and managing the environment that touch the people and places of work. Facilities management is a new field that can be improved in Malaysia very fast. Through this field, the production and quality that supposed be achieve with workers, users and organization’s customer can be manage very well. Also this will help the organization to achieve their objectives. To reach the objectives of the organization, the space have to manage effectively.

Here can mention some important space management objective. Space management is needed to ensure that:

New facilities are constructed only if needed.

Unneeded facilities are closed and possibly disposed of to reduce maintenance costs.

Occupancy is consolidated to minimize energy, maintenance, and other operating costs.

Use and occupancy of space is validated and unauthorized use is ended.

Available space is distributed equitably among all users.

A safe and healthful workplace free of fire hazards is provided.

Therefore one of the important key in facility management is the space management. Studies on the space management are vital because most of the time the second highescost after employee salary is about the expenses that related to the space in any organization.

According to pervious page we can say, there is different concept for facilities management and space management. According to Hammer, J. M (1988), Facilities management includes multi-disciplinary activities in developing and managing the environment that affect the people and places of work. "Facilities management is a process where an organization provides and maintains services in a great quality environment by using the appropriate cost to meet the needs of the organization". Bernard William Associates (1994).It means the costs sustained in the organization need to be adjusted to actual needs.

Space management can be very useful for big organization like higher education industry .in this case space management can play significant role to control space effectively without wasting space. The first result of space managing is reducing the cost of that organization. "Space management is to manage space effectively to reduce the cost of wasted space and optimize use of space" Archibus (1987). Space management with Managing space efficiency can help to decrease occupancy costs and optimize operation through accurate chargeback. Therefore, space management can improve space efficiency to increased occupancy of space and reduce costs, ensure proper information for space planning and can be used with existing facilities and structure data.

Sometimes we can use facilities methods for improving space utilization by adjusting space projects at the facility itself. Included are alliance, good layouts, shared space, and changed space standards. The definition of each method can be helpful for space utilization and management. Marsh, D. C. and W. J. Griffith( 1985).

Alliance, when two or more buildings cover unused space, it may be possible to combine occupants into fewer buildings, or occupants may be combined to empty a floor, wing. The main advantage of consolidation is reducing energy and maintenance costs. The key is locating unused space and deciding if merging is possible. The consolidation would be impossible, If operational problems are made for users and the cost of change and moving is less than the energy and maintenance expenses that will be saved for that building.

Good layouts, making useable the most space of the building are not a simple job. Many persons have difficulty organizing activities, personnel, equipment, and furniture in a space to make maximum use of it. With good layouts we can decrease circulation problems, traffic congestion, turbulences, and open space for important uses. The ability to do good layouts requires training, experience, and insight. Many organizations need help in developing an effective layout that works around building components and minimizes modification costs.

Shared space, sometimes we can use the share space like, meeting room or conference room, it can be increased through scheduling. If we don’t have any special method for scheduling the use of this kind of space that does not exist, some organization should afford this responsibility. In addition, frequency and hours of use should be checked to determine if shared spaces are being used effectively. Shared space use might also be increased by analyzing attendance and considering subdividing a larger room. For instance if we have two group of 30 person they can use a room that have been designed for 60 person with installing partition. Folding partitions that limit sound transmission can be opened when we need the room for 60 people.

Reduced space standards, Sometimes some kind of space is not enough .therefore ,every effort is being made to supply additional space through change, modification or new construction, it may be essential to crowd processes together. We should consider that some space like, passageways and blocking required and exit doors are not acceptable space-saving ideas. When some area is so crowded, it can be affordable for a while, but the tolerance of the people will be reduce if continued for long time. Effects might include increased absenteeism, employee income, fights among personnel, and reduced productivity.

Space Management Concept in Facilities Management,

Space management is an important part of facilities management. It is a process of projecting space requirements, identifying lacks, and assigning available space to users in a reasonable way, monitoring use, assisting users with space usage problems, and resolving space problems. Like facilities management, space management not only is concerned with the amounts of space, but must address the quality of space as well. Therefore, interaction with users and other organizational elements involved in facilities management is necessary.

Here, is good to mention, some components of space management in facilities management. These components can be,

Organize all work that is related to planning, designing and managing the building and organize all services inside, including equipment and furniture to improve organizational abilities to be successful in the world competition.

Using some technique with space manager make able the facility team to analyze the existing use of space, evaluate proposed changes, and effectively plan for future needs. Having accurate and detailed space information is especially useful for planning renovation projects, where some building segments will remain occupied and change during the construction phase.

A developing technology, Building Information Modeling is composed to offer a new level of functionality for the management of buildings and the physical possessions within them. Asset and facilities management have Graphic capabilities in CAFM applications have primarily focused on space management. For information can relied on first data that we have.

An integrated approach to operation, maintenance, improves and adapts the building and structure in the organization.

Profession that include the integration of activities of different disciplines to ensure functionality of the environment with integration of people, place, process and technology.

The above components show us the significance of space management in facility management.

The most common elements specified in the facility management with respect to the space management, is about meaning of facilities management. Facility management is the coordination of the physical work space with human capital development in the organization. The definition of FM is, an integrated approach to operations, maintenance, improve and adapt the buildings and structure in an organization. The definition of FM show that space management is an important component in facility management all the time and this component is always available in each definition of facilities.

Therefore, if space management been used along with facilities management they will bring lots of benefit such as,

greater cost savings through better space utilization standards

Lower organizational space requirements and reduced property expenditures

Improved quality assurance management and regulatory compliance

Greater collaboration through interdepartmental access to common data

Fewer man-hours devoted to retrieving information

Reduced duplicate/redundant data entry

Support for alternative asset-tracking strategies


In conclusion, space management is one of essential component in facility management. The Wasted space comes from Absence of management performance .the weak execution of management can increase the cost of maintenance and operations. If the spaces are not managed properly, efficiently and effectively, it will create problems for the organization's mission and objectives and added expense to continue. Space charging model is necessarily the most effective method of overcoming the problem of wasted space. The other hands we can see Facility management is the coordination of the physical work space with human capital development in the organization. The definition of FM is an integrated approach to operations, maintenance, improve and adapt the buildings and structure in an organization. The definition of FM show that space management is an important component in facility management all the time and this component is always available in each definition of facilities management. Space management help facilities manager to reduce cost and expenses. Therefor for reaching the goal for each organization, space management and facilities should work together.


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