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23 Mar 2015 11 Dec 2017

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Social Impart:

E-learning is a structured, purposeful use of computer or electronic system which covers a wide set of processes and application such as web-based learning, computer-based learning, distance and flexible learning via a web browser, through the internet or an intranet, interactive TV, satellite broadcast, audio and videotape and CD-ROM. Based on the survey questionnaire, it noted that 98.2 percent of people are prefer searching the information for working or studies purpose via internet and this proved that more of the world's people become connected to the network. Connectivity to this network and the ability to master it once on has become an essential part in the new century, and also a key to success, opportunity and fulfillment for the people around the world.

E-learning is deployed to reach geographically dispersed groups, to provide consistency, to provide “anyway-anytime” learning, to ensure compliance with regulation. E- learning is also deployed with the objective of enhancing student knowledge and cost saving. It is used for broadening the academic scope and provided much more references and learning scopes than the ones provided in the usual text books. Effective e-learning can also improve the performance on core subjects and foster development of new century skills, whether in mature or emerging countries. It can help in increasing student motivation, engagement and attendance.

E-learning could have potentially major effects on the way higher education is designed, implemented and delivered .For students, e-learning can provide an educationally-superior alternative to traditional lectures, in which education can take place outside of the lecture hall. E-learning can also provide a model for students on how to train themselves to become self directed independent learners, which may assist them to become ‘life long learners'. On the other part, for lecturers, e-learning may cause changes in work patterns and even change their professional role, but in addition, e-learning provides them the opportunity to train students in real business situations and new methods to evaluate their learning. As lecturers have the influence to eliminate students technical frustrations, make them feel empowered and encourage them to interact with one another, the role of the lecturer is become predominant in the successful delivery of e-learning initiatives.

According to Malaysia Ministry of Education and Intel Malaysia, in a one to one (1:1) e-learning program at 10 primary and secondary schools in Malaysia, 85 percent of teachers, many of whom were skeptical initially, reported that the program lend a hand to them create a collaborative and innovative e-learning environment within their classrooms. E-learning represents a change in teaching and learning style. The precise nature of the change is hard to clarify, however allocation of sufficient resources and time.

The major advantage of e-learning is its flexibility, accessibility, and convenience. Flexibility in variety of forms is also an often-identified positive feature of the virtual school or online school. Students are able to work at home, able to get extra credits that did not fit into their regular school day, and to take an extra course which is not offered at their school. It can save the travel cost and time contemporary. Besides that, as web browser software and internet connection are widely available, students are able to search information or material easily and efficiently. E-learning can enhance retention by varying the types of contents such as images, sounds and text work together, creating interaction that engages the attention, providing immediate feedback, encouraging interaction with other learners and instructors in discussion boards, chat room, instant messaging and all offer interaction for learners effectively.

Every application has two sides, there are identified drawback with the use of e-learning. E-learning is not suitable for all kind of learners as e-learning emphasizes independent learning and requires the completion of a lots of assignment, tasks and interactive collaborations. Students with low motivation will have to face a stressful feeling and will not able to complete their modules, rendering the strategy ineffective. In addition, there are some people who are not able to deal successfully with isolation. The short of human interaction and the absence of active guidance increase the likelihood of disinterest and boredom.

There are not all type of content is suitable for e-learning. The educational institutions are not yet prepare to adapt to the e-learning capabilities due to which many of the contents cannot be used to the e-learning platforms. Students taking on e-course may have the opportunity to receive a risk-free simulation environment, in which they can make mistakes without directly exposing themselves, eventually getting the feedback on the consequences of their actions. E-learning requires new skills in content producers and still has to clearly demonstrate a return on investment. Enabling technology might also be costly since there need to develop advanced visually-rich content for the learners.

Nowadays, world's people are currently moving towards an electronic and internet service system called e-services. E-services is a highly general term referring to the provision of services through internet and act as an interactive, content-centered and internet-based customer services, driven by the customer and integrated with related organizational customer support processes and technologies with the goal of strengthening customer-service provider relationship. E-services are including e-insurances services, e-banking services, e-financial advice services, flight or railway e-ticket services, hotel e-booking services, package tour e-services, real estate e-services, food take away e-services and so on.

E-services are offering a lot of advantages to their users. The users are being familiarized with the electronic information personally and being educated on using advanced technology. Furthermore, easy tracking of payment to beneficiary's accounts thus it will enhance audit trail for the users. It can be also reduced cases of corruption and increased convenience and flexibility of the users as the users can access e-services in home without travel and this can help to save the travel cost and time contemporary.

E-services have improved data acquisition, transformation and retrieval which unlike the data chaos in a traditional service provider. In addition, it allow in searching of large number of heterogeneous data such as documents, database, messages, pages and multimedia. It also involves the citizens in governmental activities providing easy access to information via internet.

E-services are conducted at a distance, uncertainties and risks are magnified. Therefore, users have to rely on image and promises. Some services are confused of proper legal and regulatory framework. Besides that, users may face grave danger as the personal information including name, address credit card number, bank account number and so on which can be accessed by other culprits through e-services. Disclosure of private information, counterfeiting and illegal alteration of payment have been listed in the drawbacks of e-services.


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