Reflection Essay- Zenur & Levon Negotiation Process


14 Aug 2017 17 Aug 2017

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Reflecting upon role play activity experience is an essential ability for all experts to grow better administration and communication skills, disagreement decision and improve future execution. To think back on the play that was directed as group work a week ago has permitted taking an interest understudies to pick up administration and negotiation skill. This paper will reflect upon the part that I personally played in this role-play action, and in addition fundamentally investigate our execution as a group work. It could be contended that our group performed well in general; yet more negotiation, communication and management abilities could have been moved forward. This paper will remark upon the group work, business communication style, and procedures and propose likely upgrades in future exercises.

Our groups included four individuals and were altogether appointed with a specific part inside the role-play. Reflecting upon my part as CEO Levon and one of Negotiator, I felt at the time this did not by any means suit my identity profile. Largo and Johns (2008) state than guaranteeing close matches between role-play and genuine identity characteristics will probably deliver positive outcomes. For me, maybe the most difficult and challenging part of being allotted this in this role was working and discussing viably with our group in a reasonable and decisive way. Incidentally, I felt uneasy consulting with other colleagues who I felt had their 'own plan' and appeared to be unwilling now and again to bargain. Looking back, this was one of the greatest difficulties I confronted in this action. Be that as it may, it additionally permitted me to construct my abilities and trust in these areas over the quantity of weeks we were included in the role-play.

For me, the negotiation process with the Zenur Company advanced exceptionally well and expected an agreeable outcome. At first point both group shared company brief introduction and before making proposal Zenur discussed Levon's current market situation and Levon also talked about Zenur's weakness. As a Levon negotiator we are very much interested in full acquisition. Finally discussion end with profit and management sharing in 80:20.The way that both groups were executing Win-Win an integrative collaborative procedure came about gainful for both groups. Indeed, even through outcomes was lower than our goal, it was over the BATNA and resistance indicates and esteemed please both groups (Barnett & O'Rourke, 2011) and as our strategies was likewise intensely worried with building solid relationship with other organization we trust that we accomplished a fruitful outcome. All through the arrangement each issue was examined on at an opportunity to help achieve a result that was adequate for both groups. Because of each groups sharing data and their inspiration to accomplish a specific outcome made it was anything but difficult to cooperate to achieve common understanding over each issue. The gathering utilized Collaborative Style (I Win - You Win) strategy (Bovee, Paul & Thill, 2012)to attempt and accomplishes a result that is valuable for both groups. For example we settled down at 450 million dollar commonly against offer cost of 500 million dollars with one board part position in Levon from Zenur staff.

The negotiation with Zenur was great anyway it was done rapidly and felt somewhat surged. As we continued through the transaction so rapidly we had overlooked some minor issue that had been not talked about. We could have utilized "Salami" methodology in better route by putting our request before other organization in parts and slowly (Atherton, 2014). This issue may have likewise been credited to our absence of structure with our arrangement points. Despite the fact that our arranging was finished well we didn't examine that we have wanted to. Through the transaction the primary issues were centered around anyway we missed some comparable issues by not alluding to our arranging from among the bargain procedure.

All in all, to reflect upon the part I have attempted among the group role-play assignment, it can be kept up that an awesome practical experience has been learnt and learnt about business communication. In remarking upon the group flow, and the scholastic writing that has upheld the taking in this semester, it can be contended that another sets of information and comprehension has been designed and implemented. Likewise, it has been especially essential to wind up distinctly a reflective essay writer and that in undertaking such perceptions enhances one's as well as improves specific knowledge.


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