Social networking benefits


23 Mar 2015

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Teens use MySpace, Facebook Web sites to stay connected

Facebook, Myspace, Friendster and Hi5 are the few social networking sites that exist and many young adults are using today. In the article “Teens use Myspace, Facebook websites to stay connected,” Sarah Day Owen, the author, states that with these type of technology, friendship has evolved to the next level and teens find it easier to socialize. Owen believes that teens use Facebook to keep up with their friends. On the other hand, she states that social networking has improved dating because you can find what you are looking for. Finally, Owen claims that social networking can help you be more social in the online and offline world. After reflecting on Owen's main points, I strongly agree with the author that social networking has evolved friendship and changed the way people act in the online and offline world because social networking today is helping individuals to stay connected with their peers, and it can enhance their social skills.

One of the benefits of social networking is that individuals can stay connected with their friends or family no matter the distance. As a college student, it is important for me to stay connected with my friends. For instance, last month I had a group project to do and some of the group members couldn't come to my house because they had other things to do. Since they couldn't come over, we decided to use “Google Wave,” which is a new social networking site. Moreover, Google Wave has helped us finish the project because we shared ideas and combined them together as a whole. If it wasn't for Google Wave, we would've never finished the project and would have gotten a bad grade. Therefore, staying connected with social networking can be beneficial and helpful because with social networking, it feels like you are there commutating or working with your friends or family.

Furthermore, social networking helps people to practice and improve their social skills. Just like talking on the cell phone, socialization on the internet provide people chances to think about their conversation and have more time to think how to response. The article “Teens use Myspace, Facebook websites to stay connected,” states that social networking can improve your confidence with society and help you be more socialize. With social networking, individuals have the opportunity to experiment with greetings and response. For instance, I'm a shy person in the “offline” world. I happen not to be those “talkers”. In real life, I usually have slow responses or don't know how to respond; however, when I'm in the online world with my friends, I lose my shyness and feel more comfortable. In addition, I'm able to respond easier than face-to-face communication. I personal believe that social networking is an outstanding tool for those people with special needs because with social networking websites, they can express themselves more easily and without fear of being rejected or teasing they may have in real life. Moreover, Social Networking helps them socialize anonymously. For example, in some ways people with disabilities don't have a chance to act or express themselves in real life, but with using social

networking, they have a chance to change their persona or the way they act. By using social networking, they will have a great experience with meeting and maintaining online communities. Also, they will become more confident and improve their social skills, which they may carry over into real life and give them courage to maintain friendship and communication in real life.

Social networking sites provide many benefits for people who are members of the online world. Their advantages help people improve their social skills and to stay connected with friends or family no matter where they are. Without social networking sites, life would be senseless because you would be by yourself.


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